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The house party had long been coming to an end. It was way past 4am and most people were either staggering home or just taking the easy way by occupying the couch or even one of the empty bed rooms. The really bad cases didn’t bother with a proper place to sleep and had just blacked out on the floor between empty paper cups and sticky bottles.
Faint voices were emerging from the kitchen. It smelled like cold food and alcohol and the kitchen table as well as the counters were covered in the leftovers of a rich buffet and half emptied bottles of booze. Two boys were still awake, one of them leaning against the kitchen corner, the other standing in front of him.  

“I’m not drunk” Flavio pointed his finger right underneath Celio’s nose. “Just a little tipsy” The obvious slur of his words proved their meaning wrong.
“Not…yet…” It took Celio at least three attempts to reveal an almost empty bottle of Tequila, lifting it up between his friend and himself. “Hold up!” He narrowed his eyes, his vision getting blurry. “Someone’s been drinking from our Tequila” He announced, slurring just as much as Flavio had before.

Suddenly they both burst out into incontrollable giggles, neither of them really knowing or caring what was so funny about the situation.
Flavio blindly grabbed for a shot glass somewhere behind Celio that might or might not had been used before. It was sticky either way. “We drank all of that, silly” Flavio lectured him, but couldn’t stay serious as he giggled, trying to stop himself by pressing his hand on his mouth.

Celio seemed rather confused by that information. “But I thought you weren’t drunk” He argued, his face looking like a first grader who tried to do maths.
Somewhere along the lines the whole point of the conversation had just gone lost and they both went silent for a moment while Flavio poured some of the Tequila into the glass and started to frantically search for a salt shaker. “I’ll show you something” He announced, his expression suddenly grave and solemn. Without a warning he pushed Celio’s head maybe a little too forcefully aside to reveal his neck a little bit more. Celio huffed, but didn’t resist.

“If I were drunk…” Flavio continued and gave Celio’s neck a quick lick. Celio reacted by flinching and giggling. “That tickled…” He protested, but Flavio kept ignoring him.
“…could I do this?” Flavio was concentrating really hard as he shook some of the salt onto the wet part of Celio’s skin.
“I can’t even see what you are doing” Celio whined and felt Flavio gripping his shoulders tightly.
“Hold still” Flavio scolded him and proceeded by licking the salt back off, biting him teasingly before he drew back to chug the Tequila all at once, shaking his head from the bitter taste right after.
“Ouch!” Celio exclaimed, rubbing his neck. “Did you just bite me?!” He didn’t even seem to be shocked or angry…he was just sulking. “That really hurt…” He pouted and once their eyes locked again, they started chuckling, so hard that they could barely even catch their breaths.

“I did” Flavio admitted, his words almost not understandable from the giggling and slurring.
“You can’t go around biting people, silly tiger…” Celio was thinking for a moment. “You’re not an actual tiger”
“You just called me one…”
Celio put his hands on his mouth, feeling caught. “Did I?” He whispered.
Once again, they were bursting into laughter until Celio suddenly cut off. “Now me” He announced.
Flavio’s blurry mind couldn’t follow. “Now you what?”

Celio took the shot glass from Flavio, poured the Tequila in, prepared the salt on Flavio’s neck and licked it off with the same little bite that he had been given. Even though Flavio should’ve seen it coming, he was still taken by surprise and flinched as an involuntary moan escaped his lips. Feeling exposed by the noise he hadn’t been able to hold back, a faint blush spread across his cheeks.
“What was that?” Celio wondered, while chuckling uncontrollably.
Flavio held up his hands in defence immediately. “Nothing” He claimed.

Celio narrowed his eyes and suddenly grabbed his friend by his shoulders just to prove him wrong. For science, basically. He continued nibbling and biting Flavio’s neck. He started struggling and trying to push Celio away. “Stop it! Get off me” He whined, but couldn’t stop giggling either as he tried to get a hold of Celio’s wild curls.

Celio had his own ideas by pushing his friend harder until Flavio felt himself being pressed against the kitchen table. To avoid losing his balance, he had to hold on to the edge of the table, sweeping off a whole bunch of bottles and paper cups while doing so.
Once his two feet were steady on the ground again, he managed to grab Celio’s head and actually push him off. He didn’t let go as they locked eyes for just a little too long leading Flavio to instinctively pull his friend into a deep kiss that tasted like salt and alcohol.

Even more bottles came falling from the table as Flavio was pushed harder against it, running his hands all over Celio’s body, starting with his cheeks and stopping right above his hips.

“Flavio” Celio suddenly whispered, breaking the kiss, but his face so close that their lips were still grazing. “Flavio…” He repeated, a little louder this time. “There’s a bedroom upstairs…”
Flavio frowned as the movements of Celio’s lips and his words began to mismatch. In fact, the voice wasn’t even coming from his mouth anymore, was it? Then he felt himself being shaken.

“Wake up”
Flavio opened his eyes. His head was lying on his arms that were resting crossed on the kitchen table he was sitting at. As he lifted it, a lemon piece was sticking to his cheek. Celio kindly removed it. His best friend’s eyes were glazed, his cheeks a little flushed and he seemed to be just as drunk as in Flavio’s dream. The party was over too. “What time is it?” He mumbled, trying to wrap his head around his dream, because he didn’t quite remember what it was about. He had a terrible headache too.
“Too late to go home now…I found an empty bedroom upstairs, though…” Celio turned to leave. “You coming?”
Flavio nodded slowly and his tired gaze got stuck on an empty bottle of Tequila for just a little too long, before he followed his friend.
Liquor dreams...?
You're not supposed to see that yet

But you're sick.
And I love you.
Ask Farley! by Feuerchen
Ask Farley!
~points to Eon~

*dissolves into the darkness*


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