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“Anyway, here’s Wonderwall” Lou strummed the strings of a guitar – Lord knows where he had found it -, not really knowing which accord he was playing or if it even was an official accord at all. It didn’t seem too wrong to his drunken ears and neither of the guests seemed to mind either. He hardly knew the actual words to the song and whenever he didn’t, he just replaced them by oohs and yeahs. His singing voice could’ve been a lot better too, but even if he hadn’t been drunk, he wouldn’t have cared.
From across the room Finn was the only one cheering. He pulled out a lighter and waved its flame above his head.

That’s how everybody knew that it had to be already way passed midnight and that at least half of the provided alcohol had already dissolved into the blood of Alec’s party guests. Even Alec himself was far from being sober by now. This time he would be careful not to wake up with another blackout the next morning, though. He had gotten quite a few compliments for his party and that had encouraged him to have a few drinks for himself. It was getting late and there wasn’t much more to go wrong. If they had managed to pass the last few hours without having the police knock at the door, they’d manage to pass the next hours just the same. As long as he kept an eye on Henry, of course. Some idiots from the drama club weren’t to be underestimated either. He had seen Cassie only once this evening at the very beginning of the party but, naturally, they hadn’t said a word to each other. He wasn’t sure if he could trust her to watch over her own people.

Just when he was debating about whether to trust his own body and brain with another drink, Henry was taking the decision from him by showing up with two shots in one hand and two beers in the other. He handed one of each over to Alec without further comment, nodded three times as sort of a countdown before they both gulped down the shot. Alec shivered from the bitter taste and made a disgusted face that had Henry laughing loudly.
“You’re a wuss” He said and raised his bottle. “Cheers” He took a quick sip, then seemingly randomly asked. “It’s not that cold outside, is it?”

Alec shrugged. He really hadn’t been paying attention to the weather. There were a lot more important things to worry about. “Go outside and you’ll see” He suggested dryly.
“I already have…it’s just…” Henry’s gaze went towards the glass walls of the winter garden that provided perfect view to the backyard of the property.
“…I was thinking…”

Alec interrupted him. “You shouldn’t be doing that”
Henry frowned. He didn’t know what Alec was getting at. Had he missed something? “Do what?”
“Thinking. It never ends well. People get hurt, things get damaged. Not good”
Henry just laughed it off. “Anyway…where was I? I’ve been thinking…you’re parents haven’t covered up the pool yet. And we never got around throwing a pool party in summer. But we both know that everyone would’ve loved that”

“Henry, it’s November” Alec argued, but there was a spark lighting up in Henry’s eyes that immediately let him know that there was no way of talking him out of this idea.
“Yeah, that’s why I’ve been saying that it’s pretty mild outside…for November”
Sure. Maybe it was. For November. But it was still decidedly too cold to go for a swim if you’d ask Alec…or any of the other party guests…possibly.

Yet, half an hour later, Madeleine, Lexi, Leonora, Lou, Cassandra, Finn and Elena were standing alongside Alec and Henry by the pool. They had all stripped down to their underwear, wrapping their arms around their bodies, because already now it was freezing cold. Leonora was the only exception. She’d been holding on to the fact that they would all catch a cold and would miss school next week. She wasn’t going to be a part of that…but she somehow couldn’t stay away entirely either.

“You guys have to move a little…it’s going to be less cold” Henry encouraged his friends, but the only ones actually taking his advice were Lou and Finn who actually looked like they were ready to jump in. Henry was bouncing up and down and suddenly grabbed Alec by the shoulders. “You too” He chanted and pulled Alec with him as he leaped into the water. Alec cursed loudly until his mouth was full of chlorous pool water. He was coughing once his head popped back up. His black hair was covering his face nearly completely, heavy on his head, until he combed it back with only one slick movement of his hand. His skin was even paler than usual in the silver moonlight and his lips were already blue, trembling slightly.

The two boys jumping into the water completely unprepared had also gotten everyone else pretty wet. There was really no point in bailing out now.
“It’s actually less cold in the water” Henry announced and just when Alec was about to disagree, there were two more splashes and Finn and Lou had joined them in the pool. Next was Lexi. Alec suddenly felt her weight on his shoulders as she had to cling to him to keep herself above the water. He felt her whole body trembling and the warmth of her body pressed so tightly against his was actually quite pleasant in the cold water. So he let it happen.

Last but not least Madeleine and Cassandra joined them, leaving Leonora still fully dressed and watching them from the outside. She had decided to sit down in a little garden chair that was standing a few metres away from the pool, so she wouldn’t get splashed with cold water. She had a kind of distant expression on her face as she was watching her friends having fun. She had made her decision. She wouldn’t join them. But as she watched Henry jumping on Alec’s back to try and push him under the water and the girls screeching as a huge wave of water hit them right across the face, she couldn’t help but smile. After all these years it still amazed her how different Alec was whenever he was with people he really cared about. And how she had never been able to get this kind of reaction from him. It was almost as if he had a set number of smiles and laughter he’d be giving to only well-chosen people in his life. And she just wasn’t one of them. Watching it from a distance was all she could do…and most of the time it was enough.

Actively moving inside the water was actually helping a lot with the cold and between all the screams and laughter they had soon forgotten about the very likely possibility of getting sick tomorrow morning until their fingers had turned wrinkly and their lips had turned a light shade of blue. Their trembling bodies were impossible to ignore and their fingertips felt like they were going to fall off any minute now. Even Henry, who had refused to admit to the cold, was shaking visibly.

Leonora was still there. As she noticed the state her friends were in she went into the house to get enough blankets and towels for everyone, so they wouldn’t have to expose their naked skin to the cold air for too long. Everyone was thankful for her thoughtful help, but she just waved it off with a smile.

There was still a pretty good crowd inside. Some had started playing beer pong, others were drinking for no reason at all. The majority of freshmen had already gone home. Others had passed out on the couch, but the party was clearly still alive even if the numbers were dwindling. The short beach party had mostly gone unnoticed among the other guests. Only now, as everyone was stumbling back inside, all wrapped up in blankets, the girls naturally cuddling up to the next guy they could grab and Henry holding on to Alec despite the fact that he wasn’t a girl, some people were lifting their heads. They didn’t really care about having missed the fun outside, though, because there had probably been plenty of fun inside as well. The still ongoing music and the general mood inside the living room spoke for themselves.

Just then the curly haired twins that had supported Ricarda at the election stormed out of the kitchen, giggling hysterically. One of them was holding an empty bottle up and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if they had emptied it all by themselves. “Who’s up for a round of spin the bottle?!” One of them asked loud enough for everyone to hear.

Of course Finn and Lou were joining the game and so did Elena and Cassie. Alec would’ve had doubts about it, but everything was blurry and funny and Henry was dragging him to the centre of the living room where the game was going to take place, according to the twins who had already sat down on the floor. Everyone else who’d been outside joined them, but neither of them could be bothered to put their clothes back on when the towels felt so soft and warm on their skin. At some point Alec had ended up sharing a blanket with Lexi, but it was – surprisingly – okay. Maybe he’d regret it in the morning. Maybe it would just be a small detail that he’d forgotten about soon enough. Maybe it didn’t matter. In fact, nothing mattered that much anymore. Not even the fact that the girl from the karaoke bar – Enya was her name – had joined them as well.

One of the twins - Cade or Caleb, Alec couldn’t tell them apart - started with the first challenge. “Let’s start this simple…whoever gets chosen by the bottle will have to tell all of us about their recent crush and – don’t lie to me – everyone has got a crush. Always. Even if it’s just a tiny one. However, if the crush is present in this circle, you’re not going to simply tell us…you’re going to show us. By kissing said crush. On the lips” Thus, he gave the bottle a good spin.

Elena’s face lit up as the bottle stopped, pointing at her. She didn’t hesitate for a second and gave Finn, who was conveniently sitting next to her, an affectionate kiss. “Well, that was boring” Finn grinned into the kiss before they both drew back, the familiar butterflies in their stomachs as always whenever their lips touched.

“I’ll think of something better then” Elena announced with the bottle already in her hand. She didn’t think about it for long, though. “Now, with most of us wearing a minimum of clothing…exchange one article of clothing with the person on your right…in front of all of us, of course” She smirked and spun the bottle, hoping it would stop at someone wearing nothing but underwear and…it did. To Alec’s misfortune, it stopped in front of Lexi and, thus, affected him as well, because he was sitting to her right. Luckily they had the giant towel wrapped around them and therefore covered themselves for the most part while doing their duty. Lexi was lucky with Alec’s underwear hanging loosely from her waist, but Alec wasn’t really the kind of guy who could pull off apricot coloured lingerie. It was the game, though. And Alec hated losing just a little bit more than wearing lingerie. At least when he was drunk enough. Apparently.

“Be tickled by the player opposite to you” It was the first thing Lexi could come up with from the top of her head. Everyone was already making eye contact with the person opposite to them, just in case, but in the end, the bottle stopped at Leonora. She was embarrassed, but out of all the possible people she was kind of glad that it was Cassandra who sat across from her. She wasn’t very ticklish, though, and the challenge ended pretty soon.

Leonora wasn’t good at thinking about really embarrassing or, God forbid, sexual challenges and stuck to something more innocent. “Talk in a fake accent for the rest of the game…it’s up to you which one it’s going to be…but it has to be recognizable…”

Cade was the victim, but he naturally had great fun spending the rest of the night talking in the worst and probably offensive British accent anyone had ever come across. “Bloody hell” He said for no reason at all. “Spin the bottle again after it has stopped and ask the second person that is chosen to marry you. But I demand an honest and sappy proposal. I’m talking tears of happiness here, guys!”

The bottle chose Caleb. His beautiful soon to be fiancé was going to be played by Enya. What an honour. He threw himself down to his knees right in front of her and was barely able to hold back fake tears. “Ireland. Land of the potatoes, green hills, sheep and – evidently - land of the most gorgeous woman on the entire planet…the entire universe! I’ve known you ever since you came flying here on what I can only imagine was a pink heart shaped cloud of love…a couple of weeks ago and I can’t stand to look at you…” He sniffed, drawing a key ring from his pocket. His gestures were overdramatic, just as his brother had demanded it. Enya played along in exactly the same manner. “…without also seeing a ring on your finger. My ring. I’m asking you, my sweet potato, with all these people surrounding us being our witnesses…do you want to marry me?”

Enya was sobbing by now and threw herself into Caleb’s arms. “Of course I will” She said and patiently waited for him to put on the key ring. “It’s beautiful” She gasped, but soon enough both of them burst into laughter.

Caleb quickly thought about another challenge. “Go upstairs and play dress up with whatever you find in the bedroom wardrobe…the only rule is: You have to crossdress”
The bottle stopped at Cade – again -, but he was super happy to run upstairs. It took him five minutes until he came back down, dressed in a long, purple silky dress, a feather boa and an over the top hat. He’d even put on make up. “My name is Cade Wrigley and I am a lady. I do all kinds of lady stuff” He announced while coming down the stairs, still talking in a ridiculous British accent the way he was supposed to.

“Now, I really need to see some action, guys. Full on French kiss a random person that will be chosen by the bottle as well”

The bottle stopped at Madeleine first. It didn’t seem to matter where the bottle would stop next because most of the people in this room surely wouldn’t have minded being kissed by Madeleine…even the girls could’ve done a lot worse. Unfortunately, there was one person who was probably praying to God that she wasn’t going to be the one…unsuccessfully. Leonora was about to give the bottle a slight kick as it stopped in front of her, hoping that maybe no one would notice. But it was too late. All eyes were on Madeleine and her. Especially the guys were very interested in what was going to happen next. Only then Madeleine’s and Leonora’s eyes met as well. Leonora’s features had hardened. If Cade was wearing drag and Alec was wearing lingerie, there was really no excuse for why she couldn’t just get this over with and kiss not just another girl, but especially Madeleine. She wouldn’t have minded if it had been anyone else. But it just had to be the person she disliked the most. Madeleine was as hesitant and doubtful as Leonora, but their choice was sort of taken from them as someone started cheering and clapping. Soon everybody else joined in and the two girls were drawn closer to each other by pure pressure of the group.

They were still kneeling on the ground, now so close that their knees were nearly touching. A deep breath. An intense stare down. Then suddenly a kiss, filled with so much passion for anger and hatred that it left everybody speechless, including Madeleine and Leonora themselves once they had broken the kiss. They were breathing heavily now, their cheeks flushed, shoulders slightly trembling. They hardly noticed everyone around them clapping as they quietly returned to their places. It went without saying that they both avoided looking at each other for the rest of the game.

“Spin the bottle again and then sit on the lap of the person the bottle is going to choose.  For the rest of the game” Madeleine gave the bottle a good spin once she had come back to her senses.

Finn was the first victim…with Cassie being the second. The two of them were close and even though Finn was quite heavy on Cassie’s lap, there was really nothing that awkward about it. It could’ve been way worse.

“Kiss the most attractive person in this room” Finn winked. “I know it’s going to be me, so don’t be shy”

The bottle stopped at Enya. She thought about her choice for a long time. Sure, Finn would’ve been right on top of the list, but she knew about him and Elena and she really didn’t want to cause trouble…even though there was no female force that could’ve dragged Finn away from his girlfriend. Of that she was sure. Then, of course, there was Alec. She’d kissed him before. She remembered that well and as her gaze met his…she knew that he remembered too. She smiled at him seductively and did her best not to giggle as his shoulders relaxed deeply satisfied with himself. He thought he had won. God, he was so full of himself. Still, she crawled towards him until she nearly sat down on his lap – which angered Lexi visibly – and cupped his face. Their lips were already almost touching, but she changed her mind last second. A twinkle in her eyes gave away that this had been the plan all along. She stole a quick, but longing kiss from Henry and returned back to her place.

Henry laughed at Alec’s misery and received a light punch from him in return. “You didn’t really think I was going to lose this one to you” He laughed.

“Seduce the person on your left…by using your lips…only! You are not allowed to touch the other person’s lips, though” Enya winked and gave the bottle a spin. It stopped right in front of Henry who could hardly have been happier about this random choice. He was already rubbing his hands as he turned to his right where, of course, Alec happened to be sitting. Already now, Alec was a hundred percent done with this challenge. He was a hundred percent done with this whole game, to be honest.

“Oh, this isn’t really fair, is it? You’re already seducing me with that lingerie” Henry sighed dramatically while Alec was shifting uncomfortably once Henry got near him.
“I didn’t drink nearly enough to have forgotten about all of this by tomorrow morning”
Henry laughed. “You won’t want to forget this” He lifted his hands to demonstrate to everyone that he was not going to use them and put them behind his back afterwards. He was anything but shy and hesitant as he started out by full on sucking and nibbling his friend’s neck with such determination that it would sure as hell leave a mark in the morning. Alec would remember…even if the alcohol got the better of him. Alec squirmed and stretched his neck, in hopes to get out of Henry’s reach, but only ended up making the sensitive skin on his neck more accessible to his best friend and his mission to win this challenge.

“Am I allowed to use my hands?” Alec wined. He was about to push Henry away when he felt him shaking his head and someone else from the group denying his wish out loud. The sweet scent of already consumed alcohol reached up his nose as he felt Henry’s tongue wet against his skin, his soft lips working their way down his chest. He tried to be disgusted and oh Lord, he would’ve been for sure…under different circumstances. If he hadn’t witnessed a kiss between two of his female friends just a few minutes ago, for example. Or if Lexi’s underwear hadn’t been this revealing.

He gasped as Henry left a bite mark on his shoulder, but the sensation of the light pain quickly died down as he felt Henry’s hair brushing against his skin as well as further teasing kisses all over his torso.

Suddenly, Henry broke his eager concentration by laughing out loudly and throwing his hands up in the air once he’d drawn back from Alec. “Clearly, I won” He cheered, but Alec’s response was decidedly less enthusiastic. He was just glad this was over, even though his skin was still burning up like fire where Henry’s mouth and tongue had been just a few seconds ago. Just the chemical reaction of skin on skin. Something he couldn’t control…unfortunately.

Henry, however, was still laughing with satisfaction about his success.  
“Well, this wasn’t even a game” Alec complained, but clearly couldn’t overshadow Henry’s glee.
“Who cares? I’m obviously just winning at life” Henry returned to his place, still cackling to himself while Alec demonstratively covered his body entirely with the blanket.  
Once Henry had gotten over himself, he was ready to announce the next challenge. “Someone’s going to put on the cheesiest song we can find and I want the next person to slow dance in the middle of this circle with another person that’s going to be chosen by the bottle”

He could not have been happier as the bottle pointed at Alec who was already trying to figure out how to wrap the blanket around his body in a way that would stick, so he wouldn’t have to be exposed entirely when he got up.

It turned out that Leonora was going to be his lucky partner. Sure, it could’ve been a lot worse. For both of them. Still, Leonora could physically feel the awkward silence between them once they were standing right in front of each other and the soft piano started playing. She kept telling herself that this was just a game. That Alec was gently placing his hands on her hips, because it was expected from him. For the same reason, he had abandoned his regular dress code. For the same reason she had kissed Madeleine and for the same reason he had just helplessly allowed Henry to seduce him. Just a stupid game and, yet, she couldn’t help her racing heart. He smelled like alcohol and chlorine, but there was still his very own scent underneath all of it. The scent that she would’ve recognized anywhere. She rested her chin awkwardly on his shoulder, but it didn’t quite seem to fit as perfectly as it was ought to be. Just like everything else about this situation. Her hands were wandering off, trailing up and down Alec’s back while she tried to keep her distance…emotionally as well as physically. The latter was a little harder to accomplish, since their bodies were pressed against each other so tightly that she could feel his hip bones against her body. Waiting until all of this was over and enjoying what would never be was all she could do until this damn song was finally over…

We’re so close to reaching
That famous happy end
Almost believing
This was not pretend
Let’s go on dreaming
For we know we are
So close…
So close…
And still so far

The music was playing quietly in the background. Crumbs of chips and popcorn were the only thing left inside the empty bowls on the table along with three emptied cups that used to hold tea inside of them. Hollie was curled up in the armchair. She had been asleep for the entire last movie. Chandley and Matt had occasionally passed out while watching as well, but they’d never been asleep for longer than ten minutes. The movie wasn’t over yet and it probably would’ve been better to just turn off the TV entirely, but Chandley and Matt were too lazy to get the remote control. The calming voices of Princess Giselle and Prince Edward remained a soothing background noise.

Right now Chandley once again awoke from a twenty second nap plus the five second confusion that followed after. He had sunken deep into the couch, his arms wrapped around his body, because he was feeling a little chilly. Unfortunately, Matt had accidentally occupied the blanket in his sleep.

“Matt?” Chandley whispered, but didn’t get any visible reaction. He tried again, a little louder this time, but Hollie was the only one reacting now, slightly shifting in her sleep. Chandley didn’t want to wake her up and he didn’t like the thought of actually waking Matt up either. But it was getting cold and he was tired, so he just grabbed the blanket and wiggled himself underneath it, even if that meant having to cuddle up to Matt. At least it was a lot warmer here…and so much cosier with his body leaning against Matt’s.

Chandley fell asleep with Disney princesses in mind and the way they had fallen in love so quickly. It seemed ridiculous to fall for someone so hard so fast…until it happened to you. Until it had happened to him. Maybe it was going to be the same with happy endings. They happened when you least expect them…or when you didn’t expect them to happen at all. Because you were in love with someone who could only love you back if you’d live in a different universe…if you were lucky.

Or maybe a Disney marathon just didn’t do him any good.
Mean Wolves - Chapter 12
The return of Spin the Bottle! (Almost all characters randomly chosen!)
This was a wild ride.
Also, I don't really know how to do any of these characters.
The invitations were handed out like flyers. Pretty much everyone got one and if you lost yours or threw it away on purpose you would get another one and another one until you would finally accept your fate and shove the meaningless piece of paper into your pocket or bag. It wasn’t like anyone actually needed proof to have been invited to Alec’s birthday party. After all, everyone was and so were all of their friends…and probably all of their friends too.

Chandley was one of the few who actually took time to read the invitation. Sure, he had seen other freshmen receiving the exact same paper card. Yet, it felt special to him. Not even in his wildest dreams could he have imagined his future in New York to turn out like this. Being invited to the supposedly most popular kid’s birthday party would’ve been out of the question back in middle school in Texas. Of course, this would’ve been a completely different kind of party than what was expected from Alec’s birthday this year. As a senior, this was going to be his last High School party. And with everyone getting closer to their actual legal drinking age, the outcome of this weekend was pretty clear already. Even for someone like Chandley who’d never been to any kind of party before he had come here.

Completely lost inside his thoughts while walking down the hall he pressed the invitation tightly to his chest. He’d never actually spoken to Alec and Alec probably didn’t even know about his existence in return. For all he knew, Alec wasn’t particularly pleasant to be around, yet, he had a whole bunch of friends who stuck up for him no questions asked. Chandley knew for a fact that Hollie had grown up with Alec just as she had grown up with Matt. Even though he had absolutely no desire to ever converse with Alec, he was well aware that Matt’s strong opinion on him was something very personal that Chandley couldn’t get behind. But it wasn’t even about that. The invitation wasn’t so precious to him, because it came from Alec. It was a symbol for finally being accepted. Even if there were still a lot of things he kept even from Hollie. At least, here he wasn’t judged by his appearance alone.

As his own absence of mind combined with his characteristic clumsiness caused him to bump into a fellow student – it was bound to happen at some point – he was only glad to look up and discover that it was actually Matt. Hollie was with him, shoving books into her locker.

Since it was currently all he could think about, Chandley held the invitation up, visibly proud even when he wasn’t supposed to be. “Did you get yours yet?” He asked and lovingly stared at the card for just a tad too long.

It had been about three weeks since the disastrous weekend with the football team, but Matt was still sick of even the smallest drop of alcohol. “Yeah, it’s somewhere in a trash can down the hall” He replied casually. There was really no other answer Chandley could’ve expected. He was somewhat disappointed nonetheless.  
“You’re not gonna to go?”
Matt frowned at this ridiculous question. “Of course not. I’m surprised he didn’t disinvite me” He shrugged. “He did last year”

Hollie closed her locker shut and joined the conversation, obviously having overheard what had been said before. “You know what? Neither of us should go to the party” She announced and her smile was sweeter than sugar. “We should have a slumber party instead. Just the three of us…or maybe your brother can come too, so he doesn’t have to be alone that night” It was obvious that, as much as Chandley had loved the idea of joining his very first house party, he was in for a slumber party with his two best friends just the same. Matt was the one who had to be convinced, but it was also obvious that it wasn’t going to take long if Chandley and Hollie just pestered him about it enough.

It was Saturday evening, at precisely 6:22pm when Matt poured a big bag of popcorn fresh out of the microwave into a bowl. They had agreed to meet at 6pm, but it wasn’t uncommon for either of them to be late. To save some time once the two would have arrived Matt was already preparing snacks. He had made his own dip too and the whole plate ended up looking really nice for being made by someone who wasn’t all that keen on even having this slumber party in the first place. His brother had fled from home and Matt could only hope that he wasn’t going to try to crash Alec’s party. He was way too young for that and would hopefully stick with playing Playstation at his friend’s house.
Just then, the doorbell rang and Matt dropped everything in the kitchen to let his expected guests in.

“Sorry, we’re late” Chandley apologized, greeting Matt with a quick handshake, even though everything inside of him desired to give him a hug as intimate as Hollie did.
“We were at the store buying DVDs” Hollie explained while taking off her shoes and jacket.
“You didn’t have to do that. I have enough DVDs here…and there’s also the internet” Matt took an unhappy look at the collection of DVDs Hollie was drawing from her bag.
“Yeah, but do you have Disney movies? … I didn’t think so” She laughed and there was really no more reason to be mad at the pure happiness of a girl like Hollie.

Chandley was awkwardly standing in the hallway while the two of them were talking. He had started taking off his street clothes as well, but he was slowed down, because he kept looking around as inconspicuously as possible while he was way too curious about the way Matt was living. He had never been here before and it felt like he was intruding into something very private even after knowing Matt for quite some time now. His parents weren’t home, but there was something about the whole place that looked like his parents hadn’t been home in a long time. It wasn’t dirty or messy. It was just the whole atmosphere…just a feeling that Chandley couldn’t shake off. Thinking about it, Chandley had never asked Matt about his family. He had heard him or Hollie mentioning his brother, but there had never been a word about his parents. Sure, he wasn’t old enough to live alone and take responsibility for his brother on top of that. But he looked like he was. And he acted like he was. And maybe that was enough.

Chandley felt sorry for Matt. But, really, he was just feeling sorry for himself, because he wasn’t close enough to Matt to know about his past. Maybe one day he’d ask him. And then maybe one day Matt would tell him.

“We are going to have so much more fun than everyone at this party” Nobody was really convinced, but Hollie was enthusiastic enough for the three of them. She linked arms with Chandley as she did ever so often and Chandley felt a little better having her so close. They threw themselves onto the couch while Matt was getting the plates and bowls of snacks from the table.

“We should start with The Little Mermaid” Hollie picked the right DVD from the pile. “I’ve always wanted to look like her”
“You do look like her” Chandley combed his fingers through her hair that would sometimes shimmer reddish. “Even the hair”
She giggled. “We should watch Beauty And The Beast next”
“Why?” Chandley wrapped his arms around his knees. He genuinely couldn’t follow Hollie’s trail of thoughts.
“Because Matt is like the beast” That made Chandley laugh. She had a point, even if he personally thought that the beast was a whole lot grumpier than Matt. “After he turns into a handsome prince, of course” She winked.

“Who am I then?” Chandley tilted his head and looked at Hollie who was pondering about an answer. But she had nothing to say. Matt, who had overheard most of the conversation from the kitchen, came back just now and squeezed himself next to Chandley onto the couch. “Bambi” He randomly added to the discussion while chewing popcorn. Hollie and Chandley looked at him funny.
“Why?” Chandley finally blurted out. He wasn’t quite sure whether to take this as a compliment or not. Matt simply shrugged. “I don’t know…it was the first thing that came to my mind”

“It’s settled then…we’re going to watch Bambi right after Beauty And The Beast” Hollie was already piling the DVDs up in the right order right next to the DVD player.  
Chandley leaned back and smiled while Hollie was starting the movie. The Disney castle was being revealed and the famous jingle was playing. Coming to think of it, there were most definitely way worse things than being associated with Bambi. He knew from experience.

And while Hollie and Chandley sang Under The Sea along with Sebastian, the rest of the school probably spent most of their evening in the bathroom, in front of their mirror getting ready for tonight.

Henry, Lexi and Madeleine were already gathered at Alec’s house. They’d been helping to set up everything before the first actual guests would arrive. Of course, everything had to be perfect, even though it wouldn’t last very long. Soon enough the buffet would be empty and there would be litter all around the house. The only precaution Alec could take was locking his parent’s most expensive possessions away somewhere safe. Something was going to break anyway. That way he could at least control a little bit what it was going to be…or rather what it wasn’t going to be.

From 8pm on the guests started arriving. As every year, the freshmen were the first to arrive. They were usually scared that they wouldn’t be allowed to come in if they were too late. Some of them weren’t allowed to stay out until the very end of the party. That usually ranged from 3am to 6am, depending on the mood of the crowd. That’s why they made sure to come early, so they would miss as little from the party as possible. To be honest, though, there wasn’t anything to miss yet.

The first guests were scattered occupying the living room and the kitchen. Most were sitting down, others were awkwardly standing in the room and visibly relieved whenever they actually found someone to talk to. The music was playing quietly for now and only few people were brave enough to slightly move their body to the beat. Beer was the only alcoholic beverage offered so far, but this would change in a couple of hours. Henry was already experimenting with the cocktail bar that was set up in the winter garden. He handed the finished cocktails out to anyone who was foolish to actually accept them. They ended up either containing way too much alcohol or being way too sweet. The freshmen were polite and respected their seniors too much to not drink them anyway. Besides, they weren’t really in the position to say no to free alcohol. Unless they were saying no to alcohol in general. Which would’ve been the responsible thing to do. But, really, what were they even doing here in the first place if they weren’t here to drink?

Two hours later and there were plenty of people for Henry to serve his Cocktails to. The whole house was getting pretty crowded and by now people were already tipsy enough to go exploring other places than just the living room, kitchen and winter garden. But there would still be more. There were always people crashing the party after midnight.

Even the kids from the drama club were here by now. Since neither of them had won the election, there was no reason for an exceptionally terrible rivalry. Sure, the sports club were still a bunch of arrogant douchebags and the drama club was still a flock of gay ass nerds in the eyes of the other, but there was absolutely no reason not to join the fun for just one night. At least this time Cassandra wouldn’t be held responsible for the excessive amount of alcohol.

Besides, even Alec knew that there was no good party without Lou and Finn. Sure, he had Henry on his side. But Henry was also clumsy, broke a lot by accident and couldn’t actually mix cocktails that people liked.

Alec knew, because he was currently sipping on a cocktail made by his friend and it was by far the worst drink he’d ever had. Whatever Henry had put into it, he’d been either not reading the bottle’s labels or he simply hadn’t cared. Probably both.

He wasn’t part of the fun at the moment, standing halfway on the stairs. He’d been watching over the bedrooms upstairs. There was no way he could prevent everyone from taking their companions upstairs later. But for now it was too early and Alec was still too conscious to let that happen. People were clearly enjoying themselves and even though his grim expression wouldn’t let it show, he was quite satisfied with himself. To be honest, after having lost the election there was no real reason for him to even throw this party. There was no second chance for him next year either. But this was the point. It was his senior year in High School and therefore the last birthday party for the school. He had to make it count and he was only getting started. He finished the drink with one last big sip and decided to go and look for Henry.
Puzzles was written in giant rainbow letters above a small stand in the middle of the hallway. Two boys were shaking drinks behind the counter and they were making a big show out of it as well, juggling and throwing bottles and cocktail shakers impressively high into the air. Alcohol free this time, of course. Even the wildest students needed a break from underage drinking. Other curious students were stopping to watch the show and eventually buy a drink from the two charming boys. One with bright red hair, the other brown haired and definitely the heart throb of pretty much every girl. Finn had been replacing Cassandra in her run for school president with Lou as his personal assistant and this was their last strategy to coax everyone into voting for them. It was working.

Meanwhile Henry and Alec were handing out flyers and free stuff. Henry occasionally snuck a photo of Alec as Batman or cuddling with Matt along with the free goody bags, because he couldn’t let it go. The election was in a few hours and one glance at the drama club’s annoyingly successful stand, frustrated Alec more and more by the minute.

Alec was suddenly startled by an obnoxiously loud slurping noise. “Those cocktails are really good, though”
“Did you actually buy that?!”
Henry shrugged. “Yeah…what are they gonna do now with the money? Buy the school?” He took another loud sip from the drink.
Alec had to admit that his friend was right. At least Henry wouldn’t vote for them just because he had bought a cocktail. “Let me try that” He grabbed the cocktail even before waiting for an answer and instantly got mad at how good it tasted.
“I mean, we can still sabotage it. I could pretend to get food poisoning from it” Henry suggested.

For a full few seconds Alec was actually considering Henry’s offer, but dropped it soon again after a quick glance at the clock. It was tempting, yes, but it just wasn’t worth it anymore and he really couldn’t afford getting expelled from the election for sabotage last minute. Besides, their campaign this year hadn’t been too bad. He’d been known for spiking the bowl at the costume party, but had never actually been caught for it. Everyone loved that kind of gossip. Then there was the game that they had won last week. And he’d been responsible for the visit to the pub. Everyone had enjoyed that. On top of that he had already handed out invitations for his birthday party that usually ended up being an open event anyway. Every year his parents would leave for the whole weekend to give him room for his birthday party and it had soon evolved into an annual event for the whole school, known for everything a high school house party stood for. What did the drama club have? A disastrous costume party that he had basically saved…by turning it into an even bigger disaster. And as a result a team leader that had to be expelled from running for school president. Now they had to make it up with juice and sweet syrup, but hopefully most people wouldn’t fall for that last minute and had already made their decision.

Alec huffed as a conclusion of his own trail of thoughts. “I’d rather practice my acceptance speech” He announced and left.
“You go, girl!” Henry yelled after him, throwing a punch into the air. He then shrugged and went back to get another one of those delicious cocktails.

About two hours later all the students were back assembled in the school hall. The votes had been made and counted and after every student had taken their seat each candidate was called onto the stage. There was Finn and, of course, Alec and finally a Junior Alec had never seen before. It was a girl, younger than him and much smaller. To be honest, she looked like a freshman still, but Alec knew for a fact that freshmen weren’t allowed to run for president yet and probably had no chances of winning anyway. She looked like she was feeling extremely uncomfortable on stage, always shifting positions and avoiding eye contact with anyone from the crowd. Two blonde boys – twins – were cheering for her from the front row and she smiled slightly as they held up a poster with her name on it: Ricarda.

Alec huffed and gazed over to his ‘fan club’. They weren’t nearly as excited and supportive from the outside as those two hyperactive boys were, but Alec knew that they had all voted for him. Except for Matt, probably, but he hadn’t seen Matt vote for anyone today.

Madeleine had been volunteering to help count the votes and she had to hide her look of deep concern from Alec. He was too full of himself to notice anyway. But everyone else did.
“What’s wrong?” Lexi, who was sitting right beside her, elbowed Madeleine lightly. Madeleine pressed her lips together firmly. She refused to answer for a while, but Lexi wouldn’t let it go and the results were going to be announced soon enough anyway.
“He’s not going to win” she hissed in a hushed voice, hoping that no one but Lexi would hear. But, of course, this was not going to happen.

“Don’t be stupid, of course he’s going to win” Leonora joined, because she had naturally overheard the conversation sitting next to Madeleine.
Madeleine shook her head. “I’ve counted the votes myself” She threw back, urging everyone to be quiet. The last thing she needed now was Alec noticing that something was wrong.
“This is ridiculous. We’ve all voted for him, haven’t we?” Leonora argued quickly glancing over each of her team members. Lexi nodded in total agreement along with most of the others.

“I haven’t” Matt raised his hand and shrugged as Leonora shot him a deadly glare.
“I’ve been talking to the whole school and they were all going to vote for Alec” Lexi explained, still extremely confident.
Madeleine once again shook her head. Slowly, this time. She made sure that Alec didn’t see any of their concern, but as far as she could tell he was busy going through his speech in his head on stage. This wasn’t going to end well at all.

“Well, why didn’t you manipulate the votes then?” Leonora hissed back.
Madeleine was shocked about the mere thought of that. “Are you insane? I couldn’t do that”
“Why not?” Leonora looked like she was ready to slid Madeleine’s throat right on the spot. They had never been particularly fond of each other. No matter what, their personalities would always crash into each other and cause a useless argument.
“I thought you’ve counted the votes yourself”

“I could’ve risked my scholarship” Madeleine quickly defended herself.
“So what?” Leonora interrupted her again. “If you…” really loved him, was what she wanted to say, but never would. “…were really his friend, you would’ve done it” Her words were cold, but that wasn’t directed at Madeleine anymore. She was protecting her own feelings. She crossed her arms, turned away and, thus, the conversation was over.
“Well, who’s going to win then?” Lexi suddenly wondered out loud and right when Madeleine was about to answer the principal’s voice thundered through the microphone.
“Congratulations to Ricarda Winchester”

There was an uproar among the crowd and Ricarda’s fan club of four people was by far the loudest while the drama club and the jocks remained unusually quiet. But nobody – not even Alec – was as surprised as Ricarda herself. The twins had jumped up on the stage to lift her on their shoulders still laughing and cheering while Alec had already left the stage.
Madeleine and Leonora sank a little deeper into their seats and Lexi was gone to look for Alec.

Meanwhile Henry was sitting in the last row, waving a flag and wearing a shirt and a cap with Alec’s face plastered on it. Now he was pouting as he dropped the flag.
“You mean I made all of this for nothing?!” He complained, but nobody was paying attention to him anymore.
“To my boys who showed real ambition and talent out there on the field tonight. We were rewarded with a well deserved victory and successfully defended the honour of our school! And, of course, also to our girls and everyone who has shown their support tonight. I’m telling you, without you, those guys would be only half as motivated to even get on the field. Cheers!” The coach lifted a full glass of alcohol free beer and all of the students followed, yelling their team’s battle cries right after they had taken their first sip. Unfortunately, the coach had trusted Alec and Henry to order the drinks at the counter. Obviously he now happened to be the only one who had actually gotten alcohol free beer. Everyone else was full on drinking in the pub they had only been allowed to visit, because their teachers had been with them. It was also the only pub that had agreed to let a bunch of troublesome teenagers inside in the first place. Probably because it had never before been as crowded as it currently was. It was a great deal, considering their finances.

The bar offered a karaoke stage as some twisted sort of entertainment that mainly consisted of poking fun at the few brave enough to actually give it a go. Intoxicated or not…there were more terrible, but amazingly confident and loud singers than actually good ones in this bar today.

After their great success of winning the game, it hadn’t taken much for Alec to talk his father into taking the whole team to the pub. Once they had arrived, Alec had kindly offered to take everyone’s order and had then bribed the bartender into giving him actual beer for those he knew could take it. With the costume party disaster in mind and knowing very well that this time there would be no one else but himself to blame, Alec was careful as of who’d be getting alcohol tonight. Luckily, the freshmen and sophomores had to stay in the motel, because they were declared far too young to visit a pub. That was definitely saving Alec from a lot of trouble.

Surprisingly, even after the third round of beer, his classmates were still behaving. Some of them were now even daring enough to give karaoke a shot…with mixed results. It was almost midnight already and when the coach decided that it was probably time for everyone to go back to bed – they had a long bus drive ahead of them tomorrow – Alec once again used his advantage of being the coach’s son. In the end, the coach made Alec promise to take responsibility for his classmates all by himself and just make sure they’d be home at 2am the latest before he left for the motel.

Being the middle son of three, Alec sill had the advantage of somehow being his father’s favourite. He’d never actually earned it. It had just happened. He took great pride in it, even if it just proofed his father’s naivety and downright terrible judgment.
Alec was currently sitting alone not far from the stage as his father left. Henry was somewhere out and about and it wouldn’t surprise him if he was currently trying to get into one of all the other bars down the street. As long as he’d be right next to him in the bus tomorrow, it was fine with him. He didn’t feel like roaming around today anyway. In fact, he rarely did. But Henry’s charm was convincing enough for him to usually come along anyway.

Now it was just him and his fourth beer. He was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol, but it wasn’t enough yet to make him realize that the whole thing might have been just another huge mistake.

The stage was currently occupied by a girl that had to be a little younger than Alec, yet, he couldn’t recall her being from his school. She had black hair that was tied up loosely with pretty flowers braided into it. She was curvy in all the right places and she knew very well how to dress to get all the attention. The way she carried herself on the stage made it hard not to stare, to be honest. She hadn’t done anything yet, but once the first few accords of the song had started playing, she closed her eyes and sang into the microphone with such intimate feelings that Alec felt like he was interrupting a private moment, just by looking at her.

It was a quiet song, a little jazzy and she knew exactly how to move. She was looking up, but didn’t seem to see anything but the flashing lights above the stage. Her voice was strong and emotional. If there existed a different version of this song, it couldn’t possibly be as good as hers.
Then she suddenly locked eyes with Alec. He was sort of confused, but wouldn’t let it show. Who was this girl anyway? There was a sly grin on her face, whenever she took a break from singing and once she had made sure that everyone in this room knew that she’d been laying her eyes on the team captain, she stepped down from the stage, walking to the slow rhythm of the song. She circled and passed tables of amazed teenage boys that definitely didn’t hide their desire for her and girls who were either cheering for her or giving her death stares of pure jealousy.

She stopped right in front of Alec and the tension filled up the room like thick smoke from a fire burning on the girl’s skin and Alec’s desire to touch it. She slowly placed one hand on his shoulder and straddled his thighs with her legs. She made a whole act out of sitting down on his lap, but when she did eventually, she had her arm lying around Alec’s neck, gently twirling his black hair around her fingers.

He licked his lips and the corners of his mouth were twitching involuntarily in anticipation. Still, he tried to control himself as she forced him to look her right into the eyes while she hit the last note of the song. The music dropped out along with the lights. The pub was left in complete darkness for about a minute. A very eventful minute, as it turned out for Alec. He felt the girl cupping his face and – by God – there was no reason for him to resist. She pressed her lips hard against his, tongues colliding only seconds later. It didn’t even last a full minute, but felt like at least an hour…but still too short. She was the first to suddenly draw back, leaving Alec gasping for air and for more. But when the lights turned back on, she was gone. No sign of her left.

Alec cleared his throat, ignored the various stares he was receiving and straightened his suddenly crinkled clothes. He pretended not to look out for that girl in the crowd, but couldn’t help it for some reason. She had most definitely made an impression. He’d make sure to look out for her in the bus tomorrow.

That’s how another hour passed. Henry remained absent, just like the strange girl. Alec had ordered two more beers and each time he had bought another drink and had asked the bartender to give it to the girl who’d been singing karaoke an hour ago, but never knew if she would actually receive it.

By now his vision had already gotten blurry. He didn’t know who was still here and who wasn’t anymore. At some point something had let him to buy Lexi a drink as well who had been exceptionally pleased about that. The alcohol was once again taking its toll on each and every one of them and Alec hadn’t seen anyone walking around without a proper drink in their hands in a while.

Then, suddenly, there she was again. She wasn’t tall, but the flowers in her hair and her brightly coloured clothes stuck out in the crowd. Alec was calm and collected as he tried to get through to her, demanding from everyone to make way for him, no questions asked. And the ones who’d still recognize him actually did. He wasn’t going to chat her up. In fact, his plans involved ignoring her while standing beside her. Yes, she was interesting. But he was clearly above chasing girls. He never had to do that and he wasn’t going to start now just because some new and exciting girl had wrapped him around her finger.

His plan was going well until everyone had made way for him and the sight was finally clear. It turned out that the girl hadn’t been standing alone at the bar. And of course it wasn’t just anyone keeping her company and sharing a drink. It just had to be Matt. Furious on the inside, Alec proceeded to keep his cool on the outside, but everyone who knew him even in the slightest also knew that this wasn’t going to last very long.

Neither Matt, nor the girl had noticed him yet. Even from here it was easy to tell that Matt must’ve had at least as much beer as Alec. He was half standing, half sitting on a bar stool talking to the girl. Beer spilled from his glass whenever he lifted it clumsily to take another sip. The girl laughed and the melodic sound of it was the only thing Alec could hear in that moment. He wouldn’t let this happen. He wouldn’t let Matt take her home…or vice versa. Although she didn’t seem like the kind of girl who’d let anyone take her home and that was what made her so appealing in the first place.

With a little too much force, Alec slammed his empty glass on the counter and just like that he had Matt’s and the girl’s attention. As he turned to look at them he was struggling with his balance until his vision had adjusted to the quick movement. He’d definitely had too much to drink…but it was also enough to not care about that now.
“I hope you have told her about your boyfriend” Alec snarled, trying to order another drink by waving the other hand.

Matt and the girl were equally confused, neither of them really sure whether Alec had even spoken to them, “I bet he’s faithfully waiting for you at the motel…”
At another time, Matt probably would’ve known what Alec was trying to say by that…only to then not care anyway. But right now he just couldn’t wrap his drunken mind around it. Thoughts were visibly chasing each other around behind that crinkled forehead of his while the girl looked back and forth between the two boys.

“What?” Matt finally managed to say. He was slurring his words just as much as Alec and both were doing their best to fight that weakness of their intoxicated bodies by pronouncing every word as clear and slow as possible.
“That blonde boy of yours…the whole school knows he’s gay and don’t even get me started on the way he’s staring at you. You might as well come out too” Alec tried to look intimidating, yet he couldn’t even stand straight or keep the same expression for longer than a few seconds.

“Chandley?!” Matt exclaimed in disbelief. It looked like he had to retreat into the depth of his mind to even remember Hollie’s cousin. There was a slight hint in his expression giving away that he sort of knew that Alec’s words might be worth considering, but it was gone in a flash when his mind subconsciously told him that it didn’t actually matter and that he’d probably have forgotten about it tomorrow anyway.

“Yeah, whatever…” Alec shrugged and shot the girl a gaze that was supposed to say something along the lines of See? I told you, but probably came across as something different entirely.    

Matt tended to rarely watch his mouth…especially when it came to Alec. All those beers seemed to only make it worse and the first thing that came to his mind was also the first thing that left his lips. “Speaking of boyfriends…I haven’t seen Henry around either”
Alec narrowed his eyes. He was ready to grab Matt and throw his fist at him when another hand was placed on his chest. The hand wasn’t actually strong enough to hold him back, but he stopped anyway. The girl had shoved her way between the two boys and was now batting her eyes at both of them. She looked even tinier compared to them, but there was no doubt that this girl was a true force of nature, capable of sweeping even someone as tall as Matt off their feet if she cared enough to do so. “Guys, listen” She said, her brown eyes clear and wide. She was pretty much sober, hence, she saw the real extent of the boy’s intoxications and a range of opportunities that opened up for her.

“There’s no point in fighting, you’re only going to get thrown out”
Alec should’ve admitted that she was right, but instead he was still trying to stare Matt down. To be honest, they were both pathetic and the girl had to try her hardest to hide her amusement from them, knowing that it would only cause more anger and tension. Even though it was tempting…having two boys fight for her. But she had a feeling that the quarrel between those two had actually nothing to do with her. She’d just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe the right place and the right time. Depending on what she was going to make out of it.

“I do like karaoke…” She kept going. “And, of course, guys who share my interest” She tilted her head slightly and batted her eyelashes, but it was like talking to a wall. They were too drunk to connect the dots. “I want you to sing” Her eyes seemed huge and round, sparkling in the dim light of the pub. She knew that the key to talking to drunken folks was to always giving orders. Most of them would follow them blindly. Still, Alec and Matt were a little thick.

In fact, Alec was the first one to take a step back. He looked down on the girl, literally and metaphorically. “I need you to step down a little bit. You’re not that desirable”
“Yeah, and I didn’t even start a conversation with you. You just kept talking to me” Matt added quickly.

Oh no. This was not going according to plan at all. They were actually siding with each other. This was the exact opposite of what she’d been trying to achieve. She grabbed Alec by the collar with just enough force to have him lower down towards her a little. She drew promising circles with the tip of her finger on his chest while slowly pulling him closer and whispering even more promising words into his ear that weren’t meant to be heard by anyone else.

Alec swallowed hard as she let go of him. He was just a man, for God’s sake. “Besides…” he cleared his throat. “…we all know that I would win”
“And what exactly makes you think so?”
The girl got out of the way and was quick to order two more shots, sneakily placing them in front of each of the boys.
It was on.
“You’re too tall, I bet you can’t even dance”
Matt shook his head in confusion. “What? That doesn’t even make sense”
“So you’re saying I’m right? I’d beat you at karaoke?” There was something about the glazed stare in Alec’s eyes that gave away that he probably had no clue what he was talking about anymore.
Neither did Matt, though. “What? I¬-“ He paused for maybe just a second too long while his mind was actually pondering about whether he had said exactly that.

And that was when the girl interfered again. “I choose a song!” She chanted, already running off to the DJ. Neither of them objected anymore. They both grabbed the shot she had bought for them and took it simultaneously.
Five minutes later they found themselves on stage and the few people still left in the pub knew that this was clearly something you don’t see everyday, flicking their phone cameras out to keep this moment preserved for eternity.

My loneliness is killing me
I must admit, I still believe
When I’m not with you I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Hit me baby one more time!

The girl, however, knew her work was done here. She had snuck a ripped off piece from a tissue into Alec’s pocket, leaving just her name…but never her phone number. Enya.
That last shot had definitely been one too many, but Alec and Matt had long passed the stage of caring. Once the song was over they both nearly fell off the stage. They could only manage to save themselves by holding on to each other. They were the last ones to leave the pub and it was already way passed 2am. They were still struggling to walk straight on their way home, constantly trying to push each other away, but realizing that they couldn’t afford to let go of each other at the same time. Because of that it took them at least twice as long to get home as it would’ve taken them alone and thrice as long as it would’ve taken them sober. Despite their natural repulsion towards each other, they were involuntarily depending on each other.

Their whole journey – and, oh boy, it was a journey – was accompanied by constant insults and curses directed at each other.
I fucking hate you.
Don’t touch me.
What the hell?
Don’t let go, you moron.
I swear, if I fall down, I’ll take you down with me.
You stink.
Take your fucking hands off me.
This is all your fault.


It was out of the question that they would find their bedrooms each on their own. Especially with Matt’s room being upstairs. It was also too late to call for help. Not that they would’ve actually cared about waking someone. The mere thought just never crossed their minds.

And that’s how they were naturally heading towards Alec’s room. They were lucky enough that Henry apparently hadn’t returned home yet. Matt had originally planned to drop Alec off and try to find his own bed right away, possibly risking his life by doing so. He carelessly threw Alec onto his bed and was rewarded with a punch and a kick that missed him terribly and a range of aggressive swears. Still, Alec was struggling like a five year old who didn’t want to go to bed and Matt had troubles holding him down.

“Let go of me” He complained, because Alec was still clinging to his collar. He tried to pull Alec’s hand off. As he had managed to do that, he turned to leave as fast as possible, not expecting Alec to already have a hold on him again, causing him to lose balance. He fell right on top of Alec. Suddenly both of them were struggling for their lives, desperately trying to entangle from each other. But they kept awkwardly flopping around on top of each other until sudden weariness kicked in and from one second to another, they found themselves fast asleep, still lightly holding on to each other.

“This is the best thing ever!” Henry exclaimed full of glee. He had been fortunate enough to come back home just in time to find Matt and Alec spooning in their motel bed. Now he was standing right next to them and couldn’t believe his luck. Should he take a picture? Of course, he already took at least twenty. Should he wake them up? Too late, he already did.

Unaware of what had happened last night and how the hell they even got here, Alec was the first to open his eyes. He was visibly disorientated and it took him about two minutes of blinking and enduring of intense headaches until he had come to his senses. He felt someone right next him, skin on skin, and falsely assumed it was Henry. Not that that would’ve been any more common….waking up spooning with his best friend.

But then he spotted Henry. Not beside him. Not even in bed. He closed his eyes. He felt tired and sick and the fact that most events from last night were completely erased from his memory unnerved him immensely.

“Ally, I have to say, I would’ve never thought you’d choose someone like Matt over me” Henry shook his head in overdramatic disbelief. “Turns out, I don’t know your taste in men as well as I thought I did”

And that’s when part of Alec’s memory returned. Not the important bits, of course. Just a flash of walking back home with Matt. Anything he was about to say turned into a dry and hoarse growl as he sat up to push Matt, who was still sleeping soundly, off his bed.
Matt hit the ground with a loud thumb and was awoken by the noise rather than by his own pain. He grunted upon rising from the floor, but felt immediately that all this had happened way too quickly for his suffering body. He then proceeded to go through the same stages of waking up with a massive hangover as Alec had a few minutes ago while Henry was still laughing his ass off.

“If this is just a dream, I hope I’ll never wake up” Henry managed to say in between the laughter.
Alec was meanwhile quick to leave his bed and destroy every evidence that could lead anyone to believe he had spent the night with Matt. He didn’t know about Henry’s pictures or the videos that had been shot last night, but he would soon enough and Henry did well to leave New York before he did.

“If this is what you dream about, I worry about you” Alec wasn’t nearly back to his old self yet, but he sure was pretending to be. He still felt like throwing up and probably was going to do that later when he was alone.
“Oh, Ally, You have no idea. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamt about” He headed for the door. “And by the way…our bus is leaving in 10 minutes”
Alec and Matt were left to pick up their stuff in awkward silence until Matt was ready to leave for his own room. They had made a silent agreement to never talk about this night again. Possibly the only thing they had ever agreed on.

Chandley was never to find out where Matt had spent his night. He’d been curious, of course, but felt it was too much of a private thing to ask. He had helped Matt packing his bag, because the bad state of his mind and body was very obvious to see from the outside. And, despite everything, Chandley felt sorry for him. Matt was very quiet all morning. On their way back, Chandley had decided to sit next to Matt and soon enough the older boy had fallen asleep. His head had dropped onto Chandley’s shoulder and he had let it happen, because it had made him feel all fuzzy and warm on the inside. There was really no point in fighting it anymore now, was there?
After an hour on the bus, nearly everyone was asleep again. At least, the ones who’d been allowed to the pub last night.
Only Henry remained the only one wide awake, keeping Alec up with his laughter too. He couldn’t even look Alec straight in the eye without bursting out into a giggle fit. It would take him a long time to get over this story…if he ever did.


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