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“Are you sure this is the right club?” Chandley hesitated to follow Matt and Hollie. “Is this even a club at all?” He appeared to be the only one actually concerned about the outward appearance of the old factory building that was supposed to be a night club recommended by another student from his English class.

“Well, it is the right address, isn’t it?” Hollie stopped briefly to look at Matt who nodded reassuringly after shooting a quick glance at his phone. His GPS had sent them here. Unless Chandley had been given a wrong address, it ought to be the correct place.
“And, look, I think there are bouncers over there” Hollie exclaimed, pointing at two grim broad shouldered men guarding the wide opened double door. If that wasn’t proof enough, ‘Security’ was written in neon blue letters on their black jackets. Suddenly Chandley doubted the idea of coming here in the first place. He’d never been to a night club before and as far as he was concerned, neither had Hollie. He didn’t know about Matt…but he wouldn’t have come here at all if it hadn’t been for Hollie. If this place turned out to be shit or they didn’t even get in, he would be the one to blame. At least that’s what he felt like.

As it was usually the case his worries turned out to be in vain. The bouncers waved them through, even greeting them with a welcoming smile. They looked only half as intimidating when they did.

They paid the entrance fee, got a welcome shot in return and handed their jackets in at the cloakroom. Unfortunately, not being frequent club goers Chandley and Hollie had made the common mistake of having come before midnight, so they wouldn’t have to stand in line for too long. It had worked in that sense as there actually hadn’t been a line in front of the club…but there was equally nobody inside either. At least that way they could appreciate the uncommon location of the club. It was quite fascinating, to be honest. Not a lot had been changed in the old factory building in order to make it look a little more comfortable or homely. Blank walls had been set up in such a confusing way that the whole club seemed like some kind of twisted labyrinth. They didn’t nearly reach high enough to touch the high ceiling, so there still was this constant feeling of openness. Black couches were providing comfy seats around every corner and Chandley was already blushing, imagining the kind of people that would occupy those seats later into the night…and what they might do on there. The unisex toilets struck him as unusual, but it didn’t matter all that much to him, so he just went with it. To be honest, there weren’t exactly a lot of girls here yet anyway.

Music was already playing, but the DJ didn’t have a lot of motivation to get anyone to dance, because there weren’t even enough guests here yet. Therefore, the music was rather bad, probably the DJs personal favourites that no one else ever liked. There was really not a lot to do here yet, after they had checked out the location before everything would be too crowded to move in here. So Matt decided that this called for a drink and bought a round for his two friends.

Chandley had planned to take it easy with the alcohol. While he was still working on his first drink, Matt was already three beers ahead of him. He felt guilty for maybe having chosen a really boring club or simply coming here way too early…either way it was apparently driving Matt to drink.

Occasionally the DJ would play a decent song that allowed Chandley and Hollie to occupy the dance floor, often being the only guests brave enough to actually do so. They didn’t care, because that’s what they came here for after all.

Then, the first clue caught Chandley’s eyes. To be fair, the fact that there were significantly more guests scattered around the club since they had arrived here, but all of them were still men, should’ve been some what of a giveaway. Occasionally seeing dudes wearing net shirts or other brightly neon coloured clothes was only adding to the obvious observation Chandley was about to make soon.

Matt and Hollie had probably long gotten the call before Chandley did. Because he nearly choked on his drink as he spotted the flyers for upcoming gay parties in this exact club scattered around on the tables between the couches. His mind didn’t have to do a hard job putting all the pieces together. It was only a matter of less than a second until he was back at Hollie’s and Matt’s side, having a horrified look around, because suddenly everything was making a whole lot more sense. By now it had gotten so crowded that you could barely move without accidentally bumping into someone else. There were few girls clinging to their friend’s arms, but clearly either giggling away with other gay guys or clearly not interested in guys at all, eyes searching for other girls that might play for the same team.

The music was loud and heavy pressing on Chandley’s ears. The deep bass was getting a hold of his heart, controlling its beat until a sickening feeling spread across Chandley’s stomach. He knew it wasn’t the alcohol…but it didn’t seem like drinking the feeling away would do much good either.

“This is a gay club!” He yelled at Matt. But Matt was so high up and Chandley felt smaller than ever. He had to repeat his rather oblivious statement until Matt finally understood and nodded, taking a long sip from his beer. His expression didn’t change and now it was even harder to read with the dim colourful light illuminating only some features of it, but either way, Matt didn’t seem pleased with the situation. Neither was Chandley. So he began to panic. The drops of sweat wetting his forehead could have also been the result of a very sticky and damp atmosphere, though. Who knew for sure?

“I am so sorry, I didn’t know” Oh now. He was beginning to ramble. This was no good at all. “I wouldn’t have taken you here, if I had known. We can leave any time if you want to. I guess they were just messing with me when they recommended me this place” He swallowed dryly. They would always be messing with him. No matter where he went, no matter how old he got. Some things would never change.

He was silenced abruptly as he felt Matt bending forwards towards him. The taller werewolf was still frowning. “What did you say?!”
Chandley felt a little smaller but at the same time he was glad that Matt hadn’t heard him rambling. If he really wanted to leave, he was free to go after all. “I was just asking if I can get you a beer or something. To make up for this…well…” He looked around, frowning. “…mess”

Matt was about to wave it off, but Chandley had basically already turned on his heels to leave for the bar. He hadn’t even finished his current beer and Chandley was well aware of that. But he was also determined to get Matt a little drunker. This would make things a lot easier for both of them. Or maybe worse. But this was a risk he was willing to take.
Naturally, the bar counter was incredibly crowded and unfortunately Chandley wasn’t the type to push people away just to get the next to turn. People kept talking over him and he was convinced that it was going to take him at least another hour to get two drinks.
Then he felt someone grabbing his ass. There was no mistaking. This hadn’t been an awkward accidental brushing of hand against butt. This had been someone’s full intention. He cringed for the first time as he felt the touch and for a second time at the mere thought of it.

Not even a whole second later, some guy popped up right beside him at the counter, grinning at him until Chandley gave in and returned an awkward smile.
“Hey” The guy said. He was handsome. Chandley had to admit that. Credit where credit was due. He was also rather tall, smooth very tanned skin, black hair and a 9 o’clock shadow. A pair of big black glasses was resting on his nose and his cheeky smile was somehow contagious. “I like the accent” He continued and Chandley couldn’t help but wonder where on Earth he had heard him speak. Maybe he had heard his failed attempts of ordering drinks over the crowd.

“Thanks” Chandley felt visibly uneasy. He kind of liked the attention. But he kind of also wanted to get back to Matt already. What he fool he was. He could easily spend the night having his very first flirt ever, but instead he chose to be with a crush that was never going to be returned. Not yet, though.

Chandley nodded. He wasn’t really sure where to look. It felt awkward to stare, even though this stranger was handsome, but looking away might make him seem not interested. And he didn’t want to do that either. “Been living here for a couple of months now”
The guy managed to get a bar keeper’s attention. “Make that three” he was shouting and now Chandley was sure that he must’ve heard Chandley’s order before.
“I’m Bryan. Nice to meet you” He offered his hand and Chandley took it, smiling.
“I’m Chandley. Nice to meet you too”

“So, that third drink, huh? Is this for your boyfriend or what?”
Clearly, Chandley wasn’t used to annoyingly common flirting techniques. He was just happy somehow was talking to him at all. So he shook his hand quickly. “Oh no! No boyfriend. Just a boy. Just a friend”

“Very good. Would be a shame, because I think you’re really cute. So, tell me about Texas”
Chandley felt the heat rushing into his cheeks. “Thanks, I guess” He chuckled. “Oh, well. It’s big…and less crowded. I grew up on a farm, so there was not much else around”
“A farm, really?”

Just now, the drinks arrived and Bryan handed to of them over to Chandley. “Here, for you and your friend. Anyway…a farm, huh? I bet you can teach me how to ride then”
For a brief second Chandley actually believed that Bryan was talking about riding a horse. But when it dawned on him that he had something very different in mind, he was blushing furiously and somewhat hesitant to answer at all. This was going way to fast. Next thing, he was inviting him to follow him into a toilet stall.

“Uhm…thanks for the drinks…” He bit his bottom lip. “I should carry these over to my friend” He added quickly and just like that he dived back into the crowd, hoping that Bryan wouldn’t follow. Although he did feel a little guilty for just taking off with the drinks.

He found Matt easily, due to his height and all. Obviously, he didn’t tell him about the encounter or that he hadn’t actually paid for the drinks himself.
“You really didn’t have to do this” Matt insisted, but took the drink anyway.
“Oh no, it was nothing, really. Cheers” Chandley took a quick sip, in hopes that he wouldn’t have to answer to any more questions. In the end, he was the one keeping up the conversation anyway. “This might make it easier to survive the night”

His heart did a little jump as he actually caught Matt smiling. “Cheers” He replied.
Right then he knew that this was one of those moments – as trivial as it might seem – that he would remember forever. Just a second, just the blink of an eye, but for this brief moment he felt so perfectly content with himself and this world that its length hardly mattered at all.

Of course, this moment couldn’t last forever. It might have lasted a little longer than it did if it hadn’t been for Bryan, though, who suddenly popped up again, this time lightly wrapping an arm around Chandley’s waist.

The blonde boy was startled by the sudden touch, but too polite to actually push him off. “This is your friend?” He nodded at Matt whose face wouldn’t give away any sign of emotion. For some reason Chandley wanted him to be jealous, but he seemed pretty much indifferent. Matt just nodded back and Chandley thought he could see a little flicker of emotion, maybe a frown or a little pout. But it was probably wishful thinking.

“He’s straight, isn’t he?” This questions frustrated more than it should. How did people just know these things? Why was his own radar not working? If this hadn’t been a gay club, he wouldn’t even have assumed Bryan to be gay. Not even after he had clearly made a move at him.
“Good guess” Matt took a sip from his drink and continued watching Chandley and Bryan.
“Pink would suit you, though.” He winked at Matt. “However…” Bryan turned back to Chandley, his arm was still resting around the boy’s waist. “…I was wondering whether you wanna come dance with me”

Chandley began biting his lip while frantically looking back and forth between Matt and Bryan. He was about to decline that kind offer when he saw Matt nodding reassuringly at him. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. What did he have to lose? Matt was going to still be around tomorrow. Bryan mightn’t. He should take the chance. As much as he dreaded leaving Matt standing here alone. But Bryan had been right. He was straight. It wasn’t like anyone would come snatching Matt away from him.

“Alright” He finally agreed. Happily, Bryan took his hand and led him away from Matt and onto the dance floor. Chandley took one single look back, before he followed willingly. He was already plenty nervous. He wasn’t usually a dancer, but maybe this could be fun anyway.

Luckily, Matt was not going to be alone for long. Hollie made a reappearance, arms linked with a stranger, wearing a neon green fishnet tank top. She was holding a drink and handed it over to Matt who just accepted it willingly. He might as well go for it tonight. He could already feel his first few drinks burning in his veins.

“Matt? This is Ricky. Ricky? This is Matt” She introduced the two of them, even though Matt didn’t seem eager to learn anything about this stranger. “Where’s Chandley?” Hollie asked, slightly disappointed.
“Oh, he’s over there” Matt pointed at the dance floor and a wide grin spread across Hollie’s face.
“Did someone…?”
Matt nodded slowly. “…oh” She giggled. “Sorry, Ricky, I guess my cousin is already busy with someone else. You see, he’s really cute, isn’t he Matt?”
Matt gave a shrug that was not convincing at all.
Hollie punched him into the sight. “Isn’t he, Matt?” She repeated.
Matt took a long sip from his drink. He was too sober for this. “Yes, Chandley is pretty cute”

Hollie was visibly proud. “You see, I promised Ricky to introduce him to Chandley. It’s also his birthday today and I am invited, because he thought my outfit was cute. He also thinks – and I have to agree on this – that you are way to handsome to spend your time alone at the bar. So you’re invited too”

“I have to say, I really don’t agree on that” Matt tried to object, but Ricky suddenly interrupted him, throwing his hands up. “Free shots!” He announced and Hollie copied him immediately as if he was suddenly her very best friend, even though she had just met him. Of course, no one could ever take Matt’s place as her actual friends.
“Free shots!” She repeated. And this was only the beginning of a lot more free shots that were about to come.

Meanwhile, Chandley and Bryan were getting busy on the dance floor. Bryan turned out to be pretty hands-on, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to Chandley at all. It did anyway. After they had awkwardly been dancing next to each other for one whole song, Bryan quickly pulled Chandley closer by grabbing his wrists and put Chandley’s arms around his waist while his own hands were running down Chandley’s back, sliding into his back pockets and playfully grabbing his bum.

Chandley cringed once again, but at the same time he could hardly resist the hot sensation rising in his body – especially in one area in particular – as Bryan was grinding against him to the rhythm of the music. Chandley tried his best to keep up without making a complete fool of himself, but the fact that Bryan continuously smiled back at him, occasionally threw random compliments at him or touching him in otherwise inappropriate places made it pretty clear that he was enjoying himself and Chandley’s company anyway. And, to be honest, Chandley was beginning to enjoy his company as well.

This was going on for a couple of songs. They would exchange a few words or change positions, trying out different dancing styles, always laughing inbetween. In short, they were having a great time and already now, Chandley was contemplating asking Bryan for his number later. It would be a number worth saving.

As the song changed again, Bryan made sure to slowly lead Chandley towards the edge of the dance floor until he felt his back against the wall. He hardly noticed, though, he was too caught up in this sweaty, messy sort of dance that kept up the constant heat inside of him. Just the mere thought of what all of this could lead to turned his cheeks bright red. Blonde hair was sticking to his wet forehead, as Bryan suddenly stopped moving to the beat. Taken a back, Chandley automatically stopped too. Forcefully, Bryan grabbed his waist and pulled him even closer, at the same time leaning in for a kiss.
Chandley was far too surprised and scared to react properly. His first instinct wasn’t to give in, but to turn away, accidentally offering Bryan his neck instead. Bryan didn’t take this as an offense, but rather as an invitation to suck Chandley’s neck.

It did feel rather good and Chandley fought hard not to close his eyes and enjoy it. He could hardly concentrate on anything. Suddenly, the music was far too loud, the lights were way too bright and his pants happened to be uncomfortably tight. This was all he wanted, all he could have hoped for tonight, but at the same time it felt so…wrong.

He tried to close his eyes, but felt that he couldn’t. As he opened them up again, the lights were once again blinding him. As everything slowly came back into focus, he had a pretty good overview of the dance floor, peeking over Bryan’s shoulder. What he saw, left him confused, though.

There was Hollie, dancing with a bunch of guys dressed in neon clothes. But there was also someone else. Someone much taller, his movements a little stiffer and less coordinated than everyone else’s. Matt wasn’t dancing that far away from them. How did he have to be? Did Hollie get him that drunk? How long had Chandley been gone?

Suddenly, his wondering and confused eyes met Matt’s, who briefly stopped dancing. He frowned, visibly unhappy catching Chandley in compromising situation – Bryan was getting pretty into it by now, but suddenly he didn’t feel anything at all.

Matt came closer and Chandley began to panic. What was he going to do? Why didn’t he mind his own business? He usually did. And why did he even feel guilty for dancing with Bryan? Matt surely didn’t mind. He shouldn’t…right?

Bryan felt someone patting his shoulder and turned around immediately. He wasn’t much shorter than Matt and recognized him immediately. However, Matt chose to ignore him, holding his hand out to Chandley. “You’re coming to dance with us?” His eyes were glazed, his words came out with a slur. He was beyond wasted.

Matt didn’t waste any more time, suddenly grabbing Chandley by both hands and simply pulling him away from Bryan. “Of course you are!” He answered his own questions. Chandley nearly stumbled over his own feet, Matt was pulling him with this much enthusiasm.

“Wait” Bryan tried to grab for Chandley’s arm and the blonde boy felt helpless standing between those two tall men. He was still not able to comprehend what exactly was going on here. “I thought he was straight”

Matt was getting angry. It was clearly written across his face once he was facing Bryan again. He lifted his finger, pointing it directly at Bryan’s chest. He was struggling to even stand straight as he said “Not when I’m drunk” If it wasn’t for the slur this would’ve come out like the most important fact about Matt’s very nature.

“You heard him!” Chandley shouted back over his shoulder before he willingly let Matt drag him back to Hollie and the others where he was greeted enthusiastically before they all started dancing again.

Chandley had changed his mind. This was it. This was the moment he would never forget. A moment of pure joy, laughing and dancing and not regretting having left Bryan standing there for even a single second. A moment of dizziness and sticky sweat. A moment of blinding lights and deafening music. A moment to remember.
Let me take you to a gay bar~
Bet ya'll thought this was going to be the final chapter (not really, because I said it wasn't going to be). But still.
It's not. For reasons. Shhh.
How dare you presume you wouldn't get anything for your birthday?
How dare you presume that you don't mean the world to me?
How dare you presume that I won't go out of my way to write a whole fanfiction trilogy for you if I could think of that much plot?
You silly thing, you.
You silly, adorable, smart, funny, uuuhmazing human being, you.
(I still want to slap you tho. Like, really hard)

Either way.
Happy Birthday (You're going to hear/read this a couple of more times from me today, I suppose) :iconkakusho:
I adore you an awfully lot and I hope that you are having the bestest of days today and the bestest of years next year only to then have an even better next year and even better the year after that, because you are amazing and you deserve all the good things happening to you at all times and I am willingly here to help you throw as many good things at you as I can. Starting with this thing here.
I hope I can make you smile.
I love you.
I really do.
The DJ announced that this was going to be the last song of the night. While the current song was slowly fading out, he proceeded by explaining his song choice…the memories he and other whole generations of teenagers connected with it and how the students that had nearly made it to the end of the night – as far as the party in the gym hall went – should really make it count. Of course, this wasn’t going to be the end of it all. Already now groups had been forming that were determined to keep the night going at some other place. Some would prefer somewhere private…a small get together at someone’s house whose parents weren’t home. Others would want to try and sneak their way into a night club. People had already been drinking in the parking lot behind the school. The trunks of their cars were filled with cans of beer and cap ‘n coke. Enough fuel to make this night last forever. Or at least make it seem as though.  

Chandley never got a chance to dance after they had deliberately missed the opening dance. Sure, they had decided in unison that it just wasn’t their thing. But watching the couples slowly swaying to the music in the dim light, Chandley couldn’t help but long for just one chance to be in the same place as the boy who shyly let his hands run down the girl’s body or the girl who let it happen, softly resting her chin on his shoulder or her forehead against his. It was a very innocent kind of intimacy, yet so much more important than anything that might or mightn’t follow after. Later, once they got home…or into the bathroom stall. A lot of them didn’t care anymore, really. But even these innocent gestures of affection, skin grazing skin, briefly, electrifying, were a foreign concept to Chandley. That one moment of his fingers intertwined with Matt’s aside, he’d never actually experienced any of these things before. And he also still didn’t know what to make out of it. How much he could read into Matt not having pulled back when he probably should have. If it meant anything at all. Probably not. But he just couldn’t get his mind to focus on anything else. Alcohol would’ve helped a great deal with that, but with the costume party disaster in mind, he really didn’t want his first prom to end the same way. As a conclusion he had staid away from the bittersweet temptation of the fast and easy relief that intoxication would’ve brought to him for most of the night. He was standing pretty much alone with it, though. But at least he was standing. Some people weren’t. Aching feet and wobbly knees had tied them back to their seats.

Matt, however, had had quite a few drops. And so did Hollie. Not too much, really. Matt was just a tad more open and talkative whereas Hollie was super flirty and giggly. It had been enough to infect Chandley and it turned out that he didn’t need any alcohol to dance with Hollie or stand close enough to Matt that their arms would sometimes ‘accidentally’ brush.

Now Chandley could watch Hollie dragging Lou on the dance floor for the last song. He found himself looking for Matt somewhere in the dark corners that weren’t covered by the colourful lighting. He wasn’t there and Chandley closed his eyes, trying hard not to be disappointed. Who said it was impossible for him to enjoy the last song just sitting here all by himself? He had enjoyed everything else about this night so far. Of course, he hadn’t been alone for most of the time. And he wasn’t going to be alone for long now either.

“You alright?” Chandley was startled by the voice and his heartbeat wouldn’t settle down once he had recognized that it had been Matt, now sitting down right beside him. Close enough to touch.

Chandley smiled. It was a careful, but honest smile. You could see that he had put a lot of thought into this one simple gesture. He had a tendency to do that. Putting too much thought into trivial things. “It’s all good…I had a great time” He hesitated. Not long enough for Matt to notice. “Thank you for taking me here” He didn’t feel like he had chosen the right words to express his gratitude. The right words. Did they even exist? A simple thank you seemed too little. Anything else would’ve been over the top. It was just a prom, for God’s sake. But from what Chandley’s experience had taught him, Matt had risked his reputation by pretending to be his date. Not really pretending. It wasn’t like they had told anyone else about it. But they had come here together, they had spent most of the time together, Matt had fetched drinks for Chandley and on their way into the hall…they had been holding hands. Those were some pretty damn justified rumours that would spread like wildfire all across the school. He wasn’t just thankful for being here. He was thankful for Matt taking all of that in without a comment. But then again…he wanted Matt to say something. Tell him that he should back off. That he was ruining everything. That he didn’t want to be seen with someone like him. That all this time he’d just been polite for Hollie’s sake. That he’d finally had enough. Anything that would’ve let Chandley know where he stood.

He was doing it again. Thinking too much. “I’m sorry I almost got you to dance that waltz” He said quickly, brushing all his thoughts off with one short laughter.
“Don’t worry about it” Matt laughed, but got oddly serious again. “I thought you couldn’t waltz anyway”
Chandley shrugged. It wasn’t a careless shrug. He just didn’t know what else to do. “Well, I can’t”

“Did you want to dance?” It was a genuine question and Chandley was kind of taken aback by it. He was supposed to answer honestly to an honest question, wasn’t he? Matt wouldn’t let him, though. “I mean, I was just worried about your feet, really” They both laughed.

“It would’ve been nice, I guess” Chandley suddenly found himself admitting. Now that he had said it out loud, he couldn’t imagine why he’d ever been afraid of saying it. Just as he had worried too much about all that coming out stuff when it had turned out to be so easy in the end. “But you’re right, it would’ve been stupid and possibly dangerous for us and everyone else around us” The image of all the students falling on top of each other like dominoes immediately crossed his mind and made him giggle.

Once again his eyes were scanning the dance floor. A tad too long, because this time Matt actually noticed the longing stare. Even when Chandley wasn’t fully aware of it himself.
“Slow dancing isn’t that hard, I suppose”
“I guess…but I wouldn’t know”

Silence. Then, finally, the DJ had finished laying down what felt like his whole life in front of them and the song they’d all been waiting for started. It was some sort of soft rock. Chandley assumed it to be from the 90s. Not your typical slow dance song. But somehow it worked.

“He made a pretty big deal out of this last song…I guess my expectations were too high” Chandley concluded his own thoughts out loud.
“It’s the last song?” Matt repeated, because even after the DJ’s detailed speech, this was apparently news to him.
Chandley nodded, remembered that it was probably too dark for Matt to see and answered with a simple “Yes”

Sober Matt never ever would’ve done what he was about to do now. Tipsy Matt might have considered it only to drop it once he would have remembered that he was about to make a fool out of himself. But drunken Matt…oh, drunken Matt blindly sang Karaoke with Alec on stage in front of half of the football team. Drunken Matt was capable of a lot of unexpected things when the right buttons were pushed. Only that Chandley wasn’t aware of having pushed any buttons. Now, drunken Matt was crazy enough to rise from his seat and kind of wait for Chandley to do the same.

“Are we leaving?” Chandley asked, completely unaware of Matt’s actual intention.
Matt shook his head in return, but he didn’t clarify his answer any further, so Chandley didn’t know what else to do but to follow. He froze as he watched Matt heading to the dance floor. He wanted to object. He wanted it so badly, but part of him also wanted to let it happen, in order to maybe then be able to make more sense out of everything. Although he knew in the back of his head that it was just going to get more confusing.
He could barely bring himself to get on the dance floor and briefly closed his eyes as he felt Matt immediately reaching out for him. This was different from accidental brushing of skin. This was a well intended discovery of skin by using soft hands to run over each others bodies. The hands stopped at Chandley’s hips and drew him closer. Sudden and forceful.

It was everything he should have dreamt of, but hadn’t dared to do so. In fear that it would never ever come true. And what use was a dream with not even the slightest hope of ever coming close to being achieved in any way? Yet, he somehow found the nerves to place his hands on Matt’s chest, resting there because he was surprised at how soft and warm it felt, debating to leave them there, feeling Matt’s heartbeat right underneath his palms…it was racing just as fast as his own. But instead he used them to push Matt away. Far enough to properly look up into his eyes.

“Matt…” He said loud enough to drown out the music for a second. Matt didn’t understand. He didn’t have to, because Chandley explained. “This is stupid” He clearly lacked the words to express his frustration about his own feelings. “You don’t have to do any of this. I don’t want to drag you down with me. People are going to see and they are going to talk. They always do and I don’t want you to suffer from it” Like Landon did, he thought, but never got a chance to say it out loud, because now Matt let go of his hips and held him firmly by the shoulders.

“Chandley” He interrupted. Now it was his time to be frustrated and he was so much better at expressing it. Even just looking at him, towering over Chandley with broad shoulders and wrinkles between his eyes Chandley felt himself getting smaller and smaller. “This is not about what everyone else could be thinking” He sighed in exasperation. “Frankly…I don’t give a shit if they think that I am gay or if they think I’m a serial killer. Not that I would put those two things on the same level"

Chandley couldn’t help but chuckle at this unnecessary clarification. If only for a second. He didn’t ask what in the world the problem was then. Though, the way his head was slightly tilting upwards, his eyes looking to meet Matt’s, his question didn’t need to be expressed with words.

But Matt wouldn’t say that the real problem was the fact that ever since New Year’s Eve Chandley had constantly been part of his every day thoughts. That he had always considered himself to be 100% straight until one day he had woken up only to find that he just couldn’t stop thinking about Chandley. He had managed to push him far away back into the depth of his sub consciousness for a while now, but he hadn’t been able to get rid of him entirely. He was always just kind of…there. In short, it was driving him mad. But he said none of that, because words would not have been enough to express his utter and complete despair about those uncontrollable feelings his body and sub consciousness were forcing on him. He couldn’t help it and took Chandley clearly by surprise as he cupped the blonde boy’s face and leaned forward until their lips met. Just like that. In front of everyone else on the dance floor.

Chandley, who was flinching as Matt’s hands came near his face, felt the burning sensation of Matt’s stubble around his mouth first and his soft lips starting to move carefully, longingly waiting for Chandley to react second. And, of course, he did. As soon as the first shock had worn off and his mind had convinced him that even if this was just a dream, he had a duty to his body to give in completely, regardless of the possible consequences.

His hands found support on Matt’s shoulders as he got on his tiptoes to enjoy the whole depth of the kiss to the fullest before he woke up and all of this would most likely be over. But not yet. Definitely not yet. He felt Matt’s hands slipping down his neck, his shoulders, his arms, his waist, his hips…slow enough to imprint every frame of his touch on Chandley’s body to remember for eternity. Here, they finally came to a rest. Unlike their kiss that was far from slowing down, let alone coming to an end. They started swaying to the rhythm of their kiss, smoothly joining the other couples while dancing to their own music of clashing lips and short gasps of hot breath in between.

Slow dancing was easier than waltzing, because you could make up your own steps as you went along. The right partner would hear the same music and know those exact same secret steps and adjust his own to match yours, so that nobody watching from the outside would have ever guessed that none of these movements had been planned out or arranged beforehand. They had never been written down, but merely existed in their heads. And they just fit.

If Chandley had been able to actually listen to the lyrics of the infamous last song that was still playing on, he would’ve finally understood why it worked so well among the swaying couples despite its style and rhythm being rather unusual for a slow dance.

I know who I want to take me home
I know who I want to take me home
I know who I want to take me home
Take me home

Closing time
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…
“My dear students, I ask all of you to pause your current conversations for this annual event as a crucial part of every prom night all over the country. I am most excited to tell you that it is now time to announce this year’s prom king and queen”

The music had been cut off and everyone had known immediately what it meant. The last conversations had soon died out in anticipation even before the principal had entered the stage. To some students this was the one moment all those years in High School had led to. Of course, there were actually much more important things. But right now, with all the lights directed at the stage and the two crowns that were carefully placed on two red pillows held by two junior girls, even Chandley could feel the anticipation rising…even though being a freshman was only one of the many reasons for why he would never get a chance to wear either of those crowns. Not tonight. Not ever. Matt was still unimpressed, though. Hollie and Lou were as curious about the spectacular outcome as everyone else, their eyes fixed on the stage where the principal was opening up the envelope that had been given to him just a second ago.

“As always – Ladie’s first -, we’re going to start with our gorgeous queen” He formally announced before even having read the names on the paper. He should have, though. Because now he paused, visibly irritated by what his eyes had just seen. He shot a quick glance at the young teacher behind the stage who had given him the envelope. Questions were now rising among the crowd. Students were looking at each other, mumbling and not understanding what was going on. The young teacher who had obviously helped count the votes nodded eagerly, then shrugged.

The principal cleared his throat. “I’m sorry for that disturbance…there appears to be no prom queen this year.” There was a short uproar among the crowd. “All of you have given their votes as to who you’d like to see as the perfect couple representing our school and the majority voted Henry James Sullivan as well as Alec Diego Van Allen to take up their posts as this year’s prom kings”

There was a shattering silence while the spotlight was searching for the two boys in the crowd. Someone was clearing their throat somewhere in the back. Then the laughter began. There was no reason for this to actually be a surprise to anyone at this school. There must’ve been enough people that had voted for those two. Apparently, most of them had meant to be joking with no intention of actually having an influence on the final results. Now they were laughing about their own success and also at the expense of their co-students. It was funny, because it was true. There was no more perfectly fit couple in this school than Henry and Alec.

As the spotlights had finally found Alec somewhere in the back of the crowd, he was still speechless. People around him had already started staring at the two boys, urging them verbally as well as nonverbally to get up there and receive their crowns.
“There’s no way I’m getting up there” Alec hissed. Henry, however, had joined everyone’s laughter with glee.

“What’s the sudden fuss about? I thought you wanted to become prom king?” He could barely pull himself together for long enough to actually speak in full sentences.
Alec didn’t feel the need to provide an actual answer. Henry knew damn well what the ‘fuss’ was about.
“Come on, Ally” Henry chanted, now putting both hands on his friend’s shoulders to lead him towards the stage that was still patiently waiting for the two kings to take their place. “I’m even going to wear the queen’s crown, so you don’t have to. It’s prettier anyway”
“Stop” Alec barked and harshly freed himself from Henry’s grip.

Now that the laughter had died down for the most part, everyone was just waiting. The principal was visibly unsure as to whether he should keep on asking the two boys to come to the stage until they eventually would or whether he should blow the whole thing off altogether. Finally something was moving as Henry stepped out of the crowd overly graceful and elegant. He was a queen now after all. He shot a quick look back at Alec. “Whatever. You’re a diva”

Maybe it was the smug smirk on his best friend’s face. Maybe it was his sassy hair flip or the way he had said the word. Diva. During the course of their friendship he had heard Henry refer to him as a lot of different things. Idiot, asshole, block of ice, buzzkill…were only few examples of playful insults they threw back and forth at each other on a regular basis. Diva, however, was new. He hadn’t heard that one before. And he wouldn’t just let it pass. So maybe that was the final reason leading him to change his mind and follow Henry up onto the stage. Henry didn’t actually notice that until they were already standing next to each other, both equally blinded by the spotlight that had finally found them.

Alec accepted the crown without further comment. It wasn’t necessary. His expression said it all. Henry was much more excited about the sparkling plastic crown now decorating his head and insisted on giving an acceptance speech. He thanked all kinds of people that might or might not actually exist in his life while pretending to be constantly on the verge of shedding happy tears and having to give everything to keep himself together. He concluded by wishing for world piece, fake tears in his eyes. He handed the microphone over to Alec in order to receive his obligatory flowers, but Alec looked like he was about to beat someone to death with the microphone, so it was quickly taken away from him.
Henry was leaning over to kiss Alec on the cheek, but since his friend was fast enough to step out of the way and lightly push Henry away, Henry mouthed, directed at the other students. “He is just shy”

The principal wasn’t quite sure how to proceed and there was another moment of awkward silence before he lifted the microphone towards his lips to go on as usual. “Along with the honour of representing our school for the next year and the complimentary flowers, I will also present you this year’s prize that will be given to you after this night. You two will…well…” He paused to clear his throat, briefly pondering whether he should just keep going like normal. “…you two will enjoy a romantic surprise date together…at our school’s expenses”

While the audience was clapping, Alec shot Henry a warning glance. “We’re not going” He mouthed, but Henry simply pretended to not understand. He linked arms with Alec. “What do you mean, you don’t want to go on a romantic date with me? I am insulted”
“Sure you are” Alec groaned, quietly accepting that Henry’s and his arms were still linked as they both retreated from the stage. He would need a good bit of alcohol to be able to join his friends without feeling the embarrassment boiling up inside of him.
It’s not an actual date. Chandley had to keep reminding himself. Now the evening was getting closer. The fact that Hollie was going to be picked up by Lou separately while Matt would come and pick Chandley up a little later didn’t make things any less complicated.

If it wasn’t an actual date then why did it feel like one? The sole purpose of this ridiculous idea was to get Chandley to attend prom alongside his friends. Of course, it had been Hollie’s plan. But she got Matt to play along after only little resistance. So maybe it wasn’t as ridiculous as Chandley made it out to be.

Hollie’s parents had been super excited about them both already going to prom after their freshmen year. Chandley had eventually come out to them as well and they had never even questioned the fact that out of all people it was Matt taking him to prom. If anything, they had been happy for him the same way they had been happy for Hollie and her date.

Right now Chandley was critically eyeing himself in the mirror. He felt like there was not much you could do as a boy to set yourself apart from everyone else at a formal event like this. Unless you went completely crazy…and that wasn’t the way he usually approached things. Eventually he had chosen a black slim fit suit and a black shirt underneath. Since black wasn’t exactly ‘his’ colour, he had added a white tie as some sort of contrast. There were two small flower arrangements, consisting of mainly a white rose and few green grass stalks lying on his desk. He grabbed one and attached it to the breast pocket of his suit. The other one he left for Matt. Hollie had gotten the two flowers. She had also been the one to suggest that Chandley’s and Matt’s outfit should match. They were going together after all. Even though it wasn’t a date. Chandley was painfully aware of that.

He heard the doorbell ringing from downstairs and assumed that it was Lou. He was right on time. Hollie wasn’t ready yet, of course. But the boy was supposed to wait for the girl to come downstairs. Anyone who had ever watched a good old fashioned High School chick flick knew that. Because that way the boys could fully appreciate the girl’s beauty in a state of breathtaking awe. To be honest, Chandley didn’t want to miss that moment for the world either. And neither did her parents. So it happened that all four of them were waiting at the front door, casually keeping up the small talk. Hollie’s parents thought Lou was quite charming and Chandley didn’t remember much of the trivial conversation either, because his mind was preoccupied with other thoughts. He wouldn’t let Matt wait. That was for sure. He didn’t have to, anyway. He was ready to go. And he wasn’t a girl either. And this wasn’t a date.

Suddenly everyone fell silent. Quiet steps from upstairs had interrupted their conversations and now all eyes were directed to the top of the stairs, anticipating. The suspense was undeniable. And there she was, swirling around the corner. Her hair was tied up on one side and loosely falling in light curls down her shoulder on the other side. Her dress was simple and green. It was a nice contrast to her hair. In fact, the colour made her hair seem even more redish.

There was not a single doubt in this room that Hollie was going to be the most gorgeous young woman in the gym hall tonight. Any guy who would get a chance to dance with her tonight, maybe even lightly brush his hand against hers could consider himself lucky. Lou knew that. Chandley could see it in his eyes. He felt a sense of pride rising inside of him. That girl right there. She was his cousin, his family. The girl he had sometimes seen over the summer. The girl that used to play hide and seek on the farm with him all day. He hadn’t seen her for a couple of years and now she had turned into this gorgeous young woman.

She greeted Lou with a light hug. Her father couldn’t resist drawing his little girl into a tight hug as well. He was smiling, but there was something about his eyes that gave away that he would prefer to cry right now. It wouldn’t have been appropriate, though. Hollie wasn’t actually graduating yet. That would’ve been a good reason to cry about the time having rushed by so fast. He turned to Lou after that, quietly talking to him. He was better telling him that he should not ever mess with his daughter if he valued his own life. But he probably didn’t. Chandley didn’t hear it anyway because Hollie had turned to him next with a sweet smile. “You look so handsome”
He chuckled. “Said the prettiest girl in the room”

“Shush” She punched him gently, giggling. The punch turned into her drawing him into a warm hug. She continued patting his shoulder after she had released him. “I’ll see you later”
Lou shook everybody’s hand politely before he held the door open for Hollie and just like that, they were gone.

After absentmindedly listening to his uncle’s and aunt’s opinions about Lou for a little while, Chandley noticed that he had forgotten Matt’s flower arrangement upstairs. There was hopefully still a little time until his older friend would arrive, so he naturally decided to quickly go and get it. He was so eager to grab the flower that he nearly took down a bunch of pens and notepads along with it. Before leaving he took a good look around the room to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything else, but one look down and he realized that he was still missing his shoes. Just as he bent over to put them on, he heard the doorbell ring.

For some ridiculous reason he didn’t want Hollie’s parents to open the door. He didn’t want them to talk to Matt even though they had known him for so much longer than Chandley had. But what if they asked about this date? What if they actually believed that he and Matt were going out together? Sure, they ought to know Matt better than that. Yet, he had never actually told them that Matt only took him to prom, because it seemed to be the easiest way for Chandley to be able to go at all. Of course, they had never asked explicitly…but he should have told them anyway. Now he felt like he had been lying to them. And he just didn’t want Matt to find out. It was too embarrassing.

Which is why he wasted no more time to get to the stairs. He hadn’t finished putting on both of his shoes yet and nearly stumbled over his own legs while trying to hop on one leg through the hallway and simultaneously putting on his second shoe. Lord knows how, but he managed it eventually.

“I’m going! It’s probably Matt” He yelled, completely out of breath while taking two steps at a time down the stairs. He nearly banged full frontal against the door, going so fast that it was almost impossible to stop himself. Good thing, the door handle was there to hold on to, before he yanked the door open, cheeks flustered, completely messed up hair and breathing heavily.

“Hey” He paused for a little while, trying to hide the fact that he had just been running. “You look…different” As Matt didn’t come up with an answer straight away, Chandley felt the need to quickly correct himself. “I mean, like, you don’t look different in a bad way. Just not what you normally wear, so it’s different…but still okay. I mean! Still good. You look good. A suit suits you” Chandley was cringing internally at his own words. If he could turn back time this would’ve been a perfect opportunity to do so. Just to open the door again and greet Matt properly.

Matt just laughed. An honest and rough laughter. Then he ruffled Chandley’s hair. The younger boy was so surprised by that sudden gesture that he was quite startled once Matt’s hand approached his head. Funny enough, his hair was magically less messy now than it had been before. “Don’t worry, I get it” Matt assured him, still chuckling occasionally. “But, believe me, if I had a choice, I wouldn’t wear this thing” He tugged his collar.

“I used to have a teacher in middle school…she told us how she used to be super excited for prom…back then when she used to teach in High school…because she got to see even the scruffiest teenager in a suit. It was special to her, because she’d seen all of them grow up. Most of them couldn’t care less for fancy clothes, but once their mothers had forced them into a well fitting suit, they seemed like a completely different person to her” He was still talking a little too fast, stumbling over his own words at time, but he was glad to have found his words again. “I just remembered that…She was kind of right, I guess”

“I think I look grown up enough without it…and it would be more comfortable too”
Chandley couldn’t deny. Then he suddenly remembered the flower. “There’s still something missing, though!” Without hesitation, he signed Matt to hold still as he took out the flower and carefully attached it to Matt’s chest. Their immense height different was perfect for that procedure, because Chandley neither had to reach up, nor did he have to bend forward. “It was Hollie’s idea” He explained, mumbling quietly, because he was concentrating on his task.

“Speaking of which…she is already on her way with Lou. So I guess we should go too”
Matt nodded. He took a quick glance down to check out the accessory Chandley had added. “Thanks for…” He patted the flower lightly. “…that”
“Thanks for taking me…”

Matt waved it off while they were leaving the house together. “Don’t mention it. To be honest, I wasn’t even planning on going to prom at all. I didn’t go last year either. It’s really just an excuse for everyone to get wasted…again” He wrinkled his nose. “And what’s up with all that fuss about prom queens and kings? Who cares?”

Chandley shrugged. “A lot of people do” He’d never even dreamt of becoming prom king, because it had always seemed impossible to achieve for someone like him. But the thought of being celebrated and envied by everyone for just one night only because those same people had voted for you to wear a silly plastic crown was kind of appealing. It made sense that it meant so much to some teenagers.

“I know”
“You know…I would’ve been totally fine with the three of us just staying at home, watching movies” Chandley got into the passenger seat of Matt’s car. “In fact, we can still turn around”

Chandley wasn’t being serious, yet, there was a grave second of silence that could be interpreted as Matt actually considering the idea. But Hollie was already gone and even though she had company of her own, there was no good reason to abandon her now.
“Now I’m already wearing this thing” Matt argued, again shifting uncomfortably in his suit after he had sat down behind the wheel.

You don’t have to wear it. Neither of us has to wear it if we were to go back and huddle up on the couch together. Especially if we were to do that. The thought was crossing Chandley’s mind against his will. He bit his lip, so none of that nonsense would actually slip his mouth, but he was blushing nonetheless.
“Yeah…” He admitted instead and leaned back closing his eyes, feeling the light vibration of the seat against his back as Matt started the engine.

Nobody had ever mentioned anything about dancing. Sure, it was kind of a given fact that a proper prom date also involved dancing at some point sooner or later over the course of the night. But once and for all: This was not a proper date. Chandley had assumed that while other couples were going to dance to some cheesy romantic song, he and Matt could empty the buffet or get some fresh air outside with the cool kids who were probably secretly smoking somewhere behind the school. He had never heard of an opening dance as an essential part of the standard prom procedure at this school. His only comfort was Matt having been just as clueless about this as him.

And now, upon arriving at the gym hall, they found themselves in a line behind the entrance door consisting of all the prom couples, talking and laughing in anticipation for the coming night. They had been given brief instructions as to what was about to happen: Each couple would enter the room, slowly, one after another while festive music was going to be playing in the background. They would then all assemble on the dance floor. The music would change into a slow waltz once every couple had reached their destination. Then everyone would dance for about three minutes. After that they would return to their seats and listen to the principal’s opening speech that would end with the opening of the buffet.

So far so good. But apparently neither Chandley nor Matt knew how to dance a proper waltz. Their helpless glances hadn’t gotten them out of the situation and as the music started playing from inside it was too late to get out now. The crowd started moving and they were somehow dragged along. Chandley felt the sudden urge to apologize for this huge mess that their casual, merely friendly date was about to become. But his lips were involuntarily sealed. He regarded Matt with a glance that was supposed to be brief and shy, but somehow turned into something else…a long admiring look. Matt’s eyes were directed at the crowd in front of them. He was tall enough to have a good overview. If there was still a way out now he would find it and they could escape before embarrassing themselves. But he didn’t. Instead, he was just frowning. If Chandley hadn’t known him any better he would’ve assumed that he was incredibly mad at something. He would’ve shied away from ever talking to him if it hadn’t been for Hollie who had somehow seen past his considerable tall height – Chandley assumed that he had always been taller than most of the other kids – and his rarely open and friendly expression. He didn’t look so grim anymore once you had seen him crack a joke, heard him laugh and knew how fiercely protective he was of his friends and family. But if you didn’t know any of that…if you’ve never even held a conversation with him…you were easily led to believe that he was the kind of character you wouldn’t necessarily want to get to know any better. Because he didn’t always look like he’d want you to.

Chandley nearly bumped into the couple in front of them as the crowd suddenly slowed down for a bit. Without comment Matt held him back by gently laying a hand on his shoulder.
“Sorry” Chandley mumbled, almost inaudible. The music from the hall was getting louder and Chandley felt his hands getting increasingly sweatier. His slightly panicked glimpses around noticed everyone else holding hands around him…like it was obligatory for this festive occasion. And without thinking - which was a very rare circumstance for him – he took Matt’s hand as well. They would have to do it anyway if they were going to dance. So what was the big deal? What did he have to lose? A friendship that was bound to kill him slowly. Nothing more.

Still, he kind of expected Matt to draw back…to maybe even be disgusted by that kind of invasion of personal space. He did neither of that. Though he felt Matt’s body tensing up, he then reassuringly squeezed Chandley’s hand once the first shock had worn off. Still, Chandley couldn’t stand looking at Matt now. He didn’t want to see bitterness or indifference. And even more importantly, he didn’t want to read something into his expression that might not be there.

Luckily, that circumstance was made considerably easier for him as a sudden bright light was blinding them both upon entering the gym hall. It was radiating that kind of sticky heat that had your forehead soaked in drops of sweat immediately. A suit was probably the worst piece of clothing to wear right now. Chandley fought the urge to adjust his collar or even open his jacket altogether. But his right hand was preoccupied with something so much more important and he had to take advantage of that for as long as it lasted. Matt was having an equally hard time, as Chandley noticed from the corner of his eyes.

Soon they had found their spot on the dance floor. Not quite in the centre, so it was easier to quietly sneak away once the music was over, but sure as hell nowhere near the edge either. They didn’t have to be seen by everyone watching from the outside right away.
There was a brief moment of silence before the waltz actually started. Most couples used it to get into proper closed positions. Chandley and Matt, however, didn’t even know where to start. They tried to figure it out by watching the others…with little success. Almost 20cm height difference between the two of them didn’t make things less complicated. They found themselves accidentally elbowing each other in weird places, because Chandley couldn’t reach up high enough or Matt didn’t bend forward in the right moment. Once they had finally managed to get into a position that at least felt kind of right the music had already started and they were about to be run over by the other couples that were already really into that dance.

Their eyes met as they were trying to read each others thoughts. “I honestly don’t even know what foot to start with” Chandley suddenly admitted. He felt Matt’s shoulders quivering underneath his hands as the older boy laughed softly. “Thank God”
They let go of each other. “Are we going to bail out?” Chandley knew the answer and he was visibly relieved to see Matt nodding.
“There’s no line at the buffet yet. I can see no reason for why we shouldn’t use that to our advantage”

Chandley laughed. Yeah, this prom dance would’ve been every teenagers dream. But it was rather distressful than romantic if neither of them actually knew how to dance. They never mentioned that in the movies. Everyone kind of knew the steps.
Nobody paid attention to them sneaking away from the dance floor to rob the buffet that turned out to be just as delicious as it had looked from afar.


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