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Who’s the first to wake up in the morning: Given that it’s pretty much my head canon by now, that Chandley is going to become either a kindergarten teacher or a primary school teacher and Matt has to have SOME kind of job…I’d say they both get up more or less at the same time. Even with Chandley still going to High School, he’s probably going to have to get up early enough…if he goes to college after that, though, he’s probably going to be able to sleep in. So then it’s Matt. I’M PUTTING WAY TOO MUCH THOUGHT INTO THIS, SOMEONE STOP ME. And if we’re talking about weekends and stuff…I’d say Matt gets up a little earlier.  
Who’s the one to make breakfast: Well, I just said that Matt is probably the one that gets up a tad earlier, but, like, I think they actually take turns or, well, do it together or separately for themselves when there’s not much time before work/school.
Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed: I guess Chandley does that occasionally to surprise Matt. Probably even on special occasions, like, birthdays or anniversaries.
Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work: Neither. It just happens. The sexual tension is unbearable.  
Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day: Uhm…that’s a tough one. I mean, Matt  might be more the type, but I don’t actually think, he’d do that? I don’t knoooooow, Chaos, help me out.
Who chooses the movies: Chandley (and Hollie, shhhh)
Who initiates kissing during the movie, thus distracting the other from the movie all together: Again, depending on the movie, it probably just happens naturally. But only during a boring movie. Or maybe Chandley gets embarrassed during sexual scenes and instead of turning away, Matt starts kissing him BECAUSE HE IS JUST TOO CUTE (I’m sorry, but it’s true)
Who orders lunch: Both of them I think? But if we’re talking ordering over the phone, then it’s Matt.
Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking: Chandley
Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy: CHANDLEY OMG. And Matt may or may not falls asleep too after a while.
Who distracts the other from trying to work at home: Well, as a teacher Chandley may actually has to work at home, but I guess, Matt wouldn’t necessarily distract him on purpose? (Again, I don’t knoooow) I’d rather imagine, Chandley trying to procrastinate (only a little bit, he’s not THAT careless). And then he might be using Matt to do so.
Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old: Chandley, but they’ll both end up eating some.
Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream: That’s actually Chandley too. And also selfies.
Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face: Well, it’s not Chandley. Would Matt do that? I don’t knoooooooow
Who cooks dinner: Well, we’ve established that they mostly both cook together, but if one of them is running late from work or something, they’ll kinda take turns.
Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards: Both
Who stays up until 2 reading: I think Chandley would be more likely to do it, but I don’t think that he actually does.
Who stares at their partner while their sleeping: Matt might do this a tad more often (BECAUSE CHANDLEY IS JUST TOO PRECIOUS OKAY?), but I guess they both do it.
Who kisses their partner while they sleep: Both <33333
Character Name: Flavio Alessandro Di Fiore
Nicknames: Tiger
Age (human years): 18
Gender: male
Pronouns: He/his
Romantic/Sexual Alignment: Not sure about the romantic part, but definitely my asexual baby
Illnesses/Disabilities/Neurodivergences: None
Personality: Rather quiet, very polite, dry humour, prefers to be alone over masses of people, reserved and rather backs down than speak up
Kintype: I still don’t know what that is
Family: His father is dead, he doesn’t have any known siblings, but his mother is most likely still alive. He’s never met her, though
Significant other: Well, we all know who his soul mate is
Species: Human
Voice: Very soft, quiet (sometimes even so quiet it’s hard to understand?), Italian accent  
Height: 176 (tiny little thing)
Weight: Really can’t tell
Skin type/color: Still rather white…ish (from living in New York where the sun doesn’t shine as much), but tans easily
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair style/color: Brown and curly at the tips, down to his neck in the back
Scars/visual injuries: Probably a lot of scars from his tigers (although they never meant to harm him…probably happened while playing around)
Notable/unique features: None, really
Tattoos/piercings/etc: Nope
Usual clothing: That totally depends on the timeline he’s thrown into. Originally, he was from the 20’s, so he’d wear dark pants, button-ups and suspenders. But tbh, except for the suspenders this probably doesn’t change in modern times
Smells like: Animals and straw
Race: Latino
Ethnicity: Latino
Nationality: Italian (and in some timelines Italian-American)  
Religious beliefs: I guess he’s catholic  
Image reference: You know what he looks like
Quote/catchphrase: Insulting Celio…with love
Blog tag: Tigerboy18
Sideblog: Seriously? Tigerboy19
Backstory: Kidnapped by his father to live in the circus (his mother thought this was an unsafe environment for a baby). His mother either never came for him or never found him. He grew up among his father’s tigers, because his father had been a tiger trainer for many years. His father was super chill about him cuddling up with the big cats when he was still a toddler and they accepted him as one of their own. Unfortunately, they got a little too excited that one time and bit his father to death. He insisted on keeping the tigers, though and is now working as the tiger trainer in the circus.  
Ongoing/Current story: Just chilling at the circus and making random cameos with Celio
Future story: One day he’ll get his own series #sidekicks
Likes: Peace and quiet, animals, specifically tigers, Celio, the circus, people of the circus, alone time
Dislikes: Masses of people, being the centre of attention (except when he’s on stage), arrogant and ignorant people (although he’s not vocal about it), too much stress
Sun sign: Capricorn
Moon sign: Pisces (this took so long to calculate, ugh xD)
Ascendant/Rising sign: Gemini (why is that everyone’s ascendant?)
Midheaven sign: Aquarius
Chinese zodiac year: His birth year of the first timeline I have used him in was 1905(ish), so that would be Snake (damn, I was hoping for Tiger, tbh)
Theme song(s): I don’t think I have ever come up with a theme song for him
OTP song(s): I Like You by Ben Rector
General element: Earth (I would’ve said exactly that myself)
Jung Personality Type: ISTJ
Enneagram type: Perfectionism  
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff?
A:TLA Bending type: Earth Bender
Pokemon gym leader type: You know what? I was going to take a test on that, but now that I think about it, he’s going to collect cat-like Pokemon…exclusively
Fursona species: I don’t want to do this quiz again. Ever. It’s probably a tiger anyway.
Gemsona stone: Diamond…too? Wow, my characters are special xD
Pokesona species: Dialga/Palkia (so he’s a freakin’ God?)
Character alignment: Lawful Neutral (sounds about right)
Deadly sin: Wrath (No?)
Socioeconomic level (past): I guess he never really had a lot
Socioeconomic level (present): and he still doesn’t have a lot
Socioeconomic level (future): and the circus probably won’t make him rich
Blood type: How deep are people into their characters for God’s sake?
TV Tropes: nah
Trait that character won’t acknowledge: I don’t think he knows just HOW stuck-up he can be? Or, well, he wouldn’t own up to it.  
Trait that the character doesn’t know they have: He’s pretty self-aware. Or maybe I just don’t know.
Greatest flaw: Bitch, he’s perfect and precious
Greatest asset: Determined to his jobs, exceptionally kind to animals and therefore animals are usually drawn to him, really does care for his friend(s)
Job/makes a living by: Tiger Trainer at the circus
Things the character collects: Cats
Earliest memory: Playing and cuddling with his father’s tigers as a toddler
Favorite memory: Something involving Celio
Allergies: Humans
Languages spoken: Italian and English fluently, but English with an accent. Some Spanish and probably bits and pieces of other languages too. Whatever he could pick up in the circus.
What were they like as a child?: Very quiet and shy, preferred to be alone, clinging to his father a lot, had troubles socializing with other children, smart and bright, a fast learner, very polite towards adults
What would character change about themselves: I actually think he’s quite content with himself tbh
What/who is the character most faithful to: Celio
What do other characters wrongly assume about them?: That he lacks a sense of humour
What do other characters correctly assume about them?: That he can be an ass
Do they like the name they were given?: I guess…he doesn’t put much thought into that kind of stuff?
What would they change their name to, given the chance?: Not much thought, as I said
What brings them the most joy?: Celiooooo (but also, like, just having a calm and nice day. He’s really not asking for much)
As a child, what did they want to do when they grew up?: Exactly what he is doing now. Being a tiger trainer.
Do they ever get to do that?: Yes
Fears/phobias/triggers: None, I suppose
Traumatic experiences (past): Finding his father lying dead in the tiger cage
Traumatic experiences (present): None
Traumatic experiences (future): PLEASE DON’T
Have they ever self-harmed?: He’s not the type to do that
Have they ever attempted suicide?: Nope
Pet peeves: I don’t knoooooooow
Nervous habits: He naturally hides any sign of nervousness due to his job. He needs to be calm and collected at all times in order to not disturb the tigers.
Addictions: None (he’s a boring character, apparently xD)
Favorite music genres: -sweats nervously-
Favorite place: He’d sleep next to the tigers if he could
Favorite food: Gonna go for the stereotype here…any kind of pasta
Favorite book/story: Maybe some fairytales his father used to tell him. OR THAT STORY ABOUT THE TIGER THAT WAS BORN WITH NO STRIPES. Yes, I like that one.
Favorite animal: …tigers…duh
Least favorite animal: I think he just really likes animals
Favorite movie: Life of Pi (not really, I am just not getting tired of tigers)
Least favorite movie: -sweats again-
Favorite color: Uuhm…red.
Least favorite color: -hides-
Favorite article of clothing: His bling bling jacket
Favorite person: CELIOOOOO
Favorite type of media: Books
Favorite artist (musical): LUIGI
Favorite artist (visual): LUIGI
Favorite actor: LUIGI
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite kind of weather: For some reason I think he really likes snow (DOESN’T MAKE WINTER HIS FAVOURITE SEASON, THOUGH. JOKES ON YOU)
Favorite time of day: Nothing better than a nice afternoon nap
Favorite type of environment (plains, cities, oceans, etc): Insidel. Alone.
Secret wish: Just to be able to work for the circus for as long as possible and settle down with a calm life and be contend with it.
Place of birth: Corinaldo, Italy
What do they eat?: He’s a great chef, but I guess he mostly just cooks whatever he feels like
Favorite food group: Always gotta eat your veggies
Favorite food: Didn’t I already say that it was pasta?
Current place of residence: Again, that really depends on the timeline, but he’s been last seen in New York
Future place of residence: According to this, he’d stay in New York then
Proudest achievement: Getting his tiger’s respect
Most embarrassing moment: Gotta ask Celio for that one
Do they wear jewelry?: I don’t think so…maybe a small cross around his neck.
Do they wear makeup?: Nah
Do they dress practically or fashionably?: Practically (because being fabulous IS practical in his job)
How often do they exercise? And how?: Never, really
If they were given the chance to change their appearance, what would they change?: He really doesn’t mind
Personal flaws: Stop repeating questions?
Things they like about themselves: I think he’s generally just…quite content with himself.
Things they dislike about themselves: Maybe sometimes he would prefer being more extroverted, but it’s not like he doesn’t have any social skills, so it’s really not that big of a deal. He’s content with the way things are.
Greatest regret: Maybe never having asked his father about his mother
Greatest fear: Going the same way his father went (although he trusts his tigers enough to know it won’t be like that)
Most devastating moment: Finding his father dead
Greatest achievement: Managing to take over his job and such a young age
Greatest hope: He’s not really a dreamer
Obsession: I’m not gonna say cats again
Most useless skill: I still can’t come up with anything…I need characters that can do useless party tricks.
What mythical creature would they be?: A tiger…but mythical.
Are they ticklish?: BITCH, HE MIGHT BE
Greatest disappointment: Celio. Every day (not really. He’s so proud of that talented idiot)
Worst nightmare: Tigers. Killing his father. One day killing him. You know the story.
Who does character want to please: No one, really
How often do they record events in their life (photographs, videos, journals)?: Not often enough
What kind of events do they record?: Not enough
Character’s parent(s): I think I used to have a name for his father, but I forgot. His mother was a snake woman
Which parent would character choose to live with: He didn’t really get a chance to choose…but it’d be his father anyway
Siblings: None that he knows about. But it’s actually rather likely that his mother had at least one other child.
Close relatives: Again, none that he knows of
Pets: Four fucking tigers (their names change constantly, but one of them is called Trouble)  
Are they good at remembering names?: I guess
Are they good at remembering faces?: Yeah
Are they good at remembering directions?: Yup
Are they good at following directions?: Definitely
Are they good at remembering random facts?: Maybe
Are they good at remembering little bits of information about people?: Depends on the people and if he cares for them at all
Are they good at remembering images?: Yeah
Are they good at remembering spoken words?: Yeah
Are they good at remembering written words?: Yeah
Are they good at remembering sounds?: Maybe
Are they good at remembering movements (muscle memory)?: It’s kinda required for his job I guess…but idk?  
Are they good at remembering dreams?: Well…due to the nature of his dreams, he pretends to forget them
Are they good at remembering nightmares?: He doesn’t put much thought into them if he ever gets them
Are they good at remembering responsibilities?: Very good, yes
Preferred weapon: No fightin’ (Shakira, Shakira)
Do they want to get married?: He doesn’t really care about that
Do they want to have kids?: Nah
Character’s bedroom/house: A trailer on the circus grounds
Character’s most cherished items: He’s not that sentimental
Do they play any instruments?: Nope
Do they believe in miracles?: Nah
Do they believe in luck?: He believes that Celio is definitely luckier than him
Do they believe in fate?: Nah
Do they believe in soulmates?: He found his <3
Dream place to live: Already living there (poor thing doesn’t know much about the outside world)
Preferred mode of transportation (short distance): Prefers not to go anywhere
Preferred mode of transportation (long distance): Ugh, even worse
What items would character bring on a journey: Celio
What makes character angry: He usually refrains from getting angry. But I guess blind injustice could wind him up quite a bit
What calms character: Being alone with the tigers
What makes character happy: Celio
Is there anyone they really hate?: Nah
How would your character react to being lost in the woods overnight?: Try to stay awake until sunrise  
Would they ever consider killing someone?: NO?!
Would they follow through with killing someone?: NO?!
What existing character/person would you compare them to?: He’s super unique, duh
What is the most ridiculous-seeming thing they believe in? Are they right?: He doesn’t believe in any such thing
What historical figure would you compare them to?: I don’t know shit about history
Bad habits: Flavio is a bad character with no bad habits and I should feel bad.
How many close friends do they have?: One (two, if you count Aurelie, but I’m not sure if I can)
How many acquaintances do they have?: Everyone in the circus
How many enemies do they have?: None (I hope)
How would they react if they arrived in our world?: That’s where he currently is (I wish)
What nightmares would they have?: Still none
What pleasant dreams would they have?: …well…-seductive whatsapp smiley-
What neutral dreams would they have?: just the kind of random shit everyone’s brain is making up
Do they believe in god(s/ess/esses)?: I’d almost say he actually kinda believes in God
Do they have any magical powers?: Nope (although there was one rp in which he could transform into a tiger…but no…usually not)
They have to take care of an infant for 24 hours. How do they manage?: Good news is, the infant will survive. I guess he’d almost trust Celio to do a better job? At least when it comes to the entertaining part…he’d take care of the actual responsibilities that come with a child
A recurring dream character has/might have: Sex with Celio (NOT REALLY THO)
Where is your character at in life: In a good place
What choices did character make to get there: Not that many choices, tbh…continuing his father’s legacy and keeping the tigers might be the most important one for that
What uncontrollable factors got character there: His father’s death
What would wake character in the middle of the night: Celio
How would a stranger describe character: Boring, apparently  
What does character want to do when they wake up: Go back to sleep
What does your character not know that others in their setting do?: Many things
What kind of student would they be?: A pretty good one, but he’s never been to school long
What is their preferred method of communication?: Face to face…kinda
Who depends on character and why: The circus maybe a little bit, because he is kind of an important act
What would character do if they had one month to live?: LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU
How would someone close to character describe them?: Not much different than he would describe himself (or than I would describe him)  
If they could have one superpower, what would it be?: TRANSFORM INTO A TIGER
Do they stand up for what they believe in?: No
Ho much do they value money?: It’s not all that important to him because he grew up with little money
Do they believe in ghosts/spirits?: No
What role would they have in a Disney movie?: Weird cameo
What would be done with their body if they were to die suddenly?: LALALALALALA
How old do they think they are going to live to be?: FOREVER
Do they live to be that age?: YES
How do they think they are going to die?: Never
Do they die in that way?: Yes, because he’s not
Have they had their first kiss? When/where/with who?: It doesn’t matter if you see Celio as a romantic partner or just a friendship…it’s still gonna be him.
How would they spend a million dollars (or the equivalent)?: I don’t think he would change his life, really
How would they react to walking into a glass door in public?: Trying to avoid eye contact with everyone and then just keep on walking
How would they spend a day snowed in without power (vital mechanisms still have power)?: Sleeeeeeeeeeep
What would another character use to blackmail them?: I don’t think there is anything
What would they do if they found a journal, time capsule, recording or sketchbook from when they were younger?: Treasure it, actually
How would they comfort a friend going through a rough time?: -pat pat- There, there
How would they interact with a dog being walked that wants to greet them?: Pet it, of course, duh
If they saw a house on fire and someone trapped inside, what would they do?: Call the fire brigade
Glass half full or half empty?: There’s water in the glass
Most noticeable physical attribute: Nothing, really
What is character hiding from themselves: Nothing
What turns them on?: Top hats
What turns them off?: Everything else
Are they passive, aggressive or defensive?: Passive
Would they rather fail, or never try?: Never try
Cats or dogs?: Why not both? (but let’s be real, it’s cats)
Coke or pepsi?: I can’t even answer that question for myself, dude
Ranch or italian dressing?: Italian, because
Ketchup or mustard?: Ketchup
Big spoon or little spoon?: Little spoon!
Would they press the same button a lot of times if an elevator was going slowly?: No
Favorite holiday: No preferences here
Do they prefer warm weather or cold weather?: Maybe something in between?
Do they have a sworn enemy?: Nope
What one thing would they take to an uninhabited island?: Celio
If they could access social media, which sites would they use?: -sweats-
What would they blog about?: //don’t say cute cat pics//
Outlook on life?: Realistic
Do they believe in an afterlife?: I think it’s only natural to believe in some kind of life after death
Have they had interaction with ghosts/spirits/deities that have changed that outlook?: Nope
What do they think of gambling?: Not a good idea. Ever.
What do they think of lying?: Would usually avoid it…unless he really needs to get out of a situation
What do they think of killing?: That’s a big no-no
What would they do if they saw someone drop their wallet and it had a lot of money in it?: Give it back to that person
If they could draw their thoughts on a page, what would it look like?: Ugly, because I don’t think he’s a particularly good artist
They close their eyes and think of five things that make them smile when they think about them. What are they?: Celio (I’m getting emotional about Flavio closing his eyes and smiling solely because he’s thinking about Flavio here. Help me), his tigers, childhood memories, the circus and their people, a nice and warm bed
If their home was on fire and they had sixty seconds to leave, what would they take with them?: Since his “home” in this case is just his trailer, there’s really not that much to take with him
How would they react if someone they weren’t interested in asked them out on a date?: Awkwardly reject him, but not saying it directly so he’d basically just hope that the other person got the message anyway
If they were a god/ess, what would they be in charge of?: Cats
If they were a god/ess, what kind of offerings would they prefer?: Cats (alive)
When they’re alone in the middle of the night and they can’t quite get to sleep, what do they think about?: Guys, I’m trying really hard not to say Celio here
What is love to them?: More important than he’d care to admit (talking about all sorts of love here, of course)  
What do they view as the opposite of love?: Hate?
Do they think it’s possible to love someone if they don’t love themselves?: Yes
Do they focus more on the past, the present, or the future?: The present
Do they think it is better to have something amazing and lose it or to never have had it to begin with?: Second one, I’d almost say
Do they judge people for what they wear or how they express themselves?: No
When they’re very scared or worried, what do they think about or do to help them feel better?: They’d just try to ignore it or push the feeling away
How do they feel about what happens after death?: Tries to mostly not think about it
Would they rather live a life full of things that make them feel good even if they’re bad for them, or a healthy life centered around treating their body like a sacred temple and watching their health as closely as possible? Or do they not care either way?: He wouldn’t do either of those things and his usual lifestyle…is quite healthy I guess but it also makes him feel good
Do they think they can tell a lot about a person from the way they express themselves or answer questions like these?: I don’t think so
Do they have any special or magical memories they’ll always have with them?: Wouldn’t say so
How would they define themselves, without saying their name or giving a physical description of themselves or their obvious personality?: Is that even possible?
When do they feel truly at peace?: Close to the tigers (again)
Are they a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?: Heavy sleeper  
Do they prefer the top bed or bottom bed when using a bunk bed?: If this is some kind of sexual innuendo then it’s the bottom bed…but it’s the bottom either way
What smiley/emote describes them best?: The cute tiger from whatsapp
Do they like having their worldview or opinions challenged or questioned?: He doesn’t mind…he doesn’t really start a fight or discussion over these things anyway
Do they believe happiness can exist without sadness?: Yes
Do they believe there is a reason for existence?: Not really
What do they find most beautiful in people?: Little things that they aren’t even aware that they are doing them
What do they find most beautiful in themselves?: I don’t think he would refer to himself as beautiful
Hobbies: His job
Special skills/talents: Establishing dominance with animals  
Patience level (with known people): High
Patience level (with strangers): Still quite high  
Patience level (with children): Actually a little lower, but still high
Patience level (with artificial objects): The lowest out of these, but still higher than for most people
What was their biggest rebellion against authority? Why did they do it?: Never anything, really
Have they ever used sexuality to get something they wanted?: Definitely not…the mere thought…just what.
Have they ever helped a loved one destroy themselves?: No
Do they find themselves disobeying or obeying most authority?: Obeying
On whom do they want revenge, why, and how would they take it?: On no one
How do they feel about children?: I mean, he doesn’t really mind them…but he doesn’t really care for them either. Like, he wouldn’t actively try to get in contact with children, but if he can’t avoid it, he’d at least try to talk to them…even though he’d be pretty awkward about it. But then, like, I can see him actually bonding with maybe the kind of children that remind him of himself when he was younger…the quiet type…and they’d probably like him too and they could just quietly sit next to each other and that’d be kinda cute, yes.  
What is their worst nightmare?: STOP ASKING THIS QUESTION
What person, place, or thing have they most wanted to destroy?: Nothing. Ever.
Do they gossip? No
Have they ever felt drained of energy? When, and why?: Quite often after interacting with some people for too long
If they could travel anywhere, where would they go?: His bed
Have they ever falsely accused someone?: No
Do they consider themselves compassionate or harsh to others? Why?: Jokingly harsh towards Celio, but never really…and not towards anyone else either. But I wouldn’t consider him particularly compassionate either.
What do they believe lies in the unexplored areas of their world?: Nothing he would really want to see
If they could pick 3 forms to shapeshift into, what would they be?: Tiger, Lion, Leopard
Have they ever been falsely blamed for something?: Probably for shit that Celio did
When were they most greedy? For what?: Was/Is never really
Out of all of the lies they’ve told, which ones are their favorites?: Since he doesn’t actively enjoy telling lies, there is none
Do they often argue with others?: Tries to avoid it
What are five things from their bucket list?: Again, not a dreamer…probably doesn’t have one
What is something someone has told them that they can’t forget (two good things and one bad)?: One good thing was probably something Aurelie or her father said about his performance (I actually have quotes in mind that I made up, but I guess that would get to sappy now) and I can’t come up with anything bad (not because nothing bad has ever been said to him)  
Name something new they taught someone: He probably tried teaching Celio a lot of stuff, but I don’t know if anything really ever worked out
Do they trust their gut feeling? What has happened when they did?: He prefers reason, no
When have they had to place full trust in someone else? Was it easy for them?: He puts full trust into his tigers on a daily basis
Is there someone they are close to who no one else likes? What’s the story?: I don’t think so
Where do they think they belong, and why?: Right where he is
What is something that surprised and frightened them?: Will I mention his father’s death again? I might
Have they ever helped a stranger? What happened?: He might have
Have they ever sacrificed their own gain for someone else? What happened?: He would do it for some people, but I can’t think of a specific situation  
What have they worked really hard for?: His job now…not THAT hard, but still kinda hard
What was their childhood hero?: Is it sappy if I say his father?
What is something they really want but they aren’t allowed to have?: Peace and quiet
What are seven things they like in the people around them?: If they know when to shut up and I guess he just enjoys people being themselves? He’s not the type to look for flaws in other people at all.  
What are they best at in the kitchen? Cooking  
What is something a parent has taught them?: Everything he knows about his profession
“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” What’s their wish?: PEACE AND QUIET
What is their bravest moment?: Walking into that damn tiger cage every day
Are they a big brother/sister figure to anyone?: Nope
What is their favorite fantasy world (aka Harry Potter, Star Wars), if any?: None
What is something from their childhood that they still love?: Celio <3
What are they most passionate about?: I don’t really see him as a passionate person
Inspiration/reason to create the character: I saw ads for a circus outside, I wanted to make a circus rp, I love tigers, I made a tiger trainer.  
Is their name based on a pun or joke?: No
How would they react to meeting you, their creator?: I think I might be too loud and annoying for him, but then again, his best friend his Celio, so…duh
Date the character was created: You think I’m celebrating his birthday or something? The fuck?
Number of revamps/redesigns they’ve been through: Well…nothing major…he’s been used in slightly different settings and stuff, but nothing every changed that much about his character.
First appearance: I really don’t know, it’s been waaaay too long
Is this character okay to draw fan art of?: Please do
Other notes about character: Please leave me alone
“You know, I think this place could really be…something” Hollie smiled as she unpacked one of the big brown boxes that were stacked in every room of the new flat. “I mean, I know it’s small, but so am I. So it’s a match” She laughed at her own joke and was satisfied to watch Matt join with a smile. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and blew a stray strand of hair out of her face. “Thanks again for helping me with all of this…” She put her fists on her hips. “I couldn’t have carried all of this upstairs myself”
“It’s no big deal” Matt was just done setting up Hollie’s desk and turned to open up another box to unpack next. This one was filled with picture frames, smaller boxes stuffed with photographs and photo albums. Hollie was not the one to keep secrets from her best friend, so Matt didn’t hesitate to unpack the stuff. He even found pictures of himself in all stages of his life, but never spent too much time actually looking at them. Yet, a smile formed on his lips upon seeing all those memories of Hollie goofing around with her friends.
As he stacked up the boxes and books into a bottom shelf, one single photograph happened to slide out of one of the photo albums and landed face down on the ground. Matt bent over to pick it up and shrugged as he turned it around to have a closer look. The picture showed a blonde boy, maybe 15 or 16 years of age. The picture was taken outside, Matt could tell by the way the boy’s eyes were squinted slightly. He must’ve been looking directly into the sun. But he was smiling. And there was something about his smile that made Matt smile too. It made Matt want to get to know him. Just like that. Through a single smile on a photograph that was taken Lord-knows-when.
“Who’s this?” He found himself asking.
Hollie stopped for a moment. She turned around and stepped towards Matt. “Huh?”
Matt had to hold up the photograph for her to see. A smile flashed across her face but it didn’t last longer than a second. After that, her shoulders sank immediately. “I didn’t know I had this” She said and reached out in order to take the photograph from Matt. “That’s my cousin” She explained slowly while letting herself fall onto the bed.
Matt frowned. “You’ve never told me about him” He sat down beside her, knowing that something was not right and Hollie met him with a sad smile. “I didn’t?” She seemed absent, still looking at the picture. “I used to see him a lot when we were kids. But I hadn’t seen him in a while” She leaned into Matt and then whispered into his shoulder, barely loud enough for him to hear. “before he killed himself last year”
Matt immediately wrapped one arm around her as she began sobbing into his arm. She had dropped the picture into her lap so that Matt was able to take another look at it. He hadn’t known that boy. He couldn’t even remember Hollie having ever talked about him. Yet, he felt something breaking inside of him, leaving nothing but stale emptiness. Because he sure wished that he had known him. And it almost felt like he had.
The call had come when he had least expected it. It had caught him completely off guard and he hadn’t even been dressed properly when he had left the apartment. Despite being the town that famously never slept, New Yorker traffic wasn’t quite as big of a pain in the ass as it was at certain hours of the day. Taxis ruled the street at night and Alec had pushed his car way over the speed limit as he had passed rows and rows of yellow cars.
Now he was taking the time he took to get from his car into the police station to fix the buttons on his shirt and roll up his sleeves. He usually despised the police and their mundane ways of working. But this time he knew a guy. He always knew a guy somewhere. A secretary near the entry was about to make him wait like any regular citizen when said guy appeared from a side door and greeted Alec with a solemn nod. A gesture that Alec didn’t have the time to return or even acknowledge. He didn’t want to waste any more time. He wanted to see the body.
“Tell me the details” Alec commanded, but his voice was not nearly as strong as he wanted it to come out. He didn’t really want to know. He was going to find out for himself soon enough.
But that didn’t keep the blonde pathologist with the big glasses from speaking up. He was a werewolf too. He was well aware of the Alpha beside him. He wasn’t going to turn down his request. “They found him in Europe a couple of weeks ago”
“Where exactly in Europe?”
“Dublin, Ireland”
“I know where Dublin is” Alec barked. His patience was running out quicker than usual.
“Right, of course” The pathologist apologized. “There were no eye witnesses but the police had found people who had claimed to have seen him a couple of hours before his death. Those people also claimed that he was American. Non-human doctors could quickly identify him as a werewolf and he was handed over to the specialists of…our kind. They eventually identified him as part of your pack and the body was handed over to us to take care of. He matched your description, so I called you”
Alec took a sharp breath. “What killed him?”
“Did he put up a good fight?”
“I think it’s safe to say that he did. There was a fair amount vampire blood on his clothes and we found their teeth stuck in his skin. Must’ve ripped them out”
Again, Alec breathed in sharply. He didn’t want to picture any of that. But there seemed to be no way around it. “Was he intoxicated?”
Good. At least that.
The pathologist stopped in front of two big heavy doors with two small round windows on each of the halves. “Are you ready?”
Alec was about to yell at the blonde man, but he kept it together and just growled. “I’ve seen my fair share of dead bodies before” Of course, that also included dead bodies of loved ones. But somehow that didn’t change a thing. It didn’t make the twisted knot inside of his stomach go away. The sharp pain in his chest. His heart beating fast enough to rip out of its cage and drop right here onto the ground. The pathologist opened the door and let Alec step in first.
The body lay on his chest, delaying finding out the truth even further. But so far, the pathologist was right. He matched the description. The stench of dead bodies was too dominant, though, to be able to identify the man without seeing his face.
The pathologist quickly walked over to the metal table, grabbed the body by its slim shoulders and heaved him around. Alec felt the time stopping at this very moment. The world came to an end. He couldn’t hear any noise from outside, couldn’t feel the pathologist’s eyes resting on him for the entire time.
The brown hair was stale and a tad too long, sticking to the man’s face. His eyes were closed, thank God. And he would’ve looked peaceful if it hadn’t been for the sick pale skin and the slightly swollen cheeks. He looked different than when Alec had seen him the last time…it must have been years ago. Yet, Alec recognized him without a doubt. He knew that face. The man was a Dakabi, alright. But he wasn’t Henry. Something heavy was lifted from his chest as he felt himself to breathe effortlessly again. He shook his head and turned to leave. “It’s not him. I can’t believe you made me come here at 3am in the morning for this” He straightened his suit and left immediately. He didn’t want the pathologist to see the way his hands were still shaking. They would for a while. But he was not planning on getting any more sleep tonight anyway.


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