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“This is the stupidest idea I have ever heard of” Alec slammed a crumpled, brightly coloured piece of paper right onto the centre of the jock’s table in the dining hall. He must’ve ripped it off the wall somewhere. They were plastered all over the hallway.

“I don’t know…have you considered that time Henry talked you into-“ Matt didn’t get to finish his sentence because Hollie felt it necessary to kick him underneath the table. Not hard enough to actually hurt him, of course. But he surprisingly went silent anyway. Under normal circumstances, Hollie wouldn’t have tried to stop him in the first place and it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. But neither Alec, nor Matt could afford being sent to the principal’s office within the first week of school. On top of that, Alec wasn’t even remotely paying attention to Matt’s input and Matt figured that it was only half as much fun that way.

“A costume party? Really? Who do they think they are? It’s not even Halloween yet. This is ridiculous…” Alec went on, but the uncomfortable shifting of his friends all around the table was a clear sign that neither of them could really support outrage this time.
“No really…does he even remember that other time when he and Henry-“ Once again, Hollie forcefully stepped onto Matt’s foot. Chandley noticed and couldn’t hold back a giggle, but was immediately hoping that Alec hadn’t heard him or would ignore him too.

“Well…with the upcoming elections for the school president in mind…it’s only logical” Madeleine reasoned carefully, not wanting to anger Alec further, but clearly also concerned about whatever he was most likely planning to do to hold back the drama club from winning the school’s favour.

Alec narrowed his eyes. He had come to that conclusion himself already, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating once someone else had said it out loud. He clenched his teeth. “I can’t believe the principal agreed to this…this is bribery”
“Last year everybody voted for you, because you threw a giant party, remember?” Madeleine was choosing her words carefully. She had to be honest, though. Someone had to be. Someone other than Matt. Once Alec was angry, he usually didn’t care whom exactly he’d use as a vent. She figured that it was better if he yelled at a good friend who could take it and handle it than if he confronted the president of the drama club herself. And there was no doubt that this was exactly what he was going to do if nobody would stop him.

“Exactly. And now she’s copying me” Alec barked, his eyes suddenly dangerously calm, already searching the room for a sign of Cassandra and her lot.
Now Matt really couldn’t keep his mouth shut anymore. He was given the perfect opportunity and he sure wouldn’t let it pass by. “I didn’t” He suddenly called out, raising his hands. All eyes were on him, mostly irritated, but he just shrugged. “I didn’t vote for him”

“Shut up!” Alec threw a piece of bread into Matt’s general direction, but missed terribly, because his thoughts were preoccupied with his own strategy on how to beat Cassandra to the title. She couldn’t win. He wouldn’t have that. That was for sure. He would turn this thing around.
“Maybe…” Madeleine said softly, almost as if she had read Alec’s thoughts exactly. “…you should go the party. It’s free for everybody, isn’t it? And everyone will like you for it…”

Alec didn’t even consider this an option, dismissing it at the same time as he crumpled up the poster completely and threw it somewhere behind his back.
“Or maybe…” Alec lowered his voice. This wasn’t going to end well. “We attend the party to sabotage it”

Matt was the first one to throw his hands up in discomposure. “This!” He exclaimed. “This is a ridiculous idea right there! Am I the only one seeing that?” He was never to find out whether he was the only one or not, because Alec had already grabbed him by his collar, the rhetorical question still somewhat hanging in the air. The team captain might’ve been smaller than Matt, but he sure wasn’t weaker. He could beat up just as much opposing players on the field as Matt and everybody knew that. Including Matt.
Everyone at the table gasped in unison. Chandley pulled Hollie aside, frowning worriedly. He’d been on this school for only a couple of days now and he had heard all those stories of Matt and Alec fighting and kind of dismissed them as a running gag, but now that the two tall boys were actually standing opposed to each other, clearly more than ready to kick some ass, Chandley actually felt uneasy.

“I said shut up!” Alec growled, his knuckles pale white from holding on to Matt’s collar too tight.
“Yeaaaah…” Matt inhaled long and sharply. “I did hear you the first time”
With the upcoming troubles caused by the drama club in mind, his current frustration written across his face and Matt’s constant attempts to tease him that he obviously hadn’t just overheard, but had kindly chosen to ignore, Alec threw the first punch. Someone was screaming, but neither of them had time to find out who.
Matt rubbed the aching half of his face, knowing that a black eye would come out of this, but grinning nonetheless. He kicked Alec hard against his shin and the team captain stumbled back a few steps. Bad move. Still, Matt seized his chance as his fist came down hard on Alec’s face.

“Stop it, you two!” Madeleine was yelling, desperately trying to get between the two of them. She was the only one who was brave enough. Everyone else was just standing there, equally frozen in worry, as well as plain sensationalist.
“Someone go and get a teacher!”

Meanwhile Alec had brought Matt down to the floor, but neither of them would really stay on top as they just kept repeatedly punching each other until each of them felt someone grabbing them by their collars and pulling them apart.

“What is wrong with you?” The coach had taken it upon himself to break up the fight between his son and Matt. Alec pulled himself out of his father’s grab immediately, brushing the dirt off his clothes while still glowering at Matt.
“What?” Matt barked at him. “He started it!”

“You two shut your mouth right now!” The coach grabbed both of them by the arm and dragged them out of the dining hall. Once they got into the hallway he let them go.
“You know, I have to send you to the principal’s office” He continued and ignored his son’s loud sigh. “And if either of you gets banned from playing this year, I’ll make sure that this is not the only punishment you’ll receive” His green eyes were laying hard on the two boys, making sure that they understood the gravity of his threat. For once, there was no doubt that he was, in fact, Alec’s father. “Did you understand that?”
No reply. “I said…did you understand that?”
“Good, come on then”

It was quiet in the principal’s office. There was only the constant ticking from an antique clock and the occasional creak of the secretary’s chair whenever she was moving around to put several documents back into their respective drawer. Alec and Matt had to wait until they were actually called to see the principal, even though there didn’t seem to be anyone else waiting. They had been given ice bags to provide for their black eyes and their burst lips.

Alec didn’t even look at Matt. Primary, because the cornerback seemed to be enjoying this spontaneous trip to the principal’s office and Alec couldn’t bear his stupid face without wanting to rip his throat out right here on the spot.
“So what are you dressing up as then?” Matt suddenly wondered out aloud. Alec didn’t react, but that hardly kept Matt from going on. “Because I just thought…you don’t really need a costume…”
“Stop it” Alec growled.

“I mean, everyone is scared of a douchebag and you pull that off rather well”
Alec lunged out to elbow Matt hard into his guts just when the principal opened the door to have a chat with the two boys. He hadn’t seen the assault personally, but he saw Matt cringe in pain and was well able to figure out what had happened. Still, he just shook his head in disappointment. Now they were already here. He could hardly send them to some higher authority than himself.

Once the principal had sat back down at his desk and the two chairs in front of him were occupied by Alec and Matt, he folded his hands on top of the desk. “Well…” He observed the two boys through narrowed eyes. Matt was filling out the chair relaxed and homely while Alec’s posture was rather stiff und uptight. “I really don’t know what to say to you” He admitted. There was no possibly way he could ban the two from their first match this season…or even from the training with all the new freshmen having just recently joined the team. But they he couldn’t let them off the hook that easy either. It was only the beginning of the school year and he couldn’t have them continue their constant fights like that.

“I thought being seniors now would make you two grow up and become proper role models for all those freshmen and sophomores that are looking up to you” He was more disappointed than he was angry, really. “I am not going to ban you from anything…” He saw Alec loosening up a bit. “…yet. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I will refrain from putting proper punishments on you in the future” He leaned back into his chair. “But I am sure you have heard of the drama club’s costume party next Friday…?”

Alec was immediately alert. There was something very wrong about the way the principal had mentioned the party. “The drama club has put a lot of effort into this party and I have no doubt that it will be a great success. But it would be a pity if the responsible students wouldn’t even get to enjoy their party themselves, because they’d have all of their hands full…”

“So what?” Alec blurted out. His hands were pressed onto the armrests of the chair and he was about to get up and leave the office.
“So…I want to make you an offer. You two are going to guard the entrance all night, checking and selling tickets…and we can forget about this incident”
“This isn’t fair!” Alec yelled, now really unable to sit still. “It’s their party. Why would we have to do their work?”

The principal remained completely calm. “Sit back down, Alec” He commanded, but the boy wouldn’t obey. He could tell that there was something else Alec had to say, but he decided just in the right moment that maybe he shouldn’t…for his own and the team’s sake. Instead, he wordlessly rushed out of the office.

Matt, however, couldn’t have cared less. He reached out to take a piece of candy from a plate on the principal’s desk and calmly shoved it into his mouth. “So when’s the party exactly?” He asked, ignoring the irritated glance he was given by the principal.
Alec would come to his senses. That the principal was sure of. He didn’t have a choice after all.
It’s tough,
you know,
getting up
for yourself

up and down
for yourself

to be here
for yourself

There was a time
when it was different
You barely recall
and you hardly remember

At what point
did you lose yourself?
Maybe if you go back
you’ll find it again

You’re trying
to pick up pieces
that don’t fit
Not anymore

and shapeless
Too tiny and too big
You don’t understand

They crumble
Sand and dust
close the wounds
not quite

You forgot
what you’re doing,
why you’re here,
what you’re fighting for

You lose yourself
by trying
to find yourself;
spinning circles

Then you stop
and find
you’re alone
Nobody’s there

Who wants to be
with someone
who doesn’t want to be
with themself?
For Yourself
I can't do poetry
But it worked as a vent
And I just like to get things out there...I don't know, it's stupid.
Alec was pissed. He didn’t like freshmen and he down right hated the ones that thought they were entitled to their position on the football team just because they might have been a big deal back in middle school.

Unfortunately, those were often the only useful talents at the tryouts and even though he had a say in the pick of their new players, the final decision was always left to his father alone. In fact, currently, his only job was to stand beside the field and pretend to observe the freshmen’s pathetic attempts at making a better impression than everybody else and he was visibly disgusted by it.

The jarring sound of a whistle being blown cut through the air and startled nearly everyone on the field.
“Now, if you would all line up right here for a moment, please…” The coach motioned the students with a quick wave of his hand to do as they were told and Alec huffed, loud enough, because even something simple like standing in one line proved to be an incredibly difficult task for the new students.

He was momentarily distracted by the sight of one of the current players - another senior - approaching his father while waving with a piece of paper. Even before the coach could notice him, Alec had already shoved himself between his father and the boy. “Is that the list?” he asked while pulling the poor guy a little farther away from the coach.  
The boy nodded. “It contains all of the current team members and your father’s favourites for the new positions…” he explained and handed it to Alec as his hand gestures demanded it, no questions asked. He was the team captain after all. Alec took a quick glance at the piece of paper.

“You forgot Henry. Henry’s not on the list” he uttered frantically, probably about to rip the list into a hundred pieces.
“Henry Sullivan?” the boy – Max - repeated, almost in disbelief.
“Of course, Henry Sullivan, you idiot”
“Nobody has seen him since summer break…is he even still going to this school?”
Alec’s patience was about to blow right here in front of everyone, but he held himself together. His facial features hardened from trying to not lose his temper. “It’s the first day since summer break, Jesus Christ. He’s obviously still part of the team. Now, give me a pen”

Max immediately searched the inside of his jacket for a pen. When he found one, Alec was nearly ripping it out of his hands. His handwriting was scribbly as he added his best friend’s name in a rush. “Now you can give it to my father” He shoved the list back into Max’s hands.
“You know, he missed a lot of the matches last season…”
“He was busy” Alec barked at him and this time Max finally got the message and backed down, resuming back to what he was about to do in the first place.
Alec, however, was wearing an angry frown for the rest of the try outs, his arms constantly crossed as he was observing everything from the outside. But none of the freshmen were good enough for him and his team. Nobody ever was.

That was the first Chandley had seen of the team captain whom he had already heard a good deal about. He wasn’t as tall as Matt and therefore not as tall as he had imagined him to be, but Chandley had no doubt that Alec could put up a good fight nevertheless and he couldn’t imagine how anyone would even want to fight him. He had been told that he didn’t have to go near Alec to have a shot at getting accepted into the team because the coach was still making the final decisions about who was going to get in and who wasn’t. This was supposed to be a relief to his tight chest, but he was still in no way ready for the expectations he had to meet in order to become a part of the oh so popular football team. The Wolves, as they called themselves.

Chandley could neither dance, nor sing, really, but the drama club still seemed a much more appropriate and less embarrassing alternative to spend his free time on. Yet, here he was. And after something as simple as warming up Chandley found himself already out of breath. As he stopped running in order to take a break, he saw Alec and his father shaking their heads in disappointment and just knew that the gesture was directed at him. There was no sight of Matt. He was probably running with the others. Chandley couldn’t imagine him ever having had any problems with the tryouts. He bit his lip, still breathing heavily. He wanted to pull himself together and win this thing. He really wanted to. But he wasn’t all that strong. So he didn’t. Instead, he slowly left the field, defeated.

He spotted Hollie sitting on the bleachers, a few other girls scattered around her. He assumed that all of them were cheerleaders or striving to become one. As Hollie saw him approaching, she jumped up immediately to greet him with a warm hug that he welcomed thankfully. “Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll give you another chance”
“Nah…” Chandley shook his head, still desperately trying to catch his breath. “It’s fine…Football just isn’t my thing. I’m glad I’ve already failed the running test. I wouldn’t want to get beaten up by all those guys on the field. Have you seen them? They are huge” He chuckled lightly, despite everything. “I’ll find something else” He was already smiling again and nearly managed to convince himself with his pathetic optimism.

Hollie put an arm around him and led him to her new friends. She introduced him as cheerfully as ever. Leonora, Aurelie and Mitena were the names he could catch and he nodded and smiled at each of them. They weren’t as bitchy or arrogant as Chandley had expected the cheerleaders to be and sweet, gentle Hollie wanting to be a part of their team suddenly made all the sense in the world.

“How did it go for you?” Chandley sat down beside Hollie.
“Oh, I got in” She chanted and rested her head against her cousin’s shoulder.
“Well…congratulations then, huh?” He felt the vibration of her laughter against his shoulder.
“Thanks” she mumbled into his shirt.

A sense of peace came over him and he was just happy to be able to breathe again.
“Guys!” Another girl came running towards them. She was definitely older than him. A junior, maybe. She had brown hair, tied up into a high pony tail like all of the cheerleaders wore it, but her pretty face was drained in worry. “Makini has strained her ankle” She informed the others, but nobody seemed to be genuinely alarmed by the news. Light injuries like that seemed to happen often enough.

“Now there’s no one to help Lexi do the flip” Still, no reaction from any of the other girls. Madeleine - as a name sign stuck to her chest revealed - wasn’t finished, still. “You know…the flip she’s been working on all summer...” She pressed her hands into her hips. “To impress Alec”
Now things seemed to clear up and even Hollie was a little worried.

“Who’s Lexi?” Chandley finally asked since he seemed to be the only one who had still no idea what was going on. Madeleine sighed, rubbing her temples. “She’s our cheer captain. And you know…the way it goes…the head cheerleader is supposed to be with the team captain” All the girls were simultaneously rolling their eyes at the mere thought of whatever Madeleine had to say next. “Well, Lexi is obsessed with that idea”

“Unfortunately, Alec doesn’t believe in chick flick High School romances” The girl who had been introduced as Leonora suddenly spoke up. Her hair was pitch black, matching her thick use of eyeliner and somehow also her cherry lips. “In fact, he hasn’t had a serious relationship in ages…and he’s not interested in one either” She tried to sound indifferent and cold, but something about the slight tremble of her lip led Chandley to believe that there was something much more personal about her words, but he didn’t intend to pester her or anyone else around them further with it.

“What about Chandley?” Hollie cried out and the sudden change of subject had everyone confused for a second. “I’m sure he’s strong enough to throw a girl up in the air, aren’t you?”
Chandley shrugged. This wasn’t really like anything he had ever done before, but how hard could it be? “I can try” He suggested and that answer seemed to be good enough for Madeleine.

“Fine…Let’s go” Chandley was led to a smaller football field. A bigger group of cheerleaders was awaiting him, all dressed up in their short skirts and tied up hair. He identified Lexi as the bleach blonde girl in the centre that seemed to be throwing a fit.
“Lexi…” Madeleine rushed to her sight, lightly wrapping an arm around her. “You still have time until the actual training tomorrow, don’t you? Calm down, it’ll be alright” She smiled at her friend and waved Chandley to come closer. “Now, this is Chandley” She said, her voice motherly and soothing. “He’s here to help you with the flip”
Chandley nodded silently, infected by Madeleine’s confidence.

“Is he a cheerleader?” Lexi asked, not quite convinced, but at least she wasn’t on the verge of crying anymore.
“Well, no, I’m a freshman” Chandley cleared up for himself.
It wasn’t quite the answer Lexi had wanted to hear, but she accepted it anyway. What other choice did she have? She took it upon herself to explain to Chandley what he was supposed to do, the other cheerleaders occasionally throwing in some good advice on how to be graceful and avoid dropping Lexi, but it wasn’t all that complicated after all.
It took them both a few tries, but the fact that Lexi’s position as the head cheerleader was well deserved and her clearly knowing what she was doing helped a lot. She wasn’t too heavy for him either and he had no troubles lifting her in the first place.

By the end of the tryouts Chandley and Lexi had actually done the flip successfully at least five times and the blonde girl was visibly satisfied with herself and with Chandley. “So…you didn’t join a club yet, did you?” She asked, genuinely interested.
Chandley shook his head, but he spared himself the embarrassment of explaining why exactly he hadn’t made it into the team.

“Well, we can always use someone strong to lift us up”
There was some sort of awkward silence between the two of them. Chandley knew exactly what she was going to say, but he had to think about it first. There was no way he’d be getting into the team. The cheerleaders were part of the jocks and there was no other way for him to belong, really. Besides, helping Lexi out just now had actually been a lot of fun and he hadn’t screwed up completely. Even though he wouldn’t particularly consider himself as someone strong.

“…would you mind?” Lexi looked at him, her blue eyes widened innocently.
“Why not?” Chandley finally agreed and that was it. He was a cheerleader now and the hopeful smile that lit up Lexi’s face was proof that there was no turning back now.
“See you tomorrow then” She winked at him and ran off back to the others, eagerly chatting away as soon as she was within their earshot.

Chandley smiled to himself until Hollie came running towards him, dragging Matt along right behind her. “Did you do it?” She asked already in awe, before she had even heard his answer.
He nodded. “And I guess…” He scratched the back of his head, only briefly looking at Matt before turning back to Hollie. “I’m a cheerleader now”

“No way!” Hollie cried out, immediately pulling Chandley into another hug. She just couldn’t get enough of that.
“Congratulations” Matt added and to Chandley’s disbelief he actually meant it. “I bet it’s much harder to become a cheerleader, actually. I mean, they sure wouldn’t want me” He laughed softly.
“Yeah, right…” Chandley mumbled, but didn’t add anything more to the conversation. Imagining someone like Matt trying out for the cheerleaders was ridiculous after all and once he found that he couldn’t get that picture out of his head, he couldn’t help but giggle.

“So, Matt and I were planning to go the mall now…you’re coming with us?”
Even before Chandley had agreed, Hollie had already linked her arms with his and they started walking to the bus station.
So this was it. The beginning of freshman year. The beginning of a life far from home. Far from Payne Springs, his grand parents and home made apple pie. But especially far away from his bullies and life long tormenters.

Chandley took a deep breath, shouldered his brown retro school back and felt his heart pounding hard against his tightened chest as he stepped through the wide opened doors of just one of the many New York public schools he’d attend to this year.
His heartbeat stopped within the next few seconds as set foot into the quite impressive building. All of a sudden everything came crushing down on him at once.

There were new students running around, desperately trying to avoid the scary seniors and helplessly trying to find the right classrooms, following their given maps and schedules at the same time. Groups of friends were either already existent or forming right this second. Some of them just casually chatting and laughing, others already looking for prey among the new arrivals.

Preoccupied by his thoughts and even more by the fear of history repeating itself by being bullied all the same, Chandley felt himself paralyzed until someone got a rough hold of his shoulder and pushed him hard against the wall of lockers. “Get out of the way, loser” He heard a deep voice growling and a few others snickering as he was left there, rubbing his shoulder in pain and disappointment, because he was so frighteningly used to this kind of treatment.

“Don’t mind them…I’ve heard they’re really just super insecure and sad deep inside”
Chandley looked up and he was so glad to finally see a familiar face that he smiled regardless of all the doubt he was actually going through.
“And all they really need is a hug?” Chandley raised an eyebrow, looking the girl with the reddish hair up and down. His cousin had gotten prettier by the years and he couldn’t imagine her not being a part of the popular crowd.
Hollie shrugged. “Probably”

They both chuckled and then proceeded to walk side by side for a moment until neither of them could stand the silence anymore. An attempt to break it resulted in both of them blurting something out at the same time and neither of them understanding a word of what the other one had tried to say.
Hollie tried again and this time Chandley let her go first. “So, what’s your first class? Maybe we’ll be together”

Since Chandley hadn’t quite figured out his timetable yet he drew the crinkled piece of paper out from his pocket and simply handed it over to Hollie who immediately began studying it. Her shoulders sank and she bit her lip. “We don’t have any classes together until after lunch” She observed, just a hint of disappointment in her voice. “But we can meet for lunch anyway. I’ll introduce you to my friends and we can join clubs together this afternoon”

Hollie’s excitement was definitely enough for the two of them and Chandley couldn’t wait to meet the people his cousin had spent most of her life with. Even though it was her freshman year too, she had been growing up with a lot of people at this school and knew her way around. Or at least knew people who did. When they were little he had seen Hollie maybe once a year. She had spent some of her summers down in Texas on their grandparent’s farm. But all of this had stopped a while back ago and - before he even knew - he hadn’t seen Hollie in ages. That was until his grandmother had decided that it would be best if he got out of this small town and moved to New York instead. Now he was living with Hollie and her family, his uncle and aunt. Even though he felt that neither of them had changed all that much, there was still this subtle awkwardness between them, because so many years seemed to separate them.

But Chandley was positive that this would pass. Hopeless optimism seemed to run in the family. He could see it in the smile Hollie was throwing at him. “You’re first class is right over there” She told him, pointing at the next door across the hallway. “Mine’s just a couple of doors down the hall. You’ll find the dining hall later?”
Chandley laughed her question off and couldn’t resist laying his arm around her shoulders and pulling her a little closer while they were walking. “It’s not like I’ve never been to school before” He said and gave her a light hug before he stopped right in front of the classroom he was supposed to enter. “You be good and take care. And listen to what the teachers say”
She chuckled. “Oh, you know, I always do that”

They parted and the moment Chandley stepped into the classroom a paper plane came crushing down on his head and he instantly avoided looking at the other students by instinct as he quietly made his way to the only empty chair left in the very back of the room.

Schools generally seemed to have a time zone of their own and time was passing painfully slow once the teacher had entered the room and foolishly demanded silence from the class. Most classes consisted of introductions of the teachers and each student until there was barely time for actual lessons left. Still, Chandley did well raising his hand and providing the correct answers whenever it was needed. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to impress the new classmates with his pure presence, so he’d go for his teachers first. After having to leave his last school for skipping class one time too many it was time to concentrate on his grades again. For his grandmother’s sake at least. Even though skipping class back than had had nothing to do with him being lazy.

After each ring of the school bell Chandley was the last one to leave the classroom, packing his books and pens as slowly as he could to avoid the big crowd in the hallway. This resulted in him sometimes having to rush to the next class so he wouldn’t be late. But he managed it just in time.

As the bell rang for the last time before lunch he was actually the first to get up, even receiving a slightly angry look from his teacher, because he hadn’t officially dismissed the class yet. But Chandley just couldn’t wait to have lunch with Hollie and meet her – and possibly his new - friends. He was wondering if maybe he had already shared one of his past classes with one of them. After all, his new classmates hadn’t been as terrible as he had expected them to be. At least they didn’t know him. They didn’t know about his former reputation in all of Payne Springs and as freshmen in High School they were all in the same boat anyway. For the first few weeks at least. Until the jocks and the nerds would have separated and the rank order would have been established and Chandley would end up at the bottom of it all…as he always was.

Hollie wasn’t waiting for him at the entrance to the dining hall. He was left alone as he was lining up for his lunch, not really looking forward to whatever the grumpy lunch ladies had in petto for him and once he had received something that was supposed to be chicken nuggets and some sort of mushy peas served with it, he awkwardly stood at the side of the hall trying to find Hollie or at least another free spot between all the other students.

He was about to give up and turn around to rather have his lunch in the school’s restrooms as he had done ever so often before as he heard a voice calling out for him.
“Chandley, over here!” Hollie was waving at him from across the room, pointing to a free seat at the table she had occupied. Chandley smiled in relief and balanced his tabled through a couple of jocks that thankfully ignored him rather than pushing him or laughing at him.

“I’m sorry, but you need to be really fast reserving your table” She apologized right away while Chandley sat down in front of her.
“It’s alright” Chandley waved his hands. “It’s just all…a little bit bigger than what I’m used to” He admitted and Hollie nodded understandingly. “Oh yeah right, you went to one of those prestigious private schools” She rolled her eyes jokingly, but chuckled right after.

Christian private school” Chandley corrected her before he shoved a fork full of mashed peas into his mouth and frowned in disgust right after. He felt that there was a huge difference between any other private school and a Christian private school. Just like there was a difference for an animal to live in a Zoo that was at least trying to come close to the standards of its natural environment and between an animal having to live in a cheap cage from the pet store that only tried to tie it down and take all of its freedom by giving nothing back. It was a drastic comparison and he felt bad immediately after thinking it. But it was so heavily based on his bad experiences that he just couldn’t help it.

Chandley decided to give the chicken nuggets a try and was hoping deeply that what he was about to consume actually was chicken when Hollie was already waving at someone else, motioning him to join them at their small table.

Chandley didn’t get a chance to turn around and see who was approaching them as a tall boy with broad shoulders popped up right behind Hollie, reducing her slim body to nothing compared to the giant figure he was. The red letterman jacket he was wearing gave away that he was one of the jocks and by his looks alone…he was clearly a senior. His brown hair was long enough to be tied into a loose ponytail, some stubble down his chin made him look older than he probably was and his grim expression made Chandley anxious that he came here to steal their lunch.

That was until Hollie got up to wrap her short arms around his chest and bury her face into the soft material of his jacket. “I haven’t seen you all summer” she scolded him, still not letting go. “Where have you been?”

He accepted the hug and didn’t let go until Hollie did, finally answering her question as he sat down. “Oh, here and there. I’ve been taking my brother to the outskirts of town. Had to get out of here for at least a little bit” He shrugged and put a chocolate pudding from his plate onto hers. Now she had two desserts. “I brought you extra chocolate pudding” Hollie thanked him with another brief hug and all of their gestures combined seemed so natural to Chandley that for just a second he felt like he wasn’t supposed to be here. So Hollie was best friends with a senior…and a jock on top of that. Maybe she was one of the popular kids after all.

“Matt?” Hollie nodded towards Chandley. “This is my cousin, Chandley”
Matt greeted the blonde boy with a smile and a nod, but refrained from shaking his hand. “I’m Matt” he said. “Nice to meet you. You’re from Texas, right?” Matt ignored that Hollie had told him all about her cousin already or maybe he had already forgotten.  
“Yeah…I came here to finish High School”
“Sounds like an odd thing to do…” Matt remarked, but didn’t question Chandley’s decision further and began eating his lunch instead.

Chandley knew that it was weird to transfer from a private school to a public school. Even if said public school was in Manhattan. Or probably because it was. But then again…nobody knew that he just hadn’t been welcome among a whole crowd of Christian boys and their conservative teachers. Things were bound to be better here in New York. Even just a little bit.

“What about you?” Chandley asked rather quickly, mainly to push the conversational topic away from himself. “Why aren’t you sitting with the others?”
Matt shrugged, still chewing on the rather rubbery chicken, so that Hollie took the answer from him. “He doesn’t like them” She whispered as if there was an actual chance for any of the football team loudly laughing and talking at the other side of the hall to hear them.

It struck Chandley as weird that Matt would wear his letterman jacket and even be a part of the whole team if he didn’t like his team members, but who was he to judge? “And you’re calling me odd?” He chuckled. “So why even be in the team?”
Matt shrugged once again, but this time it was his turn to explain himself. “I kick ass” He laughed, a rough and short laughter. “And our team captain doesn’t like that. It’s fun” Coming from his mouth it seemed like the most natural and self explanatory thing in the whole world, but Chandley still couldn’t get behind Matt’s reasoning.

Hollie sighed loud enough to make both Matt and Chandley look up. “Yeah, but you’re overdoing it sometimes. Alec can be…” She seemed to look for the right words to say without having to curse “…mean, but you’re supposed to be a team and not constantly fight each other. I really don’t know how the coach keeps you two in his team”
“He’s Alec’s father. That’s how”

Chandley was looking back and forth between Matt and Hollie for as long as the conversation lasted. Then silence fell back over the table of three. But not for long. Hollie didn’t even bother to swallow her last bite as she started talking again, pointing the tip of her fork to Chandley. “You know what? You should try out for the team this afternoon” Hollie seemed proud to have come up with this idea, but Chandley wasn’t nearly as convinced as she was.

“Me?” He repeated in disbelief and Hollie nodded eagerly. “I’m not really the type, am I?” He argued, chewing his lower lip nervously. His gaze grazed Matt who was calm, eating his lunch as if he was the only one in here who couldn’t taste how awful it actually was…or simply didn’t mind.

“I don’t know…football is not all about defence, you know. We need some fast runners too”
“You see? I’ll try out for the cheerleaders too, so we’ll still be together. Plus, you already know Matt. He can throw in a good word for you”
There was really nothing Chandley could do or say to change her mind and maybe it wasn’t a bad idea all together. He needed to get himself out there if he wanted things to change this year. The least he could do was try. Matt seemed nice enough and Chandley already liked him simply for being Hollie’s friend. Her best friend, even.

“I’ll give it a shot, I suppose…” Chandley finally said and Hollie was about to jump up from her seat to give her cousin the biggest hug.
“Now let’s check what classes we have next” He added quickly to change the subject. At least he wouldn’t be alone anymore.

Classes after lunch passed surprisingly faster with Hollie by his side. They would talk about their new teachers and classmates, slip each other notes under the desk and whisper each other the correct answer whenever they were taken by surprise by the teacher.
The burning orange afternoon sun was long out as the school bell rang one more time to dismiss the students for today. Out in the hallway preparations to get the new students to join all sorts of clubs had started. While Hollie and Chandley were actually heading for the football field outside, they were stopping every now and then to check out other clubs. For a moment Chandley seemed to have lost his cousin because he had been standing with the cooking club for just a little too long. When he turned around to look for Hollie again, someone was blocking his way. By his appearance alone Chandley assumed that he was either a freshman like himself or maybe a sophomore, but definitely not older than that. He was about the same height too and therefore rather small, but a head full of messy, bouncy curls added to his height. He was twirling a top hat between his fingers, but made it stop as he drew a little brochure from the inside of the head and handed it to Chandley. ‘Magic Club’ was written in the most horrible Microsoft Word font that Chandley had ever seen at the top of the paper.

“We meet every Friday at 4pm” the boy explained and Chandley could make out a Spanish accent in his voice. Only now he realized that the poor boy had been chatting away for at least a minute since he had handed out the flyer, but Chandley hadn’t even been listening and felt terrible for that. He was still looking out for Hollie, though. At the same time he couldn’t help but notice that there didn’t seem to be anyone else around belonging to the so called ‘Magic Club’. Suddenly feeling pity for the boy in front of him, he frowned.

“How many members do you have?” He asked, only a hint of worry in his voice.
The boy suddenly went quiet, licked his lips and made all kinds of faces before a cheerful smile lit up his face once more. “You see…it’s not really about how many members we currently have…it’s more about how many members we are go-“

“One and a half” The boy was interrupted by another boy, probably of the same age, suddenly standing right beside him. He didn’t look half as enthusiastic as his friend.
“Come on, Flavio. Don’t put yourself down. You are a full member of this club”
“I can’t even do magic, Celio”
“You would, if you’d let me teach you!” Celio threw his hands up in exasperation.
“But I don’t want to”
“And, you see, that is your prob-“
Neither of them was taking any note of Chandley anymore or heard him mumbling “Thanks, guys, I’ll check it out” with no intention of actually doing so.

At least he was reunited with Hollie again, once he had turned away.
“You ready?” She asked, her eyes and cheeks glowing.
“I guess” Chandley muttered, not convincing anyone, including himself. He frowned as they passed a wide opened door that had music, singing and laughter emerge from it. “What club is that?” Chandley slowed down a little bit, trying to get a glimpse into the room, but Hollie tried to pull him farther along, her impatient excitement making her so much stronger than she looked.

“The drama club” She whispered and Chandley was terribly confused by the hushed tone she was using.
“What’s so bad about it? It sounds like fun…why don’t we check it out?”
“No…” Hollie shook her head repeatedly. “You’re either with the jocks or with the drama club. You can’t be both. Everybody knows that.
Chandley’s confusion still wouldn’t clear up. “So, what…are they, like, meeting at the same time, or what?”

Hollie was still shaking her head. “No, they just don’t like each other. I know it’s weird. I’ve seen some of their plays and even talked to some of them…they are really good at what they’re doing and seem nice enough too. It’s just…this weird number one rule” She ended her speech with a light shrug and there seemed to be nothing else to say.
Obviously, Hollie preferred the football club and the cheerleaders, because Matt was with them and Chandley preferred any club that allowed him to be with at least one person that he actually knew. Even if it didn’t necessarily suit his natural talents.
Mean Wolves - Chpt. 1
(Der Wortwitz wäre auf Englisch sogar besser gekommen. Wolf Club - Vorsicht bissig)

I...I don't know what to say. Don't ever tell me that you need a proper Fanfiction with more than one chapter about this High School AU. Because you know I will do it.
So, here we are.
I apologize in advance for any character that is not mine acting ooc, because I suck and it was weird to borrow some other characters that I usually don't borrow...for such a long time too. Meh.
The house party had long been coming to an end. It was way past 4am and most people were either staggering home or just taking the easy way by occupying the couch or even one of the empty bed rooms. The really bad cases didn’t bother with a proper place to sleep and had just blacked out on the floor between empty paper cups and sticky bottles.
Faint voices were emerging from the kitchen. It smelled like cold food and alcohol and the kitchen table as well as the counters were covered in the leftovers of a rich buffet and half emptied bottles of booze. Two boys were still awake, one of them leaning against the kitchen corner, the other standing in front of him.  

“I’m not drunk” Flavio pointed his finger right underneath Celio’s nose. “Just a little tipsy” The obvious slur of his words proved their meaning wrong.
“Not…yet…” It took Celio at least three attempts to reveal an almost empty bottle of Tequila, lifting it up between his friend and himself. “Hold up!” He narrowed his eyes, his vision getting blurry. “Someone’s been drinking from our Tequila” He announced, slurring just as much as Flavio had before.

Suddenly they both burst out into incontrollable giggles, neither of them really knowing or caring what was so funny about the situation.
Flavio blindly grabbed for a shot glass somewhere behind Celio that might or might not had been used before. It was sticky either way. “We drank all of that, silly” Flavio lectured him, but couldn’t stay serious as he giggled, trying to stop himself by pressing his hand on his mouth.

Celio seemed rather confused by that information. “But I thought you weren’t drunk” He argued, his face looking like a first grader who tried to do maths.
Somewhere along the lines the whole point of the conversation had just gone lost and they both went silent for a moment while Flavio poured some of the Tequila into the glass and started to frantically search for a salt shaker. “I’ll show you something” He announced, his expression suddenly grave and solemn. Without a warning he pushed Celio’s head maybe a little too forcefully aside to reveal his neck a little bit more. Celio huffed, but didn’t resist.

“If I were drunk…” Flavio continued and gave Celio’s neck a quick lick. Celio reacted by flinching and giggling. “That tickled…” He protested, but Flavio kept ignoring him.
“…could I do this?” Flavio was concentrating really hard as he shook some of the salt onto the wet part of Celio’s skin.
“I can’t even see what you are doing” Celio whined and felt Flavio gripping his shoulders tightly.
“Hold still” Flavio scolded him and proceeded by licking the salt back off, biting him teasingly before he drew back to chug the Tequila all at once, shaking his head from the bitter taste right after.
“Ouch!” Celio exclaimed, rubbing his neck. “Did you just bite me?!” He didn’t even seem to be shocked or angry…he was just sulking. “That really hurt…” He pouted and once their eyes locked again, they started chuckling, so hard that they could barely even catch their breaths.

“I did” Flavio admitted, his words almost not understandable from the giggling and slurring.
“You can’t go around biting people, silly tiger…” Celio was thinking for a moment. “You’re not an actual tiger”
“You just called me one…”
Celio put his hands on his mouth, feeling caught. “Did I?” He whispered.
Once again, they were bursting into laughter until Celio suddenly cut off. “Now me” He announced.
Flavio’s blurry mind couldn’t follow. “Now you what?”

Celio took the shot glass from Flavio, poured the Tequila in, prepared the salt on Flavio’s neck and licked it off with the same little bite that he had been given. Even though Flavio should’ve seen it coming, he was still taken by surprise and flinched as an involuntary moan escaped his lips. Feeling exposed by the noise he hadn’t been able to hold back, a faint blush spread across his cheeks.
“What was that?” Celio wondered, while chuckling uncontrollably.
Flavio held up his hands in defence immediately. “Nothing” He claimed.

Celio narrowed his eyes and suddenly grabbed his friend by his shoulders just to prove him wrong. For science, basically. He continued nibbling and biting Flavio’s neck. He started struggling and trying to push Celio away. “Stop it! Get off me” He whined, but couldn’t stop giggling either as he tried to get a hold of Celio’s wild curls.

Celio had his own ideas by pushing his friend harder until Flavio felt himself being pressed against the kitchen table. To avoid losing his balance, he had to hold on to the edge of the table, sweeping off a whole bunch of bottles and paper cups while doing so.
Once his two feet were steady on the ground again, he managed to grab Celio’s head and actually push him off. He didn’t let go as they locked eyes for just a little too long leading Flavio to instinctively pull his friend into a deep kiss that tasted like salt and alcohol.

Even more bottles came falling from the table as Flavio was pushed harder against it, running his hands all over Celio’s body, starting with his cheeks and stopping right above his hips.

“Flavio” Celio suddenly whispered, breaking the kiss, but his face so close that their lips were still grazing. “Flavio…” He repeated, a little louder this time. “There’s a bedroom upstairs…”
Flavio frowned as the movements of Celio’s lips and his words began to mismatch. In fact, the voice wasn’t even coming from his mouth anymore, was it? Then he felt himself being shaken.

“Wake up”
Flavio opened his eyes. His head was lying on his arms that were resting crossed on the kitchen table he was sitting at. As he lifted it, a lemon piece was sticking to his cheek. Celio kindly removed it. His best friend’s eyes were glazed, his cheeks a little flushed and he seemed to be just as drunk as in Flavio’s dream. The party was over too. “What time is it?” He mumbled, trying to wrap his head around his dream, because he didn’t quite remember what it was about. He had a terrible headache too.
“Too late to go home now…I found an empty bedroom upstairs, though…” Celio turned to leave. “You coming?”
Flavio nodded slowly and his tired gaze got stuck on an empty bottle of Tequila for just a little too long, before he followed his friend.
Liquor dreams...?
You're not supposed to see that yet

But you're sick.
And I love you.


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