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“What do you mean, you can’t come? I’m already on my way”
“Chandley, I’m so sorry” Hollie’s voice was husky and there was no doubt that she was telling the truth. She had, indeed, caught a pretty bad cold. It was a pity, because she had been looking forward to go see this movie with Chandley and Matt for weeks. And now she was apparently the one who couldn’t come.

Chandley adjusted the strap of his shoulder bag that was heavy from the weight of a bunch of books he had just picked up from the library to work for an upcoming presentation in one of his classes. Having spent all morning in the library, he hadn’t seen Hollie all day. She had informed him early enough that she wasn’t feeling very well, but now she was calling to back out of their date completely which would’ve been fine if it hadn’t been for Matt. They were supposed to meet him in roughly 15 minutes in front of the theatre and he was probably already on his way. It was too late to call the whole thing off.

“Look, it’ll be fine. You’ve known him now for…what? Two weeks at least. And he likes you more than most of my friends” She coughed. “I’m sorry, again. You two go and have fun. You gotta tell me if the movie is worth watching”

Chandley agreed, because there was really nothing else he could do and hung up the phone just as he caught the next subway that would take him to the cinema. He felt his hands getting sweaty as he grabbed for a pole, nearly causing him to slip off and fall. Hollie was right. He had spent a fair amount of time with Matt during the past two weeks. Primarily, because he generally spent a lot of time with Hollie…and Matt seemed to be an unquestioned part of her life. So he became an unquestioned part of his own life too. Yet, he hadn’t found himself in a situation where he had been alone with him for longer than five minutes. And now he had to sit through a two hour chick flick movie with him, because they had already bought tickets for it.

Ten more minutes until Chandley had reached his destination. He was a couple of minutes late, but was secrelty glad that he didn’t have to wait awkwardly in front of the cinema, constantly looking out for Matt to arrive. Instead, Matt was already standing there, leaning against a pillar right next to the door and briefly glancing at his phone as Chandley approached him. There was no reason to be nervous, he told himself, but couldn’t quite listen to the voice inside his head.

Matt looked up, giving him only a brief smile, before his eyes tried to see around Chandley, only to notice that Hollie was – in fact – nowhere to be seen.
“Hollie got sick this morning…she didn’t tell me she couldn’t come until just now…”
“Well…” Matt shrugged. “Now we’re here” He pushed the door open, holding it briefly, so that Chandley could rush inside straight after him.

“You sure, you still wanna see this movie? Hollie made me watch the trailer the other day…it’s a chick flick” He didn’t mention that he had actually quite enjoyed the trailer and – most importantly – he didn’t mention that he had thought the male lead of the movie was kind of cute. Cute enough to make the movie worth while. He hadn’t even mentioned that last one to Hollie.
“So what? I’ve already collected our tickets and paid for them” Matt had made a good point.

“You’re right…Hollie wants me to tell her all about the movie later anyway” Chandley stopped so abruptly that he nearly caused Matt to bump into him. “Do you want some popcorn?” He said, frowning as he pointed at the terribly long lines in front of the food stands.
Matt shook his head. “I don’t need to…What about you?”
Chandley was going to agree until his growling stomach betrayed him. “To be honest, I haven’t eaten anything since this morning…but it’s totally fine. We can grab something later…”
Without noticing it, Matt had already urged him towards the two lines. “Look, if we split up to stand in separate lines, we can see who’s going to be faster”

Chandley was a little embarrassed by his urging hunger, but took the practical offer gladly. Even though he had been standing in the longer line, he ended up being the first one to reach his destination. Just as he was about to choose his kind of drink after he had ordered two medium meals for Matt and himself – since Matt had already paid for the tickets – the cashier interrupted him. “Today’s couple’s day. If you order our Movie Date Meal, you’ll save 3$ for the same amount of food and drinks and get a free rose for your girl on top of that” He winked and smiled when Chandley’s cheeks turned pink.

“This isn’t…” He was frantically searching the crowded room for Matt, hoping he wouldn’t be close enough to hear any of that. “I’m not on a date” His voice was hushed anyway. All he wanted was to get that damn popcorn and maybe a drink and then walk out of this situation as fast as possible.

“Ooooh” The cashier chanted knowingly while still grinning widely. “But you’re not alone either”
“Maybe I’m just really hungry…” Chandley only recognized how stupid of an excuse this was as the words had long left his mouth and the cashier was smiling brighter than ever. Chandley took a nervous glance at the clock behind the counter and he knew that he didn’t want to waste any more time. Also, 3$ off was a pretty good deal for a student who didn’t work for his own money yet. The cashier was still patently waiting for an answer, but the costumers behind Chandley were already getting annoyed, passive-aggressively urging him to make a decision.

“I’ll take the deal”
The cashier’s excitement over Chandley’s change of mind seemed a little over the top.
“But please keep the rose for yourself” He felt his pockets for his purse to get away as quickly as possible, once the drinks and the popcorn would be served, but the cashier wouldn’t let him go just yet. “But it’s free!” he insisted. Chandley was already grabbing the two drinks and the big bucket of popcorn. He couldn’t stand the disappointed look on the cashier’s face and finally gave in one more time. “Fine” He sighed and let the cashier stick the rose somewhere between the drinks, the popcorn and Chandley’s tangled arms before he rushed off.

Unfortunately, communication between Matt and Chandley prior to their purchase hadn’t worked quite as well as they had imagined it to be. It turned out that Matt had reached the end of his line at roughly the same time as Chandley did, but neither of them had actually seen the other. It also turned out that the cashier serving Matt had been just as persistent as Chandley’s and Matt had liked the idea of saving 3$ just as much. Now they were standing there, two boys, two giant buckets of popcorn, four drinks and two roses. All awkwardness aside, Chandley was the first one to break the silence as he started giggling. Matt joined in soon after. The situation was ridiculous and there was really nothing else they could do.

“So much for saving 3$” Chandley remarked.
“That should be enough for your hunger, though”
Chandley chuckled once again as they both made their way upstairs, carefully balancing the ridiculous amount of snacks they had been given. “And Hollie is going to love the roses” He concluded.

It was a little troublesome, fumbling their pockets for the tickets to check out what seats they were supposed to take. When they finally got to the right theatre, the lights were already turned off and the trailers before the movie had already started. They had to shove their way through occupied seats. Chandley went first, because he was the one constantly apologizing for being late and having to bother the other visitors. They were about to violently express their annoyance by throwing insults at Chandley’s face until they saw Matt following after and the possibility that they were here together as more than just friends kept them quiet, feeling intimidated by his size alone and probably wishing that he wasn’t going to sit right in front of them.

Eventually, they were seated somewhere in the centre of the theatre, enjoying a perfect view at the screen to watch a movie that neither of them had initiated to watch in the first place. It took them a little while to figure out where to put all the snacks and the roses, but once they had gotten around that, the movie started and they received a fair share of mad glares by the other visitors.

The movie turned out to be only half as bad as the trailer had made it seem. There were actually funny jokes that hadn’t been spoiled in the trailer and Chandley made sure that Matt enjoyed them as much as he did. Whenever there was a silly or sappy cliché scene, they’d completely ruin the mood by making snarky comments about it and making each other laugh. Two hours flew by like it was nothing and Chandley was somewhat glad that he hadn’t pulled out and ditched Matt. Even if they would’ve saved a good deal of money that way.

They were the last ones to get up, because they had probably already raised enough anger before the movie had started. The lights were already turned back on, happy music playing from the credits as they finally decided to make their way out. Chandley felt bad leaving the empty cups and buckets behind and insisted on carrying them all the way back outside to throw them away themselves.

“Hollie will be sad to have missed that” Chandley concluded, stating his opinion on the movie. “Maybe I’ll buy the DVD for her for Christmas…” He thought out aloud as they left the cinema. “Which subway do you have to take?” He asked Matt, quickly throwing his jacket over his shoulder, because it had gotten quite chilly this afternoon.
Matt smiled. “A different one” He knew where Hollie lived and he knew that Chandley was living with her.

“Oh” Chandley wiped his hands on his jacket for no particular reason at all. “That’s okay…I’m sorry Hollie couldn’t come”
Matt frowned, probably not sure why Chandley felt the need to apologize for that circumstance. “It’s fine. We had fun anyway, didn’t we?”
Yes, yes they did. Chandley didn’t dare to express this as strongly as he would’ve wanted to, but he was incredibly relieved that at no point he had gotten on Matt’s nerves, since the older one seemed genuinely happy. “I’ll see you in school on Monday?”
Matt nodded and for just a second Chandley considered going for a hug, because this was the way he usually said goodbye to a friend. He already had his arms slightly spread, but changed his mind just when Matt offered him his hand which didn’t turn out any less awkward than a hug would’ve been.

And as Chandley ran off to catch the next subway, so he wouldn’t have to wait 10 unnecessary minutes he just couldn’t shake that one thought off: In a different world…maybe, just maybe, this could’ve been a date. It would’ve been his very first date. He bit his lip. He should really stop thinking that way about Hollie’s best friend. It was ridiculous and would only end in pain and heartbreak. And yet…he just couldn’t help himself.
Classes had been cancelled this morning. Instead, every single student had been ordered into the school hall. Meanwhile the teachers were already lined up on stage, impatiently waiting for each student to settle down. As the principal took the microphone the speakers made a piercing noise, startling everyone of the hung over students. Most of them had to fight their headaches and general weariness. The principal didn’t mind. He cleared his throat. “I guess, we’re all awake now”
Nobody bothered to laugh at his joke.

“Now, in case some of you have suffered from some unsurprising memory loss, I will fill you in about last night’s events. Only a few days after the beginning of this school year, our drama club - led by their president Cassandra Jones - asked me for  permission to organize a costume party for all our students. The idea was to welcome our new freshmen to our community and strengthen relationships all around school and especially between our different clubs. As this was an official school event, alcohol was, of course, strictly forbidden. All of you are way beyond our country’s legal drinking age. The organisers of the event were trusted with the responsibility of preventing any violation against our school’s policy. Including the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Yet, at estimated 10pm last night, someone spiked the bowl at the buffet. I am well aware that some of you noticed the alcohol whilst drinking the bowl and exploited this unlucky circumstance until one of us teachers noticed. Of course, by then it was already too late.
But others didn’t know what they were getting themselves into when they had four or even five glasses of that bowl. Those responsible for that prank brought danger to all of their schoolmates.

Unfortunately, last night’s research led to nothing and we didn’t find out who exactly was responsible. Therefore, classes are cancelled for the rest of the day. We will take each and every one of you to my office and you will tell me exactly about last night’s event. Everyone else will remain here waiting, watching a collection of educational videos about the dangers of alcohol. Attendance will be checked regularly, so don’t even try to get out of this”

He turned off the microphone, placed it on the desk beside him and started calling out names in alphabetical order. This was going to be a long day. For him as well as for the students.

“As you are well aware I spent the whole evening sitting by the entrance. My costume might’ve been misleading, but, no I do not actually possess superpowers. There was no way I could’ve put alcohol into the bowl. I’ve been seen guarding the entrance as it was my duty. My alibi stands. I am not supposed to say anything else until I can see my lawyer…or at least speak to my father. Does he even know you’re accusing me? No? I thought so”

“I had one glass after the alcohol had been added. I didn’t notice anything weird, though, until all of my friends started acting drunk. I was the one alarming the teachers when my friend, Lexi, blacked out. After that, I helped out wherever I could. I don’t see any reason why you should accuse me…my friends? Well, Lexi was with me all of the time. She had nothing to do with it and she would’ve warned me if she had known anything. Alec was outside all evening and so was Matt. Whenever I saw Henry he was busy talking to people. I never saw him in only one place for more than five minutes. And that’s all. I did see some strangers, though. Maybe it was someone who doesn’t even go here?”

“What are you talking about? I am the exchange student from Ireland. This is my first day at this school. I didn’t even know there was a party last night…?! Why wasn’t I invited? Is this how you treat your exchange students? Listen, I don’t know why I’m here either”

“You remember assigning me to guide the entrance, right? Tell me, how was I supposed to spike the bowl? Alec and I didn’t leave the entrance once. I’d hardly lie for him. By the time I dropped the job for the evening, the damage was already done. I didn’t see anything suspicious and nobody told me anything. I had my hands full with taking care of Hollie and Chandley who were victims of the prank. I would never put either of them in danger. In fact, I did your job by helping the two to get home”

“Alec? No, I didn’t see him anywhere near the buffet. He was at the entrance with Matt all evening. He didn’t tell me anything either. …me? Well, I was with some of the other cheerleaders. Neither of us knew anything about the alcohol…we felt it after a couple of glasses. Some more than others. I didn’t drink too much myself, because I knew what would’ve happened if I did. I am well capable of controlling myself, thank you. What about the drama club? I didn’t see any of them throwing up on the toilet and they had much easier access to the bowl. Maybe you should ask them”

“Well, the two guys at the entrance wouldn’t let us in,  because they didn’t believe that we are actually going to this school. But Celio insisted on trying it over and over again, so we didn’t go home yet. We changed outfits about five times, but they kept sending us away. Were they actually allowed to do that…? I thought the party was for everyone…? Well, anyway, it was already much later when Aurelie put a word in for us and managed to get us inside. By then everyone was drunk already. What I am trying to say is that…we couldn’t have done it”

“No hablo inglés”

“I made sure to follow the school policy on public events and I did nothing wrong. I’ve been voted for school president twice and organised more than one school event and there has never been a problem. You have assigned Alec and Matt to guard the entrance. Wasn’t it their responsibility to check the students for liquids or any dangerous objects? I would’ve chosen someone else…someone that I trust. But you picked those two. I didn’t even know anything about it  until a few hours before the party. It wasn’t in my hands to explain to them what exactly they had to do. Also, they didn’t even stay until the end. They left the entrance early. I’ve seen them inside with the other students way before 10pm and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one”

“I don’t remember a lot of what happened after 10pm, to be honest…I only had a couple of glasses, I don’t know how that happened…before that? Oh, I was hanging out with the other cheerleader. Mostly with Madeleine. Neither of us knew what was going to happen and we wouldn’t have drunken that much if we had known, would we? We were just as clueless as the others…I doubt it was anyone from the cheer squad or the football team. It would’ve leaked. Someone would’ve told us”

“I just thought the bowl was really good. Sure, I felt funny after a few glasses, but I thought Hollie and I were just really enjoying ourselves…am I in trouble now? Did you call my grandparents? Please don’t tell them…I don’t want to have to go back to Texas…please…”

“I was with Chandley all evening. Occasionally we would keep Matt some company, because he was…you know…kinda stuck at the entrance. Later, when he was inside with everyone else, I wasn’t with him at all times, but I don’t think he would’ve spiked the bowl without telling us about it. He was pretty mad at us later after we’ve accidentally had a few drinks too much…he actually saved me…did he tell you that? He should have, because he doesn’t deserve to be accused of something horrible like that. He’s a hero! He brought Chandley and me home safely. You can even ask my parents about it!”

“Hey, is this guy writing down everything I say? … endoplasmatic reticulum…How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
……the alcohol? Oh, no, that wasn’t me. I don’t know anything about it either. Can I go now?”

At the end of the day, hours had been wasted with frustrated teachers, sassy students and boring educational movie clips for absolutely nothing. Suspicions were made, but there never seemed to be enough proof to actually hold just one student or one group of friends accountable for what had happened the other night. While the teachers remained clueless, rumours about the actual culprits were rising. Cassandra had made sure that neither Finn, nor Lou had anything to do with her misery. After all, it sounded like something they would’ve done. But not this time. Not when her reputation and the drama club’s existence were at stake. However, there was someone who would want exactly that. As the students were finally dismissed, long after school would’ve regularly ended, Cassandra hurried to get a hold of exactly that person

She was alone as she caught Alec in front of his locker, but so was he. His locker was at the top and she had to stretch to slam her hand against the door and close it shut. She didn’t dare to actually attack him physically. There were still teachers around and she was far better than that. “I know it was you”
Alec turned his head and bared his teeth just for a second. “Well, tough luck, because it wasn’t”

She had sworn herself not to let herself be irritated by him. Still, she took a step back, glaring at him before she could come up with an answer that wouldn’t involve slashing his throat. “Well, I know you had something to do with it. Everyone knows”
“Do they?” He shrugged demonstratively indifferent. “Because I’m pretty sure that the teachers let everyone off the hook just a few minutes ago” He shoved a bunch of books into his bag, ignoring her presence for as long as it took and pretended to be surprised that she was even still here. “I’ve also heard that you’ve been expelled from running for school president. What a pity. It’s going to be boring to win without a fight”

This time, Cassandra was prepared for his pretentiousness. “You haven’t won yet. It’s not like I’m the only one willing to run for school president…I’ll find someone who’s going to crush you. This school is filled with students at least twice as charismatic as you”
Yes, she had to look up to glare at Alec and the way she stuck her finger out towards him looked less threatening than it was meant to be. But Alec knew better than to underestimate her. He narrowed his eyes and eyed her up and down, remaining surprisingly silent. She already had a plan and Alec had to be quick coming up with a plan of his own to beat her to it. His mind was already working as he watched her turn around and walk away, diving into the crowd of annoyed students, all of them clearly dying to get home.

Maybe he could somehow use the fact that people secretly accused him of spiking the bowl to his advantage, even have Henry spread the word a little more. The majority had enjoyed the alcohol after all. People always enjoyed a little trouble as long as it wasn’t at their own cost.

“Holy cross examination, Batman, I just remembered every single reason for why I avoid school as much as possible” Henry stopped at his locker, opened it, shrugged and shoved his whole bag into it. It was probably empty anyway.
“Jesus Christ, stop saying that already. The party is over. There are no costumes”
Henry made a face. “Yes, there are…” He tapped his temple with his pointy finger. “Right in here
“Yeah, I’m trying to forget about that, though” Alec started walking, assuming that Henry would follow. And he did.

“Which is why I made sure to take pictures…hey! You know what we should do? We should use them for your election posters. It’ll be great. You’re the president this school deserves. I can picture it perfectly. In fact, we should ditch the mall today and go work on that campaign”

Alec tried his hardest to ignore his best friend, but there was just something about his idiotic excitement that lured him into just the hint of a smile. The kind of honest smile he hadn’t shown in a long time. He let Henry blabber on about what had to be the stupidest campaign he had ever heard of. He would plan out a better campaign tomorrow with Madeleine and Leonora. Until then, Henry’s ideas were good enough to make him smile and occasionally chuckle, but first and foremost they made him remember that he had missed his best friend a whole lot.
If Alec had known beforehand that posing as a bouncer at this ridiculous party would also require him to throw on a costume, he would’ve preferred to be banned from every single football match this year rather than being forced into a full on Batman costume while sitting at a table in front of the entrance to the gym hall in order to sell tickets to his fellow students.  

Their introduction to the job was quick as it was rather simple. That left more time for Alec and Matt to spend constantly throwing swears and insults into each other’s faces. Matt was wearing a Thor costume and the amount of effort that had obviously been put into it revealed that Hollie and Chandley must’ve helped out quite a lot. In fact, there was no doubt that this costume must’ve been their idea all along.
But neither of them resembled a superhero even remotely, their lack of motivation written all of their faces and not very well hidden in the way they were barely even looking at the tickets they were shown or the money they were given.

Cassandra was one of the first guests to arrive. She knew about Alec’s punishment, but hadn’t been as happy about it as she was supposed to be. She would’ve preferred someone a little more cheerful at the entrance. Perhaps someone like Lou or Finn. Someone who would’ve drawn the guests inside rather than scare them off.

As she stopped by Alec she couldn’t help but briefly look him up and down and consider leaving the party to go home and change upon seeing his costume. She was wearing a dangerously tight fighting Catwoman suit herself and the irony of that didn’t get passed Alec either. He remained silent, though.
Unlike Matt – of course. “Nice costume” He complimented Cassie, primary to annoy Alec. Because everybody knew that he couldn’t have cared less for Cassandra.  
“Thanks” She replied, her voice a steady force of leadership.

“Yeah, unlike others, you can really pull that black suit thing off” Matt grunted in pain as Alec kicked him hard under the table, while quietly continuing to check the tickets. But his lips were pressed into a firm line, the muscles around his jaw trembling slightly from the way he was clenching his teeth.

Cassandra chuckled. She knew that Matt disliked her just as well as all the other jocks did. Or maybe he was just indifferent. But she could use any kind of amusement. She was still worried that the party would somehow turn into a disaster, now with Alec’s hatred having tripled ever since his punishment. Still, she left as soon as the transaction of ticket and money had been fulfilled. She much preferred to seek further amusement and distraction inside with the rest of the Drama Club.  

Hollie and Chandley came next with their arms linked. That was, until Hollie came running to hug Matt from behind. She briefly greeted Alec who was busy selling tickets anyway.
“We came early to keep you some company” Hollie explained. She was wearing a cute red dress with green spots. Her hair was shimmering red in the dim light and a huge green bow tie was holding it together in the back. “I’m a strawberry” She explained, before anyone could ask. Nobody questioned it. It suited her. There was no doubt about that.

“Look, Chandley had this hat at home, so he’s a cowboy” There was really no need for explanation here. His costume gave itself away.
“Adorable, isn’t it?” Alec snarled back, rolling his eyes. “Now go and be annoying somewhere else. Matt has to do his part of the job. I’m not going to do this crap alone”
“Don’t listen to him. We didn’t get permission to actually throw people out, so there’s nothing he can do, really” Matt explained, enjoying how for once Alec’s hands were tied, but Chandley was already pushing Hollie farther along anyway. Witnessing another fight between the two jocks was by far the last thing on his list of things he wanted to do tonight.

“But he’s right…we shouldn’t be standing in the way. Maybe we’ll see you later inside?”
Matt nodded briefly as Chandley and Hollie were already back on their way into the gym all.
“I like that kid” Alec announced once Matt’s friends were long gone. “What was his name again?”
“None of your business” Matt sighed, solely because he didn’t want to do Alec even the smallest favour by answering his question.

The crowd was getting bigger by the hour. Between all the freshmen Alec didn’t even recognize all of the faces passing him by anymore. Of course, the costumes weren’t helping either. His mask made him quite unrecognizable himself, but that suited him perfectly. Nobody had to know he was helping out the drama club and even worse that he was doing it dressed as Batman.

But soon enough after the big crowd had passed, keeping Alec and Matt quite busy, the line at their table was getting shorter again until only occasional groups of people were still asking to get in, but Alec and Matt didn’t even bother selling them tickets anymore and just waved them through. Pretty much everyone was already inside anyway, enjoying themselves. The music was playing loud enough to be heard out here and Alec finally had some time to lean back and relax more or less. He massaged his forehead with two fingers as he let out a deep sigh.

“Holy Costume Party, Batman! What do we do now? You’re not going to get tired already, are you?”
Alec looked up, recognizing the voice immediately. Standing right in front of him there was a boy of almost the same height and most definitely the same age, wearing a Robin costume with a cape and a mask and everything. He had his fists jammed into his hips and shook his head at Alec in disappointment.

“Where have you been? You’ve missed almost an entire week of school”
“School…yeah…” Henry scratched the back of his head. “I kinda forgot about that…”
Matt huffed, pulled his chair back and rose, rolling his eyes. “Whatever, I’m out of here” Nobody took notice of him as the flashing lights of the gym swallowed him whole, only his cape flying behind his back.

“But let’s not talk about that…I’m so much more interested in that fabulous costume of yours and how they got you to wear it…I mean, you’ve never worn it for me” Henry crossed his arms. Alec got up as well, seeing that Matt was probably right, even if he’d never admit that. The big crowd was gone. There was no one else coming in and he wouldn’t charge his best friend for a ticket. His job was done.

“You’re the one to talk” Alec walked around the table and stopped right in front of Henry. “I mean…are those green tights?” He frowned in disbelief.
“Yes, they are. And don’t tell me I can’t pull them off, because we both know you’d be lying. But enough about me…what about you? How has Gotham City been doing?” He loosely put one arm around Alec’s shoulders, ignored his friend stiffening up underneath his touch and tried to stay serious for about three seconds before he started cracking up again. “I’m sorry, I just can’t-“ He couldn’t even catch his breath from laughing too hard. “It’s just…you look really, really ridiculous”

“I’m not going to have this conversation with someone who looks like he has just come from a gay pride parade”
Just like that, Henry shoved his best friend in through the doors where music, stifling heat and blinding lights were already waiting for them. “Whatever, I know that I look fabulous” Henry flipped his hair as he let go of Alec.

Obviously, there was strictly no alcohol allowed on a school party. Still, a lot of students were dancing, there was no middle school awkwardness between the boys and the girls and only few teachers were standing scattered around to watch over the students. Alec made sure not to walk too closely past one of them, because he was probably supposed to guard the entrance all night. Once again, his pitch black batsuit kind of came in handy.

“You want a drink?” Henry was already leaving for the buffet that surely had huge bowls of cold punch prepared for the students, but Alec held him back.
“Wait…” Alec pulled Henry a little bit farther into a corner and started fumbling around on the utility belt that had come with the costume.
“What are you doing?” Henry was only confused for roughly five seconds until his eyes widened and a mischievous grin spread across his face. “Holy alcoholic beverage, Batman. You do have a plan, don’t you?”

Just then, Alec drew a little bottle of vodka from his belt. He didn’t say anything else, because his motive was obvious. “You might want to take this with you, if you’re going to the buffet” Henry seemed to be as excited as a little kid on Christmas whereas Alec’s joy was much crueller.

“Ally…I have to say, I’m proud of you. If this is what you’re up to when I’m gone, I should be leaving a little more often” He wiped a bunch of invisible tears from his eyes.
Alec huffed. “Yeah right. Don’t you dare. Now go, Gotham City needs you”
“It’s an honour” Henry took a little playful bow and rushed away to fulfil his task of pouring vodka into the punch.

Henry was right. It wasn’t like Alec to sabotage a school party just for the kicks. But it was definitely like him to do everything possible to destroy his opponents, preferably by stabbing their backs when they least expected it. Cassie might’ve thought his hands were tied after he’d been given his first warning. But the prank wasn’t possibly going to be traced back to him and the blame would be on Cassie who probably should’ve guarded the drinks better. Besides, there were enough idiots in this school well capable of spicing up the punch, many of them even along the lines of the drama club itself.

Alec felt his lips curving into an involuntary smile. The darkness and his mask made it hard to actually see it, but it was there to stay. For now. His eyes searched the room for Henry, because he got a little worried about what was taking him so long, but once he spotted the bright green and red colours of his costume, he found his best friend chatting away with groups of other people. After all, he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t seen Henry in months. Not even his own family had known anything about his whereabouts. Alec knew, because he had asked them repeatedly. Henry had this habit of disappearing. What had started out as little unannounced weekend trips had quickly evolved into missing full weeks of school. He usually came back just often enough to pass his classes and that was it. But every time Henry came back with his ever so expert timing, Alec felt like there was no time to be angry or resentful for he never knew how long his best friend would be staying this time. It was bound to get worse after graduation and Alec couldn’t even imagine Henry attending college.

“A great party, isn’t it?” Alec’s smile dropped immediately. Lexi had been coming right from the dance floor, still bobbing hear head lightly to the beat. Alec was already planning on ignoring her, but found that it was probably useless, so he just stared at her blankly. Did she really just say that? Had she really just complimented a party that had been thoroughly organized by Cassandra?

She was wearing grey shorts and a tight fighting gray tank top. Two giant grey ears were sticking out from her slightly curled blonde hair.
“Do you wanna dance?” Lexi seemed so caught up in her own little world that Alec could’ve sworn that she already had taken a few sips of the new, upgraded punch. But that was impossible.
He shook his head hard. The answer should’ve been predictable, but Lexi’s shoulders still sank. “I don’t do…dancing” He hissed, his voice almost disgusted by the mere thought of it.

Lexi rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I can see that” She blew a strand of her out of her face. “And you don’t do fun either”
“Oh, just fuck off” Lexi’s presence angered him. Ever since she’d transferred to this school one year ago, he had disliked her for no reason at all. It happened more often than not that he developed a deep hatred for someone he barely knew solely based on his first impression of them. Because of a thing they said or some vibe they didn’t even know they had given him. But there was nothing Lexi had ever done to him, really. Still, he didn’t feel any sign of remorse as he watched her flipping her hair while walking away from him.

“Holy slutty versions of seemingly normal costumes, Batman!” Just like that, Henry was right by his side again. He mimicked Alec’s tight posture, crossed arms and grim expression as he reported gravely. “And now we wait”
Alec nodded.
“Just kidding, let’s get in on the fun” Henry held up two plastic cups filled with what Alec assumed was the spiced up punch. “Cheers!”

Alec took the cup from his best friend and nipped on it. According to his calculations, there should be enough Vodka mixed into it to work its magic but not enough to spoil the sweet fruity flavour. He gave everyone about an hour until the first inexperienced freshman would throw up on the dance floor.

“Matt!” Chandley was surprisingly daring and enthusiastic as he snuck up on Hollie’s tall friend from behind. “There you are!”

It had been roughly two hours since Matt had quit his job for tonight and he hadn’t really been able to get a hold of Chandley and Hollie since then. They were busy dancing and begging the DJ to play specific songs, wooing and cheering when it was actually played. In short, they were just really enjoying themselves while Matt had been left standing at the buffet or somewhere else far enough from the dance floor. He clearly wasn’t intoxicated enough for all of this. It was already miraculous enough that Hollie and Chandley had been able to talk him into the Thor costume. In the end, there were few things he wouldn’t do for his family. And Hollie was family after all.

Within the last half an hour, though, there had been no sign of the two freshmen at all and he had started to get a little worried. And that’s when Chandley had appeared from behind. Hollie, however, remained nowhere to be seen. Her cousin was carrying two generously filled plastic cups. “You’ve got to try this punch” He offered Matt one of the cups.

“No thanks. I’ve had some of that earlier on” He smiled, but Chandley wouldn’t give up. If it hadn’t been for the darkness and occasional flashing lights, Matt might’ve noticed the red flush of Chandley’s cheeks or the dim spark in his eyes indicating his intoxication.

“No really…it’s so good” Chandley persisted and nearly spilled the whole drink on Matt’s costume. To prevent further accidents Matt decided to take the cup anyway, even though he wasn’t a huge fan of this kind of sweet and sticky stuff. Chandley kept watching him expectantly until Matt gave in a second time and lifted the drink towards his mouth. He could smell it before he tasted it. There was clearly a strong scent of alcohol mixed with the fruity flavour.

“Chandley…” He said slowly. “Have you been drinking this stuff all night?”
The blonde boy nodded eagerly. “Oh, yeah”
“What about Hollie? Did she drink any of that?”
“Even more than me…’cause it kinda tastes like strawberries and we thought it was funny with her costume and all” As he had finished talking he took another big gulp from his cup.

“Oh, for God’s sake…give that to me” Matt took the cup from Chandley who willingly handed it over. “Where’s Hollie now?”
“She went to the bathroom a little while ago”
Matt frantically ran his fingers through his hair. “Alone?!”

Chandley shrugged. “I think so” He saw Matt getting more and more fed up with the situation and he just knew that there had to be a good reason for that but his drunken and blurry mind just couldn’t figure out what that reason was.
“Is something wrong?” He was alarmed nonetheless.

“It’s fine…just show me where exactly Hollie went” Chandley nodded. He remembered that. At least something he could do.
He led Matt to one of the girl’s bathrooms in the hallway and without further ado Matt slammed the door open, leaving Chandley standing outside in shock. “That’s the girl’s bathroom” he gasped, but Matt had long stopped listening.

“Hollie?!” You’re in there?!”
No answer. Luckily, there were no other girls in here to scream at Matt disrupting their privacy. He wouldn’t have cared anyway. Yet, one of the stalls was occupied and locked. Matt repeatedly banged his fist against the door. “Hollie?!” He yelled again, startling Chandley with each bang. There was still no reply, even though someone…anyone had to be in there.

He kept banging until there was a reluctant crack of the automatic lock. Once the door was unlocked, Matt pushed the stall open immediately, revealing a senior with slick black hair and stinging grey eyes. He lifted his hands up immediately, but there was no doubt about where they had been before.

Hollie was with him, the straps of her dress falling loosely on her shoulders, her red lipstick smudged. Her mouth was opened in shock and even though she recognized Matt, she wasn’t quite sure why he was here. “Chill” the boy suddenly said and shoved himself between Hollie and her best friend.

“Don’t touch her” Matt barked, pulling the boy out of the stall by his collar. He struggled, but didn’t stand a chance against the much taller boy.
“Matt!” Hollie screamed. “What are you doing?!” She covered her face with her hands and started crying, probably realizing what she had done or what she had been about to do.
“Relax, man” His voice was shaking as Matt pressed him against the tiles of the bathroom wall, almost choking him. “She came with me by her own account”
Matt wouldn’t have that. His fist came down on the boy’s face before he dropped him on the floor, his nose bleeding and probably even broken. “Does she look like she knew what she was doing?” Matt growled.

Hollie had sunk down on the toilet, her eyes still covered, tears wetting her hands and dress. As her best friend approached her carefully, she looked up. “I’m so sorry…he was being so nice…It wasn’t his fault, really”
“I know” Matt said grimly and drew Hollie into a tight hug. He felt her shaking against his chest and tears soaking his shirt.

“I don’t feel really well” She moaned in pain and Matt knew from his first experience with alcohol what would come next. “I’ll get you two home” He said, dragging Chandley along by his arm as he left the bathroom to call for a Taxi. God help the one who was responsible for the booze in the punch.

Alec was standing at the top of the stairs leading to the entrance. He was leaning against the wall, arms crossed and not looking as casual as he ought to be. It hadn’t taken long until the teachers had noticed that there was something terribly wrong. But by the time they had confiscated the punch, the bowl had already been nearly empty. Now they were busy picking up the students that were obviously drunk in order to inform their parents and send them home.

Alec silently enjoyed himself quite a bit watching the uproar. He hadn’t seen Cassandra since the beginning of the party, but assumed that she was busy trying to fix what could be fixed. She had probably already gotten her fair share of furious teachers and their lectures and rents. Behind his blank expression there was pure enjoyment of his little victory. Not only had he gotten Cassandra into that kind of trouble that could even get her expelled from running for school president, but also had he gotten revenge on the teachers for making him help Cassie out and wearing this stupid costume on top of everything. And they didn’t even have a clue. It was glorious.

Suddenly Henry was behind him, loosely resting his elbow on Alec’s shoulder. “Holy intoxicated freshmen, Batman. I’ve just received five phone numbers I didn’t even ask for” He frowned. “Even though one is from a guy, I believe…” Henry shrugged and shoved the pieces of paper and napkins into his pocket. “What about you? You should be having more fun…after all this trouble I went through spicing up the punch. I risked my life for this party to be enjoyable”

“Yeah, I’ll make sure to put that on your gravestone”
“Lovely. I can die happy now” Henry said gleefully.
Then all the lights turned on, illuminating the whole gym hall and urging Henry and Alec to cover their eyes. They had had a few cups of bowl too after all and the vodka had been leaving its marks.

“Dear students….on behalf of the school administration, this party ends here. I’m sure by now you have all heard of the accident spoiling this supposedly peaceful event. Your parents have been informed. Everyone who has knowingly consumed any alcoholic beverage will be held accountable for their actions. Whoever was responsible for illegally bringing alcohol into our school will be found and punished appropriately. We have our methods. I want you to know that if I could, I would keep you locked right here in this hall until one of you confesses. Unfortunately, this goes against school law and some of you have already left the building to be brought straight home…or even to the ER. There will be consequences for each and every one of you. But for now, you need to rest well and we will talk about the rest tomorrow. I will not accept any excuses for not attending classes tomorrow morning. No exceptions”

The principal stepped away from the microphone and Henry and Alec gave each other a mischievous look. “Well, it’s not even midnight” Henry remarked, but it was enough for his best friend to know exactly what he was on about.
“I happen to have brought my fake ID with me”
“What a coincidence”
They shared another grin.
“We should probably get changed first, though”
“Oh no, the ladies happen to love superheroes” Henry chanted knowingly as they were already on their way out.
Mean Wolves - Chapter 4
Fun fact: This is the chapter I struggled with the most and I came close to just deleting everything while writing it.
“This is the stupidest idea I have ever heard of” Alec slammed a crumpled, brightly coloured piece of paper right onto the centre of the jock’s table in the dining hall. He must’ve ripped it off the wall somewhere. They were plastered all over the hallway.

“I don’t know…have you considered that time Henry talked you into-“ Matt didn’t get to finish his sentence because Hollie felt it necessary to kick him underneath the table. Not hard enough to actually hurt him, of course. But he surprisingly went silent anyway. Under normal circumstances, Hollie wouldn’t have tried to stop him in the first place and it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. But neither Alec, nor Matt could afford being sent to the principal’s office within the first week of school. On top of that, Alec wasn’t even remotely paying attention to Matt’s input and Matt figured that it was only half as much fun that way.

“A costume party? Really? Who do they think they are? It’s not even Halloween yet. This is ridiculous…” Alec went on, but the uncomfortable shifting of his friends all around the table was a clear sign that neither of them could really support outrage this time.
“No really…does he even remember that other time when he and Henry-“ Once again, Hollie forcefully stepped onto Matt’s foot. Chandley noticed and couldn’t hold back a giggle, but was immediately hoping that Alec hadn’t heard him or would ignore him too.

“Well…with the upcoming elections for the school president in mind…it’s only logical” Madeleine reasoned carefully, not wanting to anger Alec further, but clearly also concerned about whatever he was most likely planning to do to hold back the drama club from winning the school’s favour.

Alec narrowed his eyes. He had come to that conclusion himself already, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating once someone else had said it out loud. He clenched his teeth. “I can’t believe the principal agreed to this…this is bribery”
“Last year everybody voted for you, because you threw a giant party, remember?” Madeleine was choosing her words carefully. She had to be honest, though. Someone had to be. Someone other than Matt. Once Alec was angry, he usually didn’t care whom exactly he’d use as a vent. She figured that it was better if he yelled at a good friend who could take it and handle it than if he confronted the president of the drama club herself. And there was no doubt that this was exactly what he was going to do if nobody would stop him.

“Exactly. And now she’s copying me” Alec barked, his eyes suddenly dangerously calm, already searching the room for a sign of Cassandra and her lot.
Now Matt really couldn’t keep his mouth shut anymore. He was given the perfect opportunity and he sure wouldn’t let it pass by. “I didn’t” He suddenly called out, raising his hands. All eyes were on him, mostly irritated, but he just shrugged. “I didn’t vote for him”

“Shut up!” Alec threw a piece of bread into Matt’s general direction, but missed terribly, because his thoughts were preoccupied with his own strategy on how to beat Cassandra to the title. She couldn’t win. He wouldn’t have that. That was for sure. He would turn this thing around.
“Maybe…” Madeleine said softly, almost as if she had read Alec’s thoughts exactly. “…you should go the party. It’s free for everybody, isn’t it? And everyone will like you for it…”

Alec didn’t even consider this an option, dismissing it at the same time as he crumpled up the poster completely and threw it somewhere behind his back.
“Or maybe…” Alec lowered his voice. This wasn’t going to end well. “We attend the party to sabotage it”

Matt was the first one to throw his hands up in discomposure. “This!” He exclaimed. “This is a ridiculous idea right there! Am I the only one seeing that?” He was never to find out whether he was the only one or not, because Alec had already grabbed him by his collar, the rhetorical question still somewhat hanging in the air. The team captain might’ve been smaller than Matt, but he sure wasn’t weaker. He could beat up just as much opposing players on the field as Matt and everybody knew that. Including Matt.
Everyone at the table gasped in unison. Chandley pulled Hollie aside, frowning worriedly. He’d been on this school for only a couple of days now and he had heard all those stories of Matt and Alec fighting and kind of dismissed them as a running gag, but now that the two tall boys were actually standing opposed to each other, clearly more than ready to kick some ass, Chandley actually felt uneasy.

“I said shut up!” Alec growled, his knuckles pale white from holding on to Matt’s collar too tight.
“Yeaaaah…” Matt inhaled long and sharply. “I did hear you the first time”
With the upcoming troubles caused by the drama club in mind, his current frustration written across his face and Matt’s constant attempts to tease him that he obviously hadn’t just overheard, but had kindly chosen to ignore, Alec threw the first punch. Someone was screaming, but neither of them had time to find out who.
Matt rubbed the aching half of his face, knowing that a black eye would come out of this, but grinning nonetheless. He kicked Alec hard against his shin and the team captain stumbled back a few steps. Bad move. Still, Matt seized his chance as his fist came down hard on Alec’s face.

“Stop it, you two!” Madeleine was yelling, desperately trying to get between the two of them. She was the only one who was brave enough. Everyone else was just standing there, equally frozen in worry, as well as plain sensationalist.
“Someone go and get a teacher!”

Meanwhile Alec had brought Matt down to the floor, but neither of them would really stay on top as they just kept repeatedly punching each other until each of them felt someone grabbing them by their collars and pulling them apart.

“What is wrong with you?” The coach had taken it upon himself to break up the fight between his son and Matt. Alec pulled himself out of his father’s grab immediately, brushing the dirt off his clothes while still glowering at Matt.
“What?” Matt barked at him. “He started it!”

“You two shut your mouth right now!” The coach grabbed both of them by the arm and dragged them out of the dining hall. Once they got into the hallway he let them go.
“You know, I have to send you to the principal’s office” He continued and ignored his son’s loud sigh. “And if either of you gets banned from playing this year, I’ll make sure that this is not the only punishment you’ll receive” His green eyes were laying hard on the two boys, making sure that they understood the gravity of his threat. For once, there was no doubt that he was, in fact, Alec’s father. “Did you understand that?”
No reply. “I said…did you understand that?”
“Good, come on then”

It was quiet in the principal’s office. There was only the constant ticking from an antique clock and the occasional creak of the secretary’s chair whenever she was moving around to put several documents back into their respective drawer. Alec and Matt had to wait until they were actually called to see the principal, even though there didn’t seem to be anyone else waiting. They had been given ice bags to provide for their black eyes and their burst lips.

Alec didn’t even look at Matt. Primary, because the cornerback seemed to be enjoying this spontaneous trip to the principal’s office and Alec couldn’t bear his stupid face without wanting to rip his throat out right here on the spot.
“So what are you dressing up as then?” Matt suddenly wondered out aloud. Alec didn’t react, but that hardly kept Matt from going on. “Because I just thought…you don’t really need a costume…”
“Stop it” Alec growled.

“I mean, everyone is scared of a douchebag and you pull that off rather well”
Alec lunged out to elbow Matt hard into his guts just when the principal opened the door to have a chat with the two boys. He hadn’t seen the assault personally, but he saw Matt cringe in pain and was well able to figure out what had happened. Still, he just shook his head in disappointment. Now they were already here. He could hardly send them to some higher authority than himself.

Once the principal had sat back down at his desk and the two chairs in front of him were occupied by Alec and Matt, he folded his hands on top of the desk. “Well…” He observed the two boys through narrowed eyes. Matt was filling out the chair relaxed and homely while Alec’s posture was rather stiff und uptight. “I really don’t know what to say to you” He admitted. There was no possibly way he could ban the two from their first match this season…or even from the training with all the new freshmen having just recently joined the team. But they he couldn’t let them off the hook that easy either. It was only the beginning of the school year and he couldn’t have them continue their constant fights like that.

“I thought being seniors now would make you two grow up and become proper role models for all those freshmen and sophomores that are looking up to you” He was more disappointed than he was angry, really. “I am not going to ban you from anything…” He saw Alec loosening up a bit. “…yet. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I will refrain from putting proper punishments on you in the future” He leaned back into his chair. “But I am sure you have heard of the drama club’s costume party next Friday…?”

Alec was immediately alert. There was something very wrong about the way the principal had mentioned the party. “The drama club has put a lot of effort into this party and I have no doubt that it will be a great success. But it would be a pity if the responsible students wouldn’t even get to enjoy their party themselves, because they’d have all of their hands full…”

“So what?” Alec blurted out. His hands were pressed onto the armrests of the chair and he was about to get up and leave the office.
“So…I want to make you an offer. You two are going to guard the entrance all night, checking and selling tickets…and we can forget about this incident”
“This isn’t fair!” Alec yelled, now really unable to sit still. “It’s their party. Why would we have to do their work?”

The principal remained completely calm. “Sit back down, Alec” He commanded, but the boy wouldn’t obey. He could tell that there was something else Alec had to say, but he decided just in the right moment that maybe he shouldn’t…for his own and the team’s sake. Instead, he wordlessly rushed out of the office.

Matt, however, couldn’t have cared less. He reached out to take a piece of candy from a plate on the principal’s desk and calmly shoved it into his mouth. “So when’s the party exactly?” He asked, ignoring the irritated glance he was given by the principal.
Alec would come to his senses. That the principal was sure of. He didn’t have a choice after all.
It’s tough,
you know,
getting up
for yourself

up and down
for yourself

to be here
for yourself

There was a time
when it was different
You barely recall
and you hardly remember

At what point
did you lose yourself?
Maybe if you go back
you’ll find it again

You’re trying
to pick up pieces
that don’t fit
Not anymore

and shapeless
Too tiny and too big
You don’t understand

They crumble
Sand and dust
close the wounds
not quite

You forgot
what you’re doing,
why you’re here,
what you’re fighting for

You lose yourself
by trying
to find yourself;
spinning circles

Then you stop
and find
you’re alone
Nobody’s there

Who wants to be
with someone
who doesn’t want to be
with themself?
For Yourself
I can't do poetry
But it worked as a vent
And I just like to get things out there...I don't know, it's stupid.


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